Let Your Fire Out To Super Charge Your Soul-Aligned Business
July 04, 2019

Your fire is your power.

Your power is your genius.

Your genius is your unique medicine as a Healer.

Because those of us hearing the calling of our soul to do more, be more and have more are here to unleash our power and our medicine to the world.

Your soul is here to impact!

You’re a Visionary Entrepreneur, a Changemaker or a Rebel Soul. You literally came here to light firecrackers in the world! To disrupt the paradigms of the current reality. To drop your truth bombs into the psyches of those who will feel your energetic vibration.

You’re here to create massive fucking impact, my friend!

Impact comes from stepping into our purpose. Hearing the callings of our soul. Allowing purpose to flow through us like a raging river!

You have the calling to step into your entrepreneurial path…even if it scares the fuck out of you.

“Who am I to do this work?”, you ask yourself.

“Why would anyone listen to me?”

“Why would anyone pay me THAT to work with me?”

You’re doubting yourself, Rebel Soul.

You’re not seeing big enough, Visionary Entrepreneur.

You aren’t tapping into the disruption you’re here for, Changemaker.


The one with fire burning deep within her soul. Whose eyes are ablaze with passion and purpose. The one who feels this deeper purpose within her that it becomes all-consuming until she can no longer avoid it.


Your fire is your power. It’s what makes you uniquely you. It’s what you incarnated at this time to do.

To rise up. To disrupt. To heal the Collective. To impact on a massive fucking level.

To be a tsunami as you unleash your potent magical fire power.

Your genius.

But why aren’t you? Why aren’t you letting it all out? Why are you seeing the epic fucking value you have to offer the world? Why are you buying into others doubts, fears and limiting beliefs?

Because you don’t recognise your own power. Your own genius. Your own potent fiery medicine.

And…in all honesty…if you do recognise it and aren’t owning it…then chances are it scares the fuck out of you.

I get it. That was me. I had been feeling the fire for a long time. Burning away inside of me. Knowing there was something more to be done with my life. That I wasn’t here to fit in or settle. That I was here for a bigger purpose.

But it scared me.

Yes, my power scared me. It wasn’t that I was scared of failure. Or scared of success. I was literally scared of how fucking powerful I truly could be if I surrendered to it and let it out.

That lead to doubting myself.

Undervaluing myself.

Not charging what my genius commanded me to charge because I didn’t feel worthy of being paid that.

Attracting people who didn’t value my time or energy.

Not showing up fully…always holding something back…being careful not to tip too much into my power in case I pissed someone off.

That was only a few short months ago. It was something I had to come to terms with myself as to why I felt like that. What did I have to unearth within my shadows that I hadn’t already unearthed?

I realised that to not be all in with who the fuck I actually am….like owning my energy and my prescence and my abilities as a Boss Witch, a Shaman, a High Priestess and a Seer (amongst many other things!)….was actually to do a huge bloody disservice to the soulmate clients I’m supposed to work with.

That’s the thing you see…your soulmate clients are already there in the world. Already on that energetic grid. Already on that timeline and parallel reality that is calling you. You already have soul contracts with these beautiful and impactful souls.

So what’s the hold up?!

Why are you fretting so much?!

You’re not not feeling the calling to step further into your entrepreneurial path and into your purpose because it’s some kind of pipe dream that maybe won’t work out.


Because you wouldn’t have that calling and that desire to do whatever you are being called to do if it didn’t already exist.

So what’s the hold up?!

It’s your human self. Your ego. Your fears. Your shadows. It’s everything you have to let go of in order to step into that next level you. The version of you who is blowing shit up with her fiery presence. Unleashing her potent fire power on the world. Being paid so fucking well for just…well…being herself. The one who lives a life of freedom and fulfillment. The one who attracts abundance in all areas of her life: business, romance, friendships, health and spiritually.

This is all available to you right now. If you just got out of your own fucking way.

If…and this is a biggie…if you actually understood how fucking powerful you are.

I used to be scared of people thinking of me as a complete bitch. Yep, it petrified me!!! I remember being at school and worrying about looking in a mirror to check for food in my teeth (cos nobody likes spinach in their teeth do they!) and worrying that the other girls would think of me as vain.

I tolerated certain girls being bitches towards me at school. Those who’d previously been friends. I wouldn’t say anything to them or ask them why they were being so obnoxious. I didn’t want to rock the boat. I was scared to say to people what I really thought (because, well, that’s my genius….seeing through masks, illusions and ego and seeing right into your soul) in case they thought me rude or bitchy. I wouldn’t speak up when certain ex-family members were unpleasant towards me in case I was seen as being bitchy or rude for rocking the boat. I didn’t speak up when certain ex-colleagues overstepped the mark with me into bullying territory.

So I held back.

I bottled my potent truth serum.

I allowed people to walk all over me.

I became frustrated.


I developed bulimia.




I went deeper into my shell. Scared to come out. Scared to speak up and say what I thought in case people thought less of me. I attracted people to me who drained my energy. Those who didn’t respect or value me. I felt a sense of loneliness. I internalised my own power and it ate away at me.

Because that’s what happens when you aren’t being all of you. That energy has to go somewhere.

Does any of this resonate with you? I hope it does! Because I say this to give you permission to get out of your own way, to stop holding back from your power and to let the world see how truly fucking amazing you are!

We’re only on this Earth for a short period of time in the general scheme of things. A blip of time to be impactful. A small slither of time to be truly all in with who we are.

Wouldn’t you rather use that time to just live your life full of freedom, fulfillment, passion, flow and purpose?!?!

I know I do! And that’s why I said yes to my calling. Stepping into my truth. Stepping onto my path as a Visionary Entrepreneur. A Firestarter. A Rebel. A Changemaker. A Boss Witch lol! (Thanks Eva for that awesome name!!!).

I don’t apologise for my prescence or my fire. If what I say triggers someone, I don’t give a fuck. Because that’s how my energy is designed. To trigger growth within people. To literally reach into someone’s soul and pull it out through the quagmire of ego, fears and shadows.

I’m here to tell you to wake the fuck up to your powerful prescence. To your own unique medicine and gift to the world. To allow your genius out into the world to play in her own playground!

You are magical!

You are powerful!

Your fire is your power!

You’re here to go bigger! To impact! To light a fire in others! To co-create magic with your soulmate clients!

So why hold back?! If you’re worried what people will think of you, then let me tell you this:

Fuck. That. Shit.

Seriously, fuck it.

Stop giving a flying fuck about what people think of you. Because you know what?! Those whose souls will hear and feel your message can’t bloody here it if you aren’t being all of you. All fucking in with your truth and your power. They can’t feel the fire within you that lights them up. They can’t hear the energy in your voice if you aren’t speaking your entire fucking truth.

But when you do go all in with who you are and who you’ve always been….it’s like an orchestral orgasm that errupts within the souls of those you’re here to speak to!

Seriously!!! They are waiting for you to show up. To be all fucking in with your fire, your power, your passion, your purpose.

And to unleash your motherfucking genius to the world!

Anyone else…is just background noise. So why give more credence to them and what they think of you? You aren’t here to speak to their soul in the same way you are here to speak to the souls of your soulmate clients.

So quit selling yourself short. Not showing up in your business. Not claiming your right as a powerful co-creator with the Universe and with your soulmate clients. Not valuing yourself. Not charging what your soul urges you to charge for the powerful medicine your soul holds.  Not being all in and claiming your birthright of abundance, fulfillment and freedom.

Unleash that fire, beautiful soul! Let your power out. See the incredible impact you can have in the world as you step into who you came here to be.

Be all fucking in. No matter what.

The world is waiting for you! Light that match!





I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

I work within the Shadow to alchemize Pain into Power & Darkness into Light such as addictions, trauma, abuse (including narcissistic abuse, satanic abuse & sexual abuse), PTSD, self-destructive behaviours, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-worth issues, eating disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune conditions, other health conditions and much, much more.

My services are bespoke to your unique circumstances as I craft powerful Frequency Elixirs within my body to activate you into your Divine Power.

I weave Shadow into Gold.

Alchemizing Pain into Power.

Illusion into Truth.

Darkness into Light.

I take a wholistic approach to your Healing, Transformation & Expansion - meaning - I faciliate powerful shifts within you across all areas of your life.


Whatever needs to leave your Energetic Field - whatever is stagnant within you - is purified by me and activated into Power.

I am a powerful Glitch in your Energetic Field - activating DNA upgrades, cellular regeneration, deep healing multidimensionally/karmically/ancestrally, soul retrieval and disrupting everything around you that is not in alignment with your Highest Divine Power & Truth.

With me - I activate you into your Highest Frequency Consciousness & Divine Power by taking what is raw power within you - the Hidden - and activating it into powerful Divinity.

Anything not serving you will be removed from your life - be that people, beliefs, situations, experiences, energy, karma, soul trauma, ancestral patterns and behaviours.

I activate you through powerful Frequency Medicine that cuts through everything not in alignment with your truest, purest, most Divine Self.

This is my Power that I offer to you.