Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Online Business As A Spiritual Entrepreneur
October 02, 2019

When the online space seems bombarded by online businesses, it can feel a bit overwhelming when you’re starting out with your own online business. I know that’s how I felt when I started my own online business as a Spiritual Entrepreneur 16 months ago in June 2018 and if I could travel back in time (which, technically we can as we are multidimensional beings experiencing multiple realities…but hey…that’s a different blog post lol!)…these are the things I would say to myself when I first started venturing into the world of being an Entrepreneur with an online business.

I actually started having nudges to look into business opportunities back in 2012 when I was first approached by a colleague who had joined an MLM business. 5 years down the line though…after joining several businesses and never feeling like I belonged (welcome to the world of the Misfit Entrepreneurs!)…I walked away from that industry in 2017.

At the time I left, I was working part-time in a temporary job. A job that was supposed to have a long-term government agency contract…but which turned out to be in a wind down phase with this government contract. Which meant…I’d be out of work…again…in a few months time. Having been made redundant twice before, this was not a prospect I savoured given that I still had bills to pay…and a young daughter.

I decided to finally throw myself into my own business. To take charge of my life…my way. To not have to be reliant on others. On a job. On whatever else I was reliant on.

I had a website domain name already…that I wasn’t using…and had planned to blog and make money that way. I knew when my job was going to end and so I could prepare for that and started looking into creating courses or doing coaching or doing some psychic services.

June 2018 is when I properly launched my website…the same time that my job ended, my mum was diagnosed with cancer…and I left my husband 3 weeks later. As you do. My soul likes the fire…so I just throw myself through it!

So…16 months on…with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, regrets and celebrations, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on what I wish I’d known before starting my own online business.

This applies to any industry you either have a business in already or are thinking about launching into.


1) Own The Fuck Out Of What Makes You Unique

This is my biggest point!!! Own the fuck out of what makes you unique. You’re an Entrepreneur. You have something to offer to the world. You have passions, interests, wisdom and expertise that only you know…that your clients are just waiting for you to share.

This isn’t about being a Cookie Cutter version of yourself. Morphing yourself into someone you’re not. Copying others because it’s working for them (yes…it’s working for them…so find what works for you!). Showing up apologetically because you’re the New Kid On The Block. Uncertain of who you are. Worried what people will think of you.

When I started my online business in 2018, I knew that I loved to write and loved to speak. As a Visionary, I could see myself doing coaching, doing motivational speaking, writing books and doing mini services like group coaching. I am also very spiritual and am an Oracle…basically, super psychic and intuitive. Amongst many other things LOL. I started my business doing Tarot Readings. It was something I was passionate about….and very easy for me to do. As Tarot comes so easily to me.

But I felt frustrated. Because I didn’t see myself as only doing Tarot Readings and wanted to branch into more of the work that my soul is really here for as a Spiritual Entrepreneur…and that’s unlocking and activating people at a soul level as a Catalyst for Empire Expansion. I’m a Key to unlock who you really are and an Alchemist who wields shadow energy into your power.

But I was scared to show up as all of me. I also was going through a rapid spiritual awakening and unlocking more and more of my soul every day…I couldn’t keep up at times! Every time I’d integrate a new aspect within myself…another would show up.

So I doubted myself. I wasn’t truly owning what makes me so unique. And that’s my energy, my wisdom and the magic of my soul. I would compare myself and my online business to others. Question who I was. Wonder if maybe I wasn’t cut out for the online space.

And, the most soul-destroying thing I did, was believe others over my own soul. I didn’t trust my magic. I didn’t trust what I am here for. The impact I’m here to create through massive transformation with those I work with. I let others tell me how to run my business. I listened to others when they suggested I box off parts of myself as it was too much for some to deal with because my energy really is that powerful. I followed bullshit rules that others in the online space put out there…because I didn’t own the fuck out of what makes me unique. And I felt restricted as fuck. Caged in.

I’m a Rebel Soul. It took me a while to understand that! And when I did….it’s like the lightbulbs went on!!! I realised why my energy is so fiery. Why I hate rules. Why I hate systems. Why I hate being like someone’s fucking puppet. I truly understood what makes me so unique…and I realised why things had never worked for me in the past. It was because I was going against my natural Rebel instincts.

So…what makes you so fucking unique? Who are you? What is your business? What is your message? What are you here for? And…why the fuck aren’t you owning your uniqueness? Whose validation are you seeking or looking for permission to truly show the fuck up?!


2) Monetize The Fuck Out Of Your Magic

You’re an Entrepreneur. You have a business…or want to start one. What do businesses do?

They make money.

You’re not some charity case FFS!

That’s the mistake I made back in my earlier days of starting my online business. Being a charity case for others. Either undercharging for my work…or…sacrilege…not charging for it at all! *gasp*

And why was that?

Well, aside from the fact that I wasn’t following Step 1 above and owning the fuck out of what makes me unique…I was also following crappy advise from those who weren’t making much in their businesses! Yes, I was listening to those who were operating from shadow energy…those who were scared to show up as all of them, charge their worth and own who they are.

I gave away soooooo much!!! Namely because I had zero boundaries so my Messenger inbox just seemed to be a drop-in centre for Freebie Hunters and those who weren’t able to value my work and my energy. Probably because I wasn’t valuing it either! I had people asking for free guidance, asking for favours, asking for free intuitive readings or free coaching. And I diligently gave it. Despite feeling pissed off at doing so.

Because someone…somewhere…had told me that I had to give a certain element of “free work” in order to build my audience. To generate testimonials. Which, quite frankly, is complete bullshit. And all you end up doing is attracting Freebie Hunters or those just after something but aren’t willing to do the work themselves and when you start putting your paid work out there…you’ll hear crickets. Good luck with that!

That’s why my advice to you is…to monetize the fuck out of your magic!!! Show up blazing a fucking trail that the new Queen Bitch is on the block! Owning your uniqueness. Owning your magic. Owning your energy. And bloody well charging for it!

Like a business.

Because…that’s what you are! And your online business deserves to make money!

Monetizing your magic is about understanding what makes you tick…what you’re passionate about…and what comes so bloody easy to you (because it is easy…it’s your Genius!)…that you can just put it out there and ask people to pay you for it.

I say this often enough…your vision is your vision. There’s a reason you have certain nudges to do things. A reason you’re called to show in a certain way. It’s because there are people out there who are willing to pay you for access to whatever your magic is. Your soulmate clients…are already out there. On the energetic grid. But they need to be able to feel your energy to realise that you are the person who can help them…so own the fuck out of what makes you unique and monetize your magic.


3) You Don’t Need To Price Low To Get Started 

This, again, was a biggie for me. It was like I was looking at my online business as an Employee starting out in a new job as opposed to the CEO of my own business.  I believed the bullshit. There’s a lot out there! That people wouldn’t pay me for my services if they didn’t know who I was and so it was better to price low (or…God forbid…give it all away for free) as a newbie.

Now, this point can relate to anyone irrelevant of where you are at in your Online Business. Because there are plenty of multi 6 and 7 figure earners out there…just as much as newbies…who aren’t charging their worth. Staying stagnant in a plateau because they’re comfortable. Instead of digging deeper and unleashing more soul!

What happens when you price below what your Genius commands…is that you’ll either hear crickets…because your soulmate clients aren’t “hearing you” aka “feeling you” because you’re not piercing through the veil of illusion enough to gain their attention.

Or, you’ll attract the wrong crowd.

And what happens when you attract the wrong crowd first…and then finally wake the fuck up to who you actually are and what you’re here for…is that you’ve spent ages trying to market to the wrong people. That you now have to almost start again as you re-position yourself as the go-to person for that service you offer.

I price my work based on energy. I check in with my Higher Self what I should price at. And as I’m clairaudient, I hear a figure being said. There are times when I’ve wobbled and said to myself “I can’t charge that!” , dropped the figure…and then felt energetically drained.

The key is to know who you are speaking to. Who do you desire to work with? What kind of results are you looking to facilitate with that service? And remembering to own the fuck out of what makes you unique as you monetize your magic.

Yes, there’s plenty of people out there offering many similar things. There’s multiple Business Coaches, multiple Mindset Coaches, multiple Energy Workers and Healers, multiple Psychics, multiple Spiritual Entrepreneurs and multiple Network Marketers etc.

But none of them are you. None of them. They may offer something similar…but your energy and your prescence is what makes you unique.

And why you should never undercharge for your work as a way to just “get” clients. That’s all ego. It’s shadow. It’s the fear of not having clients or money. So people undercharge “just” to cover their bills. But you end up finding yourself frustrated with the people you are attracting or drained from the over-expenditure of energy when the energetic exchange isn’t equal. Money is energy…and the energetic exchange is the exchange of their money (energy) for your services (energy).


4) Invest In Yourself With Someone Who Understands Your Uniqueness

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you must spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to invest in yourself. There’s plenty of free content out there via blogs, YouTube, Facebook.

I, myself, share a lot of free and highly valuable content through my blog posts, my Facebook posts and the Facebook lives I do.

I’m a Creator. So that’s what I do.

But, it’s like a fucking circus out there in the online space. With a lot of noise! Many people wanting to be seen and to be paid for their services with their own online business. Some even turn into egotistical arseholes to try and make a sale…by belitting others or serving them some FOMO shit (yes…I’ve seen this loads!).

There’s a lot of content out there. You can binge watch someones content on YouTube. Have a marathon reading session of blog post after blog post. Listen to their podcast endlessly all day. Join this “5 Day Free Challenge” (which is usually a bit shit anyway and is just a way to get you onto their email list) or fangirl them with their Facebook posts as you lap up the free content.

And there is totally nothing wrong with that. At all.

But the real transformation…the real magic…happens when you’re in someone’s energy. When you’ve paid to be there. Irrelevant of how you’ve paid to be in their energy. Because that is their Zone of Genius. It’s what makes them so unique. It’s the energetic mastery that they bring to their paid services. Taking things up a few (or a lot of!) notches from their free content.

It’s about being in their energy. And working with it to catapault you to that next level. Whatever that is for you.

But…this isn’t about just throwing money around here there and everywhere…unless you enjoy doing that! Because you have to make the effort to understand who you can receive the most transformation from. And that won’t be everyone. It’s understanding who you click with. Or…as with a lot of the coaching work I do…who triggers you so much that you end up leaping forwards because of the triggers?!

Nobody wants a Cheerleader anyway. You want results. Not someone clapping from the sidelines because they’re scared to make you feel uncomfortable.

There’s plenty of people out there who’ll try to tell you that you need to work with them and that they can help you (been there…lost money…as the person most certainly wasn’t aligned for me). They’ll suggest you get on a call to discuss things together of how you can work together. Throwing free Discovery Calls around like sweeties. And almost making you feel obliged to work with them.

These are not your people! 

The person for you…is the one who can understand your uniqueness and who can enhance that even further with the work they do. They don’t try to tell you to be anything other than who you naturally are. They don’t try to make you conform to who they are…because they don’t need to. They aren’t trying to make a quick sale…they know your souls are aligned to work together and they trust the Universe.

These are also the people who can rapidly transform where you’re at now…so instead of taking months or years to see results as you would do through simply just consuming free content…they can give you a massive leg up and catapault you further than you could have done just on your own.

The same goes for the people whose services you are looking to hire. Whether they just work with anyone…including the misaligned people because they just want to make some money…or whether they know who they desire to work with and have clear boundaries for this.

There are people I choose not to have pay me…either because their energy is off and I only desire to work with those who are truly ready for the cosmic shifts I can facilitate. Or because they just aren’t my people. Maybe they like too much business strategy…instead of limitless and effortless soul expansion. I work with the Rebels, the Visionaries, the Multi-Passionates and the Catalysts….those who enjoy shattering paradigms and being the trailblazing revolutionaries! #nextlevelempire


5) Position Yourself As A Leader From The Get-Go

This kind of relates to Step 1. Its about positioning yourself as a leader from the start in your online business. Which comes from understanding what makes you unique…and really choosing to work in your Zone of Genius.

And what is your Genius? Its the very thing that makes you so unique. Its the thing that comes so fucking easy to you to do…that you cannot understand why nobody else can do this…and it can be easy to disregard it as you take it for granted that everyone knows this or can do this. It’s your soul’s power. Your soul’s truth. And your ability to just create magic…when you are being all of you.

I used to doubt myself often! Questioning why nobody knew what I knew. Or could do what I can. I’m a Catalyst. A Key. I unlock and activate people by seeig through the veil of illusion and unmasking people to bring through their true soul self to activate 5D Empire Consciousness. And I have access to very deep esoteric wisdom…fused with galactic consciousness. I used to presume that everyone knew what I know. And would wonder why they didn’t. Or wouldn’t share my wisdom because it just seemed too easy to do.

I liken my Genius to my Playground where I get to play in my playground of creativity and magic. The things that I’m naturally good at. That are super easy for me to do…and yet highly transformative for those who are in my energy.

Positioning yourself as a leader from the get-go is truly about knowing who the fuck you are and what you are here to create in this lifetime through your online business. What impact are you here to make? Who are the people you work with who make you feel expansive and who will pay you for your services? Because your souls are communicating via energy…and when you show up as the leader that you are in your industry, you blast through the noise of others in the online space who are all clambering over themselves to be seen, heard and paid for their work.

Be a leader. Even if it’s being a leader for yourself first. Having the discipline for yourself to show up as all of you…no matter what…every single day. Leading yourself first…so you can lead others.