July 08, 2020


She whispered to me. That’s my name.

This was one of my channelings today as I was creating artwork for my business.

The consciousness behind the programme wanted a new name. I’d already named her Priestess – but she had other ideas.

(Did you know your business and everything you create has its own consciousness?!)


She whispered louder.

Coming closer to me so I could feel the essence of who she is.

So tantalising. So intoxicating. So provocative.

Her energy and what she is about.

The woman her energy speaks to.


The name given to the Dark Goddess.

The one who bows to no-one.

She is unapologetically her.

No fucks given.

She values her worth.

She oozes power from her as she wears the scars of transformation.

Having walked through the fire to reclaim her power.


The name falls off the tongue.



Yet oh so truly fucking potent!

A powerful Priestess.

A Witch in her own right.


She called to me as I was ready to honour her energy within this sacred container.

As I become the Vessel to channel the energy of this Dark Divine.

A sacred container for transformation.

Yet not for the faint of heart.

For Lilith calls to she who is ready to do what is required of her.

She who is ready to jump into the fires of transformation – knowing that they will bring about her death.


A metaphorical death, of course, but a death still the same.

Death of the old.

Rebirth of the new.

I act as the Guide through the darkness.

Through the shadowy murky waters.

Guiding you to reclaim your truth.

Your power.

Your worth.

So that you may be seen in your full Sacred Feminine.

The Dark Feminine.

She who knows she must die in order to be reborn.

For death is not the end, it is simply the beginning.

As a Vessel for the Divine, my energy doesn’t fuck around.

It probes you.

Feeling into the cracks within.

Your unhealed aspects.

The parts you try to hide.

But I see you.

I feel you.

I know you.

For I am a Mirror.

And I hold it up for you to see who you truly are.

To make you so fucking uncomfortable that you either make the leap through the fire…or burn in its wake.

I go to the root of someone’s psyche.

Straight to the deepest, darkest, most potent shadow.

Then slit its throat.

Slaying that shadow to set you free.

But first…you must be willing to surrender to the power within.

To your inner Lilith.

The one who calls to you time and again to rise.

To wake the fuck up.

And to stand tall and proud in who you are.

This is Lilith.

And I am her Vessel.

Does Lilith call to you as she does to me?

I am your Guide through the Darkness.

A Mirror. A Catalyst. A Priestess. A Shaman. A Mystic.

The Darkness is my playground.

The shadows are what I work with.

I know how to wield energy that cracks you open to your very core.

For surface level modalities serve no place for the woman who is truly meant to transform, lead and grow.

You are supposed to go within. Deeper.

To the very edge of what is tolerable – and then dive deeper.

DIS-comfort is the energy of transformation.

This is what I facilitate within my sacred containers.

For I am a Vessel for the Dark Divine.

She calls to me as she does to you.

To surrender.

To rise.

To bring HER through – the Sacred Feminine.

I create the container for your death – metaphorical of course – your transformation.

Holding the potency of that energy so that you may shed the layers upon layers of shadow, fear, illusion and bullshit that have held you back from your truest potency.

Walk with me, beautiful.

Dive into the depths of who you are.

Swim in the Sea of Darkness so that you may find yourself.


She is here.

She is ready.

Are you?





I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

I work within the Shadow to alchemize Pain into Power & Darkness into Light such as addictions, trauma, abuse (including narcissistic abuse, satanic abuse & sexual abuse), PTSD, self-destructive behaviours, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-worth issues, eating disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune conditions, other health conditions and much, much more.

My services are bespoke to your unique circumstances as I craft powerful Frequency Elixirs within my body to activate you into your Divine Power.

I weave Shadow into Gold.

Alchemizing Pain into Power.

Illusion into Truth.

Darkness into Light.

I take a wholistic approach to your Healing, Transformation & Expansion - meaning - I faciliate powerful shifts within you across all areas of your life.


Whatever needs to leave your Energetic Field - whatever is stagnant within you - is purified by me and activated into Power.

I am a powerful Glitch in your Energetic Field - activating DNA upgrades, cellular regeneration, deep healing multidimensionally/karmically/ancestrally, soul retrieval and disrupting everything around you that is not in alignment with your Highest Divine Power & Truth.

With me - I activate you into your Highest Frequency Consciousness & Divine Power by taking what is raw power within you - the Hidden - and activating it into powerful Divinity.

Anything not serving you will be removed from your life - be that people, beliefs, situations, experiences, energy, karma, soul trauma, ancestral patterns and behaviours.

I activate you through powerful Frequency Medicine that cuts through everything not in alignment with your truest, purest, most Divine Self.

This is my Power that I offer to you.