The Mirror of Freedom & Truth
July 09, 2020

My greatest gift to myself was to honour my unique energy.

Instead of apologizing for it.

Because I’d spent all my life apologizing, people-pleasing and dimming my truth.

Not wanting to rock the boat in case of rejection.

Not valuing my true worth and what I have to offer the world through my unique sacred medicine.

Worried what people would think of me if I said something that really cut too close to home.

Because me in my full energetic power is a force to be reckoned with.

It is unique.

I make people uncomfortable.

I bring all the bad shit hiding in someone up to the surface. In order to set them free.

And this makes people uncomfortable.

Because that’s who I am.

I see the illusions.

I see the truths.

I see the shadows.

I see beyond the veil as I travel into the Cosmos to gather information and higher consciousness to bring back to Earth.

I suppose you can call me a Time Traveller!

With my natal Uranus and Mars in my Scorpio 12th house – psychic as fuck and able to connect into higher consciousness very very easily.

I am very unique – because I play both in the shadowy underworld and the higher Cosmos.

I play in the astral realms.

Both in the dream state and through astral travelling.

Visiting those in their dreams to give them an astral ass kicking! A nudge to come into my energetic frequency.

I play in the shadowy realms – the Darkness – where I get to take people to the deepest depths of who they are.

I play in the lofty heights of the Gods as I connect people to their truth, their vision and their mission.

I am a Mirror.

A Heyoka Mirror.

And as a Mirror, I naturally make people uncomfortable as I hold a mirror up so you can see every excuse you’ve told yourself, every shadow, every illusion – yet also, every aspect of your Highest Truth and what your soul desires for you is what you also see in me.

I’ve had people tell me before that just looking in my eyes makes them uncomfortable. 

For the eyes are the windows to the soul. And I show you what your soul has been trying to tell you.

I’ve been told that just from having a conversation with me it felt like my energy was probing around in her heart, unearthing things, making her uncomfortable.

I’ve also been told that my energy feels like waves going into and out of someone as I read your energetic frequency.

I read the energy of everything around me. Feeling it out. Always for truth. Feeling out the cracks where shadow lurks.

That is the beauty of the Mirror.

I honour truth.

The Mirror doesn’t lie. 

How can it?

When it’s a direct reflection of who you are.

The greatest gift I gave to myself was my own freedom and truth.

The freedom to be my quirky unique self – owning my unique energy and gifts – and not give a fuck what people think of me.

It’s a gift I desire with all my heart for others to experience for themselves too.

I offer a knowing smile to those who tell me they’d like to work with me – but they aren’t ready yet. 

That they’re waiting.

For what?! An invitation?! Your soul has already brought you into my energetic frequency. It’s already invited you! 

Knowing that my Sacred Medicine is the one it seeks.

People telling themselves that they’ll work on their healing a little bit longer with their current modalities.

You know…the surface level modalities that are long, drawn out and quite frankly, boring as fuck, because they don’t tickle your soul with naughty glee like I do.

Why is this?

Because it’s safer to stay in the comfort of what you have always done, getting results that last a while, until that dopamine hit wears off and you’re back to square one again.

Searching for that next hit. Something else at surface level that gets you mildly excited, thinking “this is it”, until you release that you haven’t gone to the root of who you are and feel that familiar deflated feeling.

Working with me feels like a liberating Death.

Exhaling as you come home to yourself.



No more searching around. You have been taken straight to the root issue – the one that triggers a cataclysmic chain reaction in your energetic frequency to call all that you desire to you.

My Tsunami Effect.

But how longer can you continue to tell yourself the lies over and over again about why you aren’t being wholly you, why you aren’t feeling free and why you’re just treading water in a quagmire of murky shadow?

I don’t do surface level results.

I cut out the deepest root. And replace it with the Seeds of Truth. 

Whilst connecting to your Higher Self by travelling into the future and into multidimensional timelines to connect into higher consciousness.

Bringing back to you what your Higher Self – your most elevated consciousness – desires for you to know and have.

Which will require you to get the fuck out of your own and be prepared to get really fucking uncomfortable with who you are and what you want from life.

Which is why working with me can feel like a tormented death at first. Until you feel the release as I reach in and feel out your truths…and the illusions you’ve been hiding behind. Turning the fears, the pains, the shadows into your own powerful medicine.

Which can feel really really uncomfortable at first because the ego is clinging onto something.


To make it feel safe and secure.

But true growth doesn’t come from feeling safe and secure.

It comes from being prepared to look into that mirror – and really SEE who you are.

I offer you the mirror.

Your only decision is whether to go through your own metamorphosis now.

Or later. When it’s going to feel even more uncomfortable.

The longer you prolong not being in your own truth, the harder it gets to remain in that lie.

My gift is to set you free.

Your decision is whether to accept that gift or not.

Prolong the pain of not being true to yourself – or choose the discomfort of becoming your truest self.





I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

I work within the Shadow to alchemize Pain into Power & Darkness into Light such as addictions, trauma, abuse (including narcissistic abuse, satanic abuse & sexual abuse), PTSD, self-destructive behaviours, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-worth issues, eating disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune conditions, other health conditions and much, much more.

My services are bespoke to your unique circumstances as I craft powerful Frequency Elixirs within my body to activate you into your Divine Power.

I weave Shadow into Gold.

Alchemizing Pain into Power.

Illusion into Truth.

Darkness into Light.

I take a wholistic approach to your Healing, Transformation & Expansion - meaning - I faciliate powerful shifts within you across all areas of your life.


Whatever needs to leave your Energetic Field - whatever is stagnant within you - is purified by me and activated into Power.

I am a powerful Glitch in your Energetic Field - activating DNA upgrades, cellular regeneration, deep healing multidimensionally/karmically/ancestrally, soul retrieval and disrupting everything around you that is not in alignment with your Highest Divine Power & Truth.

With me - I activate you into your Highest Frequency Consciousness & Divine Power by taking what is raw power within you - the Hidden - and activating it into powerful Divinity.

Anything not serving you will be removed from your life - be that people, beliefs, situations, experiences, energy, karma, soul trauma, ancestral patterns and behaviours.

I activate you through powerful Frequency Medicine that cuts through everything not in alignment with your truest, purest, most Divine Self.

This is my Power that I offer to you.