Why Are Past Lives So Fascinating And How To Connect To Yours
February 22, 2019

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had an interest in the past and past lives. Even more so in the last 18 months or so where I’ve started to understand more about who I am and the experiences I’ve had in this life and how they are connected to other lives.

I’m not sure where my fascination came from with past lives other than the fact that I know myself to be a very ancient soul with many many many lives under my belt and so I suppose I just always knew that there was more to who we are than just the life we are living.

I’ve always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt and the Pharoahs of the times. And my main since University (where I studied French and Italian) has been the medieval times…specifically 12th century Europe. I know I have a very strong connection to the medieval period and especially that era. I love fiction that is set in the medieval period and loved studying French & Italian medieval literature including the courtly love of the Troubadours of France and also the literature of Dante Alighieri.


What Is So Fascinating With Past Lives?


For me, especially in the last 18 months or so since the start of my spiritual awakening, its knowing that we are souls experiencing many lifetimes in order to experience many lessons and learn new skills.  Every lifetime is connected in some way. Yes, we’ll choose to mix it up as female in some and male in others; we’ll choose to experience extreme wealth in some and have more humble upbringings in others; we’ll choose to experience love and loss etc. Our soul wants to experience all that there is to experience because we are always evolving and learning so that we can ultimately return back to Source whole.

Past lives tell us so much about who we are today. The quirks we have, the certain beliefs we have, our attributes, our interests – they all stem from past lives.

For example, I have a very strong connection to the ancient civilisation of Lemuria where I was a High Priestess (and even went back there through astral travel once!). Part of who I was then…and who I am today…is about leading others with my heart and being a servant leader to a community. It’s ingrained in my DNA. I have developed my intuitive and psychic abilites over lifetimes and have a strong connection to the Goddess energy of this time. I was also a very vocal person, knowing my worth and standing up for what I believed in and also against injustice. Standing up for injustice is a huge part of my soul’s path.

I also know that I was persecuted and judged for being a witch. Go figure LOL! I’ve felt it from others in this lifetime that they didn’t like me and almost felt like it was a witch hunt with certain people. Like they watched me drown or burn knowing that I’d been brought to justice. On reflection, I do feel I was drowned as a witch though because I’ve always had a fear of deep dark water and have been known to have a panic attack in this type of water (I once climbed on a random guy’s back to get away from coral that was getting closer to me in Australia and had to be rescued LOL).

That’s the thing about past lives…there is always some kind of resonance somewhere in this life. The people you connect well with (your Soulmates…your Soul Tribe), the things you can’t explain about what you know and how you know it, the things you avoid like the plague (my fear of deep dark water) and the places you are drawn to.

As an Intuitive Psychic Empath, I’m able to connect with the energy of others very well. Whilst connecting with their energy, I get visions of their past lives like flashes in my mind or hear Spirit telling me about them in this life. I find it fascinating! I’ve recently started doing Past Life Tarot Readings (again, Tarot is in my DNA and I’ve clearly used it for centuries!) and the insights I get are amazing because of how they connect to the person’s present life plus the connections and experiences they have.

Past Life Karma


I’ve mentioned karma in my blog posts before but as a recap – karma is what we all experience, good and bad karma, kind of like yin and yang. When we do bad deeds or take on others negative beliefs about ourselves we build up our bad karma. When we do good deeds and release things that no longer serve us we build up our good karma. Pretty simple! Karma can be unjustified (for example, if you’ve been made to be the scapegoat for someone else’s actions, that wasn’t your karma) and justified (for example, if you wholeheartedly believed that what someone else said about you then you developed that as bad karma).

I learnt more about some justified karma I was carrying from another life through an Akashic Records reading last year. In this life I was the husband in a marriage where I was made to feel like nothing I ever did or said was ever enough. That no matter what I did, my wife asked for more and more and I took on that karma of self-sacrifice as justified karma because of her actions towards me but I took it on as my own misfortune. Ironically, or not, self-sacrifice has played out a lot in this life with me putting others needs above my own and being a people pleaser. It has been a biggie for me to work through, understanding that I can say no to people and put my own needs first without it being selfish to do so.

Karma comes in many guises and oftentimes the experiences you are living in this life are a direct correlation to another life where you left something unresolved. For example, with my witch persecution above, has played out in this life where I didn’t feel like I could be myself and show off my gifts for fear of being judged or persecuted for being myself. For years and years I never felt like I could truly be myself. Like I didn’t fully fit in. And also always seemed to get on better with men (in a chatty way as friends) rather than women who I found bitchy and cliquey at school and in jobs. Which I find odd because I make friends very easily and am very sociable – but at school there were some girls who weren’t particularly nice to me and with certain jobs I had I gravitated more towards the guys to chat to rather than the girls because I felt out of place with them, like I was being judged.


How Can We Use Past Lives As A Guide?


Understanding more about our past lives can really bring so much insight to our current experiences, the type of people we attract to us (or repel!) and what our lessons for growth are.

You can do this in many ways and if you want to dig deeper you can have a Past Life Regression (through hypnosis), do a guided meditation (there’s loads on YouTube), explore your Akashic Records (either yourself or through someone qualified to do this) or through a Past Life Tarot reading such as those I do or creating your own.

Other ways you can understand how to use your past lives as a guide are to:

  • notice the things you get deep enjoyment from or seem to be particularly naturally skilled at – the things you take for granted about who you are (because these are within your DNA as skills and interests from many previous lifetimes)
  • the places or times you are drawn to such as certain countries or cities or time periods
  • notice what you seem oddly afraid of, like there is no logical explanation for it (for me, it’s the deep dark water)
  • ask your Guides to show you some of your relevant past lives in your dreams (I had an amazing dream a few weeks ago with a very clear past life and I knew as I was dreaming that it was a past life)
  • ask yourself who you have always been, your main characteristics – are you someone who has always been a leader? someone who is always serving others? someone who makes money very easily? someone who falls in love too quickly only to get hurt again? someone who is fearful of certain people or communities?
  • connect with your Higher Self and ask questions with a pendulum or use journaling and automatic writing to connect with your subconscious mind

There are so many ways to connect more with your past! I love learning new things about myself and how it’s all connected to my past! I’ve always had such a deep fascination with past lives and how they are so cleverly merged into our current life!






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