The Multidimensional Shadow - What Is It & How To Identify It

Jul 13, 2021
The Multidimensional Shadow is a revolutionary and pioneering concept by Leanne Juliette, Shamanic High Priestess & Entrepreneur, in order to understand the root of our Shadow which is found within the Multidimensional Aspect of who we are and can be found and transformed energetically through Multidimensional Shadow Astrology, pioneered by Leanne Juliette, Shamanic High Priestess - without the need for regular Shadow Work or Shadow Alchemy which both focus on Shadow from this lifetime instead of understanding that the Shadow is Multidimensional.

The concept of The Multidimensional Shadow is a revolutionary and pivotal approach to Shadow adopted by Leanne Juliette, Shamanic High Priestess and Pioneer of Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness.

Within the regular scope of Shadow Work and the world of Shadow Work, one thing I started to see very, very clearly was a huge gap in how people are working with Shadow (that, in itself, is a term I dislike and prefer to adopt the concept of playing with the shadow as opposed to working with it).

That is to say - people are actually unaware of what the Shadow actually is. Even those deeply rooted within the concept of Shadow Work are still actually not understanding the true essence of the Shadow.

So, allow me to explain this in more detail as to how to actually revolutionise your life by understanding - and playing with - the Multidimensional Shadow.

For those new to Shadow or those unfamiliar with the concept of Shadow, this was a term coined by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, as to reference the "darker aspects" of our personality and ego that we choose to consciously or unconsciously reject and/or repress.

Shadow - in essence - is the mask that we wear. The mask that hides our truth and true nature. Shadow is the energy which presents itself when something creates a negative emotional and energetic reaction within us.

Things such as anger, shame, guilt, unworthiness, fear, jealously, fear of being seen, control issues, power plays, lack of self-love, narcissism, self-abuse, unable to act without permission, anxiety, depression, seeking validation, abandonment issues, trauma, abuse, sexual taboos - these are all aspects of the Shadow.

Also anything that is dis-ease within us - yes, a play on the word is intended here rather than saying disease - because anything that isn't at ease within our bodies is at un-ease within us and Shadow can manifest as a physical ailment within our body because it is both emotional and energetic.

Examples of physical manifestations of Shadow within our body include cancer, back issues, joint problems, thyroid issues, gastrointestinal ailments, migraines, Chronic Fatigue, fertility issues etc.

It is a mask to hide the uglier and darker aspects of who we are. A desire to be seen as someone else rather than face the deepest, darkest aspects of ourself. It is also a physical representation within us of any energy we have stored from either this life or other lifetimes that is out of ease (dis-ease) and is not in homeostasis within our body.

Most people seek to unconsciously suppress the Shadow because it actually highlights and reflects to them where they are not in their Truth.

Shadow is a huge Mirror to us about what we are hiding away in our inner closet that we don't want to accept about ourselves.

In the simplest explanation, Shadow is the way we shine a light into our darkness and bring the darkness into the light.

To integrate it into us.

Now, back to Shadow Work and why it doesn't actually work and why people are still not accessing the full Truth of the Shadow.

You see, concepts around the Shadow such as Shadow Work or Shadow Alchemy are actually focussed on addressing a Shadow from this lifetime. Such as an aspect of your childhood that became repressed energy (like abandonment issues, abuse, trauma, poverty, lack of parental love, not finding your voice etc) or an aspect from any part of your life where you have an energy of fear attached to it or a negative emotional reaction to it.

Such as, fear of speaking up, fear of being seen, codependency, insecurities, money worries, anxiety, depression, fear of power, fear of autonomy, shame, guilt, daddy/mommy issues, victim mentality etc.

The list is endless. What is important to note is that it will be something that creates an emotional reaction within you.

Again, these are just very vague examples to give meaning to my words.

In essence, Shadow Work and the concept of Shadow Alchemy do not address the underlying root of the Shadow which is always - always - rooted elsewhere within our multidimensional existence.

Humans forget (at a Conscious Level) that we are all Multidimensional Beings living within a Multidimensional Universe - or Multiverse - and that we exist within all Space, Time & Dimensions simultaneously.

Therefore, so too does the Shadow exist multidimensionally.

And that is where we find the root of the Shadow.

This is the essence of my work around the Shadow - to go to the root. Always the root. Just like a weed - if you only pull up the stalk, and leave the root in tact, it will continue to grow.

You have to pull up the root in order to create a shift in your reality in which the Shadow no longer creates that emotional reaction within you.

What you must remember is that we do not incarnate simply by chance. We choose our existence - choosing to exist within Earth's current dimensional field - and therefore we also choose to replicate the same patterns and behaviours of other lifetimes which allow us to incarnate with a higher awareness of what is still lingering in our energetic (emotional) field and how to transform this from dark to light.

This is where the Multidimensional Shadow comes in. Imagining that we exist in all Space, Time & Dimensions simultaneously with other lives (other aspects of our Consciousness - as a multifaceted Energy), then we can timeline-hop - time-travel so to speak - to access the part of our Consciousness that is seeking to resolve an aspect that isn't conducive to our highest Truth and growth.

An example I like to use with my clients is that of the Nintendo Wii game, Super Mario Bros which features 8 worlds (with a 9th hidden world). When you first start the game, you need to progress through each World to unlock the next.

You cannot go from World 1 to World 8 without unlocking every other World in between.

But, once you've unlocked all the Worlds, you can then play in any World you like. Hopping from 1 to 6 or 2 to 7 or 8 to 3 and so on.

Timeline hopping.

Each time you play a World you've already played (and unlocked) before, you return to it with a higher wisdom and awareness about how to complete it faster, gain more coins and defeat the "baddie" (the Shadow) at the end.

Do you see where I'm going with this??

Within the concept of the Multidimensional Shadow, we incarnate again and again - with a higher awareness and wisdom as to what we want to transform -  by recreating the same patterns, behaviours, situations and experiences which will allow us to transform at the root the issue that has been vexing us and delaying our evolutionary growth.

Just like in the Super Mario Bros Wii example, once you know how to unlock a World, you can return to it again and again and do it better.

That is what I'm referring to with the Multidimensional Shadow.

We incarnate with a higher awareness of how to unlock the power within the Shadow (turning the dark into light - shining a light into the darkness) and revolutionise our existence.

You see, the Shadow holds a huge amount of power within it. It is energy. People become so crippled by the Shadow they carry - either consciously or unconsciously - to the extent that it holds such power over someone which can hinder their evolutionary growth.

I have had clients with lifelong anxiety who have literally been crippled by the anxiety which had such a powerful hold over them who - after being in my energy and having the Mirror presented to them (I am a Heyoka Mirror - reflecting back someone's inner Truth) have rid themselves of anxiety.

Just - like - that.

No dragging shit out.

No year long therapy.

No long drawn out process and pandering to a victim mindset.

Just - gone.

This is the power of working at the root of the Shadow and playing in that energy.

The same with a client who had experienced years of trauma and illness (M.E / CFS) due to having experienced satanic abuse from a young age - once she was in my energy and we were able to play with the energy of the Multidimensional Shadow - her body began a huge detox and purge of toxic energy residing within her - stored emotions - which were not part of her Truth.

Curing herself from many years of opiate dependency - which disappeared within a couple of days of being in my energy and allowing me to play with the Multidimensional Shadow.

This is powerful energetics when you understand and choose to play in the field of the Multidimensional Shadow.

Its not about fucking around with regular Shadow Work and trying to find a reason for your issues - be that childhood related, an abusive partner or money worries etc (the list is endless) - and then staying in a perpetual cycle of Shadow Work and dragging it out.

It's about finding the root - within the Multidimensional Self - and playing with the energy there.

Every Shadow we perceive to be ours - is interlinked through one main Shadow. It is a theme we have.

Like a spider's web, it is all interlinked.

People can get so caught up in which Shadow it is - which is why I have now distanced myself from - and no longer incorporate into my work - the Jungian Shadow Archetypes and those later adopted by Caroline Myss (mainly Child, Prostitute, Victim, Saboteur) - because I believe it keeps people trapped in a state of codependency to the Shadow.

Is it my Child speaking? Or my Prostitute? Or my Victim? Or my Saboteur?

It is extremely energetically draining to someone to be constantly trying to work with all these Shadow Archetypes in order to figure out which is the dominant voice.

If I told you it was much easier than that - would you believe me?!

It is.

Let me show you.

Shadow can show up in many different guises and whilst we may believe it is different archetypes speaking - it is in fact just one Shadow which is speaking through different ways.

Just one main Shadow.

The one that connects them all together.

Just one.

This is the root.

So we do not need to preoccupy ourselves with the regular methods of Shadow Work or Shadow Alchemy to find which Shadow is emotionally charged in that moment (such as, "I am afraid to leave my relationship because I cannot fathom how I'll cope on my own and I really want someone just to tell me everything will be ok because I don't trust myself to make the right decision and I'm afraid of making the wrong decision" - Child).

We simply need to understand where the root is - and how it speaks to us - as in, how it shows up in our patterns, behaviours, experiences and situations we find ourselves in.

This can be done very easily.

You find the root of the Multidimensional Shadow through Astrology.

Astrology and Shadow go hand in hand in my world.

Which is how I created a newer - more futuristic way, so to speak - way to play with Shadow, Astrology and Multidimensionality all at once.

Through Multidimensional Shadow Astrology.

The root of the Shadow is found at the point of the South Node.

The Nodes of the Moon representing our karmic past (the South Node) and our evolutionary growth (the North Node).

The house and the sign of the South Node is the root of the Multidimensional Shadow.

It was through dipping my toe into Evolutionary Astrology where I first heard about the South Node being connected to a past life theme which has delayed our evolutionary growth.

I decided to take this further and focus on the Shadow, the energetics of the Shadow and how to transform it energetically at the root within the Multidimensional field without a long drawn out process.

How to find our Inner Power & Truth through the Multidimensional Shadow.

When we look at the Shadow energies of both that house and sign, we can see very clearly how it is all interlinked so there really is no reason to overcomplicate things with the Shadow Archetypes by wondering which is the dominant shadow based on the Archetypes.

The house and the sign of the South Node convey a theme.

It is this theme which tells us of the Multidimensional Shadow.

For example, someone with a South Node in Aquarius can be too concerned with rejection from others (Aquarius rules Community).

Someone with a South Node in Virgo can be rooted in the need for servitude and obedience or not having their needs met which can lead to anger and frustration.

Each person is unique.

Our birth charts are unique.

The Multidimensional Shadow is unique to each of us and the lives we are existing within simultaneously. There is a theme to the lives we live (parallel lives existing simultaneously) so that each identity - our Avatar in a current incarnation - may "play the game" and evolve by breaking through whatever isn't conducive to our highest Truth.

Transforming the Shadow at the root through understanding the Shadow energies of the South Node (sign and house) and transforming those energies.

This is a general overview about the Multidimensional Shadow which I will be writing more about and creating more content on this - in addition to Workshops, Courses & Books I'm currently creating to take you deeper into the Multidimensional Shadow and how to actually transform it at the root.

As in, no long drawn out Shadow Work or having a truth rant to oneself or sitting in therapy for years.

Just - playing with the energy, understanding the Multidimensional aspect of the Shadow and why it is so energetically - and emotionally - charged within us.

And making a decision to transform it.

It gets to be fun!


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