New Age Spirituality Is An Outdated Paradigm Keeping People Trapped In Band-Aid Solutions

Apr 11, 2021
New Age Spirituality Is An Outdated Paradigm Keeping People Trapped In Band-Aid Solutions - Leanne Juliette - Transformation - Rebirth - Authenticity - Authentic Self - Trauma


New Age Spirituality Is An Outdated Paradigm Keeping People Trapped In Band-Aid Solutions.

Now, before you lynch me, hear me out.

I’m all for reiki or seeing a shaman for energy clearing.

I use these services.

However, the issue lies in people seeking what I term “band-aid solutions” to solve all their worldy issues.

Or practicing New Age techniques as advocated by books like “The Secret” to manifest our greatest desires.

Like writing an affirmation out 55 times over 5 days.

Or sticking some colourful pictures on a vision board and saying a prayer that this vision comes true.

Or just wishing and waiting and hoping for some fucking miracle to show up in your life whilst you sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya.

All jokes aside though, New Age Spirituality is an outdated paradigm keeping people trapped in the old Matrix.


Because it teaches you to look outside of yourself.

To believe that writing your affirmations, seeking reiki healing or visualizing your dreams is enough.

It takes the onus off of you.

That it isn’t your responsibility to create.

And gives your Shadow a seat at your High Table.

And nobody wants Shadow at their High Table as it seeks to dictate it’s wants and desires to you.

Creation is - and always will be - your responsibility.

You go first.

The Universe follows.

Which is why if you’re seeking what I call band-aid solutions to deeply rooted trauma/pain/shadow - then you’re gonna be pretty fucking disappointed when they don’t work for you.

Been there.

Done that.

Got the T-Shirt.


I used to think that an Akashic Records reading would solve my worldly issues like a toxic marriage and a broke as fuck mentality.

That another Tarot reading would be THE thing that changed my life.

Or that having some reiki would clear some energetic blockages within me - for good.

Or trusting that creating a vision board or buying a $11.11 manifestation book would be the answer to my broke as fuck state.







And whilst there’s a space for all of these things - I still have reiki as an energetic treat to myself - they don’t work at the root of who you are.

These practices get peoples hopes up.

They seduce you - certainly the manifestation techniques do - into a lack of action as you sit and write your affirmations whilst burning sage and visualizing.

Manifestation - as in, ACTUAL manifestation from an energetic perspective - is a topic for another post. As in why it is so inconsistent and how to be more consistent with it.

But, New Age Spirituality is an out-dated paradigm.

It teaches people to look outside of themselves.

Going to someone for healing. Wishing on a prayer with manifestation. Sticking photos on a vision board. Doing feng shui to attract new love/money/business/health.

It teaches people that they are not responsible for their Creations.

We are all a Creator with the Universe.

With Source.

And - here’s the kicker - you have to show willing to Source/God/The Universe - that you are truly, truly, truly willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

Which means - getting the fuck out of your own way and out of the way of your shadow - in order to take action on the things that scare the absolute fuck out of you.

I must have missed that chapter in The Secret.



The shadow is the gateway to all that you desire.

It holds the codes.

It holds the potency.

It holds the magic.

It holds everything you need in order to unlock and access that next level version of you.

But - people get scared of the shadow.

They run and hide.

Sticking their heads in the sand.

Settling for bullshit bandaid solutions to their problems like an extra bit of visualisation or another psychic session.


And that is coming from a Supernatural Being.

I have had people coming to me in the past. 

Seeking quick fixes.

Seeking some quick fix solution to their issues that required little energy from them.

It doesn’t work.

You see, my clients are those who know that our work together will completely revolutionize their lives.

That is to say - they know that I require the absolute most from them energetically.

That I won’t tolerate sub-par energy or wishy washy interaction.

My energy is potent.

That is a given.

My energy is highly, highly activating.

To the point that I can rip someone in half.

Tear them up, chew them up and spit them back out again.

Because I work at the root of who someone is.

At the core of their Multidimensional Being.

I refuse to cater to shadow, fear or human illusion.

I speak only with the Higher Consciousness.

Which is why I can have such a dramatic effect on someone’s life as I bypass the human and the ego and speak directly to their Higher Consciousness.

Which doesn’t care for the human wants and needs.

It craves journey, growth and expansion.

This is why seeking band-aid solutions will not work for you.

They will leave you feeling lost, trapped and - quite frankly - fucked off with life.

I take my clients to the root of who they are.

In this Dimension - and Multidimensionally.

I don’t fuck around with human requirements. Such as coddling to the human.

I care only that I activate you into your highest and most profound consciousness.

So that you too many create magic in the world by being exactly whoever the fuck you are meant to be.

To work with me 1:1 on whichever issue is the most pressing to you - relationships, health, money, self-love, trauma - I’m offering 20 minute calls to discuss how my work may help you.

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