| 18 | Why Are Women Afraid To Own Their Power?

Welcome to another episode of The Evolved Consciousness Podcast! In today’s episode, I’m talking about why women are afraid to own their power. Especially spiritual women and female Spiritual Entrepreneurs.Women can be consumed with shadow energy. Too afr

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| 17 | Rebrand and Letting Go Of Old Energy

UPDATE: I have since rechanged my podcast name to Evolved Consciousness since I recorded and uploaded this episode. I know, I know….Little Miss Transformation LOL – but the energy is still relevant about letting go of old energy.Plus, Temple of Mysticis

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| 16 | The Power of Doing Nothing

So for those of you who are returning listeners…thank you for your continued support…and you’ll notice that I have now rebranded to The Evolved Consciousness Podcast since recording this episode – I certainly love to evolve my work as I evolve myself!

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| 12 | Are You Just AFRAID Of How Powerful You Are?!

Are you just AFRAID of how powerful you are?!All that whining about how you need to do this or that… or you’re not ready yet… or you haven’t uncovered this yet…. or mastered that yet…All bullshit. All fears. All ego.And you’re holding YOURSELF bac

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