Limitless Expansion Is Available To You When You Mine The Hidden Gold Within
April 10, 2023

Here’s the thing – I want you to understand that there is a depth within you of pure Gold that is just waiting to be mined by you to unlock your most powerful Self & Highest Potential – for Limitless Expansion.

To ride the wave of Higher Frequency Consciousness itself.

To heal what is broken and misaligned for you.

We’ve been conditioned and programmed by society and this 3D Matrix simulation that we are “only” Human.

Slaves to our 5 senses and to the material Realm – when there’s a whole world of Consciousness out there and powerful potential to be, do and have more.

To truly live a limitless existence in the Beyond – where there are no rules or limitations – only those of our Human Mind.

In my Realm, you experience rapid shifts in Consciousness, DNA upgrades, cellular regeneration, powerful Self-Transformation, pioneering Healing and limitless expansion.

This is the Realm of the Beyond.

Fusing Pioneering Energetics with Galactic Consciousness.

Bridging the gap between the Unconscious and the Conscious.

Between the Spiritual and the Material Realms.

Most people – and I say, most people – will not ever venture into the true depths of themselves.

To explore the Caverns of Consciousness within the darkest, murkiest aspects of their Human Psyche.

Which is why I don’t work with most people.

I work with the few.

The rare diamonds who understand that in order to make the impossible possible and to truly live a life of Limitless Freedom, Expansion, Truth & Liberation – you must face yourself head on in the Darkness.

To bring whatever has been hidden, shunned, cast away, forgotten about and shamed – to the surface.

Into the Light.

This is the power of Alchemy.

And the power of the Fires of Purification within me that wreak havoc on whatever is not in full alignment with your purest Divine Self.

Turning what is Dark – the untapped, the hidden, the Unknown, the pained – into Power.

Illusion into Truth.

Shadow into Light.

Turning whatever is not in full alignment and harmony with your Highest Frequency Consciousness  and Divine Self that is being held (unknowingly to you) in your Energetic Field – multidimensionally, karmically, ancestrally – into the powerful Truth of who you are in your purest, most Divine form.

This is one of my many unique gifts – to take what is Hidden and make it Seen.

To create such seismic shifts within your Energetic Field – multidimensionally – which creates a Tsunami Effect of powerful Transformation, Healing & Expansion.

Whilst simultaneously making no fucking sense whatsoever to your Human Mind.

Because my Frequency is Alien to the Human Body & Mind.

It is Alien to the logic of this 3D Realm.

And it is highly, highly, highly disruptive to you.

Creating distortion within your Energetic Field – multidimensionally – so that the most powerful Transformation, Healing & Expansion can occur both energetically and cellullarly.

The Darkness is your Gold Mine.

All that untapped potential just waiting to be released.

To be healed. To be transformed. To be alchemized.

This is why I create such crazy, nonsensical, illogical Transformations for my clients.

Because I go to the root.

The Energetic Root – multidimensionally – of anything that is not harmonious to your purest, most Divine Self.

I’m talking healing addictions, trauma, autoimmune conditions, irregular periods, anxiety, depression, abuse, self-destructive behaviours, eating disorders, infertility, physical ailments etc and so much more – in the most illogical, nonsensical, time-defying manner.

Because – I can.

To me, everything has an Energetic Root somewhere – multidimensionally – and I disrupt your Energetic Field by creating the distortion necessary for the healing to occur and unleashing powerful fire through you to purify you.

Meaning – you experience sudden and rapid healing, powerful Transformation and things that fall away from your life that aren’t in alignment with your purest, most Divine Self and Highest Potential – to create space for what is more aligned for you.

And yes, this includes things falling away such as people, behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, illness, jobs, business structures, clients and so on – whatever is rooted in Illusion and disharmony to your purest, most Divine Self will leave you.

And again – most people – will decide it’s better to stay where they are at – unhappy, unfilled, lost, sick, comfortably numb, tolerating shitty people and circumstances, pretending and living an illusionary existence with a False Identity born from the need to stay safe.

But I don’t work with most people.

I work with the few.

Those who crave the depths of the Freedom, Expansion and Liberation I activate within you as I clear out, burn down and disrupt anything within your Life – energetically – that is not in alignment with your Highest Potential and the most powerful Truth of you being you.

You cannot build an Identity on Illusion and Shadow.

Especially when you aren’t even aware of what is Illusion and Shadow in your Energetic Field – and what is not serving your Highest Potential.

Your foundations – the very roots of who you are energetically – must be rooted in Truth.

Opening portals for limitless Abundance, Health, Wealth, Love, Spiritual Fulfillment, Freedom and Revolutionary Transformation.

I see the darkness of Humanity and what is broken on the planet.

I feel the pain.

I see where people are lost.

And I see how to fix things.

How to heal the Divine Blueprint within us and the planet so as to return us to being Whole.





My work is highly disruptive and pioneering and it takes a certain someone to be able to hold the magnitude of my powerful Frequency without short-circuiting in the process.

Which is why I’m very discerning with who I work with and who gets to play in my Realm with me.

(Side note and funny story: I once had a client who blew up her kettle shortly after getting of our initial call together because of how activating my disruptive Frequency was within her energy 😂🔥)

If you would like to explore options of working together to create powerful shifts in Consciousness, Revolutionary Transformation, Pioneering Healing and Limitless Expansion across all areas of your Life and/or Business as we play in the Beyond and in the Frequency of your Highest Potential – check out my current services here.

I also have a podcast where I share my musings and disruptive Truth with my audience through the muse of Disruptive Consciousness. Check it out here or just search for “Leanne Juliette” on your usual podcast player.