| 9 | Stop Denying Who You Are (Feeling Fiery As Fuck!)

When you are feeling fiery as fuck, you share the downloads and info!! This is from a Facebook Live where I decided to tackle those who deny the truth of who they are.No need to hide.No need to deny it.Embrace it. Own it. Be it. Live it.To connect with me

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| 10 | You Know You Were Called For More But…

You know you were called for more but….(waits as the excuses fly in for all the reasons why you can’t just fucking well BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE…*shouty text*)Yes I’m feeling EXTRA FEISTY… come join in to get activated at a soul level!This is take

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| 4 | Holding Back From Your Purpose

This episode of The Evolved Consciousness Podcast (formerly known as The Awakened Rebels Podcast) is taken from one of my Facebook Live videos.Are you holding back from your soul’s purpose?And if so…why? Life is for living…and you have a purpose burni

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| 3 | Connecting With Your Soul

This episode of The Evolved Consciousness Podcast is taken from a livestream on my Facebook page.I’m asking you to connect with your soul, to let go of what others think and want from you.To connect with me further, click on one of the links below:VISIT M

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| 1 | What are you RESISTING???

Welcome to my FIRST Podcast!!!!! I’ve been blogging and YouTubing for a while….but moving into the wonderful world of Podcasts!This episode is about noticing what you are resisting when it comes to uplevelling in your life and on your spiritual journey.

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