Why Being Triggered By Heyoka Mirrors Like Myself Is A GOOD Thing!
December 11, 2018

This blog post is inspired by a post I shared on Facebook which I felt required some more explanation…about what it means to be “triggered” by someone like me!  A post where I called people out for playing small and moaning about their life…but are unwilling to do something about it.

Some may think me a bitch for writing this….but in all honesty…I don’t care…because part of my soul’s purpose is to help others step into theirs.

Here’s what I wrote:

“Why you need to read what I have to say if you are wanting to move forwards in your spiritual journey….

Those that know me well….those who have worked with me…those who have been invited into my energy (I say “invited”…because I’m protective of my energy)….know that I am blunt when you need to hear a message.

I don’t sugarcoat a message if I know you need to hear it for your own benefit.

I’m a Mirror Empath…a Heyoka….I literally SHOW you the parts of yourself that you hide away from and don’t like. I mirror them to you…at certain times of your life…because there’s A REASON you are needing to be triggered at that moment….because by being triggered by me and my Mirror Empath energy, you’re being called to work through the shit that you are holding onto. For your higher purpose!

There’s a reason for Empaths like myself in the world…to trigger the fuck out of you (unintentionally most of the time!) so you can step the fuck up.


Stop playing small.

Stop moaning about your life.

Stop complaining all day long about why you don’t have the money do to XYZ or why you don’t have an amazing partner in your life or why you are STILL in that shitty job or moaning about why you CAN’T do something.

And I say this with love. Because part of my soul’s purpose is to help YOU to step into YOURS.

So quit with the bitchy whining. Do something about it.

Don’t like your job?! Change it.

Don’t like being single?! Come from a place of love for yourself and the world around you and you’ll be more receptive to love from another.

Don’t like being in the relationship you’re in because it makes you miserable??! Then leave….nobody is forcing you to stay.

Don’t like where you are at in life?! Wake up to your purpose!

Seriously…quit playing small.

Because all you get when you play small is regrets. And nobody wants to get to the end of their life with a suitcase full of regrets and “I wish I’d done this or that” etc.

Wouldn’t you rather take a leap of faith??!!!! And just trust in yourself?!? Trust that you’ll be caught by the Universe when you leap into who you are supposed to be!

And if my words have triggered you….I’m glad!! Because I’m doing my job!!! To get you to see your shadows…to embrace who you are….learning to love all aspects of yourself and work through the lessons that the Universe is presenting you with.

And if you think I’m a bitch for this post?! You aren’t ready for my energy yet….not even close!”

Did my words trigger you?  If so, you’re in the right place and found my blog post when you needed to hear those words!

I don’t believe in coincidences.  Spirit/the Universe/God (take your pick!) don’t do coincidences…they guide us where we need to go for our highest good.  And sometimes that’s through a shitty path of being triggered so we can wake up to our purpose, bin the stuff that isn’t serving us and level up!

You see, I’m a Mirror Empath.  A Heyoka. Someone whose energy will get under your skin and trigger you….without you even realising.  I didn’t even realise I am an Empath until early 2018….and I didn’t figure out the TYPE of Empath I am until a few months later…then it all made sense.

Like why certain girls at school just turned into complete bitches towards me overnight…and there was nothing I could pin point as having said or done to them.  One minute they were friends…the next, they turned on me.

When I started on my spiritual path in 2017 and started with my awakening….I had no idea where I was heading or what would open up for me.  I had no idea of the type of Empath I am.  Or my history as a Goddess and a Witch and as a Lemurian High Priestess.

That’s why my Empath energy is so strong in this life….because I’ve chosen it as a tool for my soul purpose to help people find their own authenticity.  To help others connect with their soul.

And authenticity comes from being triggered.  Having shit come to the surface that you thought you’d buried a long time ago….or worse…didn’t even realise it was even there!! It comes from learning to understand WHY things are bothering you so you can heal from those triggers and move on.

Things such as…

  • Why does that person ALWAYS piss you off?
  • Why do you ALWAYS attract the same people into your life…like narcissists or those who abuse your trust or those who treat you like a doormat?
  • Why do you ALWAYS have the same type of job that no matter how shiny it is at first….it ends up just like the rest?
  • Why are you ALWAYS in debt?
  • Why are you so jealous of your best friend who (on the surface) appears to have it all?
  • Why do you never seem to be able to catch a break?
  • Why are some people just plain nasty to you constantly?

And so on.

So why do these types of things bother you?  Because you are playing safe. And playing small. And you aren’t owning your authenticity and healing old “wounds” if something keeps bothering you again and again.

It’s like a stuck fucking record…and sometimes…you’ve just got to change the tune instead of listening to it on repeat over and over again like a warped version of Groundhog Day!

Once I fully understood the type of Empath I am….combined with my other psychic intuitive abilities and a realisation about some of my past lives…I really understood WHY I am all of those things.  Because my purpose is to help YOU with YOURS.

I’m here to trigger you!  And I’m not doing it in a malicious way.  It’s not like I sit at home plotting with a witchy cackle saying something like:

“Haha! How can I fuck this person over today?!” (whilst cooking some potion up in my cauldron LOL)

I’m triggering you…because Spirit/the Universe/God (again, take your pick!) have decided….your SOUL has decided….that it’s time you worked through whatever it is that isn’t serving your highest good and that’s why you find yourself in my energy.  To be triggered.

Seriously…I don’t do it intentionally.  I don’t sit there plotting.  I am just me. That includes just randomly saying hi to someone and they get triggered by my energy…..because just being me seems to piss certain people off.  Mainly, it pisses those off who are hiding from themselves.  Hiding from their shadows.  Afraid to see themselves in all aspects of who they are…the good, the bad and the ugly (because we all have those light and dark sides to ourselves).  Those who are too ruled by their own Ego to get out of their own way.

And then there’s those who KNOW they are being triggered in a certain way.  They know it’s TIME.  Time to deal with this shit and learn this lesson and go through this growth so they can move forwards on their spiritual journey. Instead of continuing to wallow in self-pity. And that’s why people like me come into their life….to help them be triggered because it’s time to level up.

So which one are you?  Are you READY to level up? Ready to deal with all the shit that is coming up for you? Ready to work through those shadow aspects of who you are and learn to love yourself at a deeper soul level…so you can move forwards?

Or are you still stuck with your Ego…thinking I’m a bitch for writing this and just continue to stick your head in the sand about your life and where you are at and think that people like me should just shut up?!

You get to decide.

You get to decide on what you do with the feelings that are being triggered by being in my energy.  And that includes the energy you get from reading this blog post…you don’t have to be physically in front of me….energy is energy…are we are all just ONE energy.  I even turn up in people’s dreams to trigger them…you can’t escape my Heyoka energy! LOL!

You get to decide whether it’s time to embrace those areas of yourself that are uncomfortable to sit with…those feelings or situations or experiences.

Or you choose to stick your head back in the sand and go back to complaining about your life again but don’t want to do anything about it…because you are waiting for a magic wand or the Holy Grail….not realising that I am what you’ve been asking for….my Heyoka Mirror energy is what you’ve been asking for…you just didn’t realise how that “Holy Grail” would show up for you.