In A Sea Of Sheep…Be A Unicorn
July 17, 2020

Being a sheep, instead of a Unicorn, is a form of dimming our own light in order to appease others. I imagine a part of our soul dying when we do this.

Have you ever questioned your magic? Doubting who you are? Why you’re here? What you’re here to do? And wondering why you can’t just unleash your uniqueness into the world and claim your path as a magical as fuck Unicorn?!

Me too!

Transformation is nothing new to me. It’s something I go through daily, weekly, monthly….I’m forever going through a metamorphosis.

Always evolving.

It’s part of who I am as what I recently discovered is a Blueprint Changer.

A Unicorn in my own right!

Someone who is coded to transform.

Someone who carries the codes to transform others.

Someone who is able to easily live between both worlds of the physical and the spiritual…a foot in each world…a Bridge between the two.

Able to work with the energies of both worlds as part of my soul’s work as a Revolutionary.

Here to be different.

Here to do things differently.

Here to show a different perspective.

Here to help others to transform in a way that is completely unique and goes against all the normal methodologies and breaks every rule in the boring as fuck rule book about how to be and how to live.

So I am claiming my role as a Unicorn.

My uniqueness.

We are all unique. Every single one of us. Our souls are unique. Our astrological birth charts are unique. Our destiny is unique. Our purpose is unique.

But how often (and I include myself in this as this was me for so long) do we compare ourselves to others, thinking that they must have something special about them (for we don’t see what is special within us) and then dim our own light in order to fit in with what is deemed “normal”?

Opting to be a sheep and follow the crowds instead of being a totally fucking unique Unicorn.

What is normal anyway?!

Normal is fucking boring.

Normal is being a sheep and following the crowds.

Normal is doing what others want you to do and not claiming your truth and authenticity.

Normal is just fitting in…blending in…and not really creating a wave within your life.

Little disclaimer for all the party poopers reading…I’m not saying for one minute that if you don’t believe your are magical then you are just normal and boring. Or that if you don’t have a business and are a stay at home parent that you are normal and boring. Or if you enjoy your job and it brings you fulfillment and you’re not seeking to be in business then you’re normal and boring.


What is normal and boring is when you simply try to blend in with others and we never get to experience what makes you so utterly unique. Never feeling your personality. Never feeling your energy and passions. Never hearing your opinions or seeing you claim and own who the fuck you are – irrelevant of what it is you do in this life and who you are.

I dimmed my light for a long as fuck time.

Turned it right now.

Practically off.

Because I didn’t know who I was.

I had opinions, yes, but was scared to voice them in case it meant offending someone.

On a side note, when someone is offended by your voice/beliefs/opinions, it’s because they carry a lot of shadow energy around that area and you are calling that shadow to the surface for them to see.

So I held back. I didn’t want to rock the boat with people. I’d keep quiet around those I didn’t like so as not to offended.

God, it bored the fuck out of me!!

Like locking myself into a container that I couldn’t escape from.

Until I woke up.

And started to lean into my magic.

Understanding how fucking unique I am and really claiming that.

Whether people liked that or not, I couldn’t give two fucks really.

My astrological birth chart is so on point with my life’s journey though. Showing the desire to rebel against authority figures and those who seek to oppress me and stifle my truth.

But, I learn through polarity.

I learn what I don’t like so I can see what I do.

That’s the beauty of polarity.

It’s how I grow. As I transform rapidly daily/weekly/monthly. Facilitating rapid and extreme transformation through what I don’t like and don’t want in my life in order to see what I do like and want.

I’m currently going through another major metamorphosis. These major ones tend to happen quarterly or a bit sooner if there’s a lot to leap through.

It’s like being in a video game – leaping up to collect the gold coins and dodging the bad guys that seek to bring me down.

But, it’s fun.

I am a Shapeshifter. Evolving with the times.

And with the current world situation with the whole COVID-19 bullshit (yes, its a completely manufactured situation and is part of humanity’s Collective Shadow), my Higher Self is calling me to shed more and more of the old me.

Even the parts of me from a week ago…I shed very rapidly.

It’s part of being a Blueprint Changer. Helping humanity to transform through my own transformations.

When we doubt who we are, we tell our soul, our Higher Self, God, Source, the Universe…that we aren’t good enough.

Worthy enough.

When we dim our light to fit in as an attempt to make others feel better, I imagine this as a part of our soul dying.

Losing that fragment of ourselves in order to appease another.

Being a sheep. Instead of a Unicorn.

Following the crowds. Not rocking the boat. Not having an opinion. Adopting the warped beliefs of others.

Again, how fucking boring is that?!

I realised last week how much I’d been dismissing my own soul’s genius in my business.

Which is to destroy.

Yep, I love to tear shit down, to create/birth something new…and then get rid of it. Over and over again.

I don’t believe in holding onto energy that no longer serves us. Letting things drag out…whether that’s a tired relationship…or an aspect of who we are that we are clinging onto…or a service in our business that doesn’t bring us joy…or a job that doesn’t inspire us.

I tear it all down.

Constantly creating in order to destroy.

Over and over and over again.

It makes me feel giddy with excitement at the prospect of birthing something new in my business – and then letting it go.

Or working with those who call me into their life to strip them back – or pull apart their business – in order to create new growth.

To be the facilitator of their own transformation. 

I love playing in others energy. Its like I get to be that person for those 2 hours or so… to feel what it is like to be them…to experience their energy and to see their highest vision.

That wouldn’t be possible if I’d continued to dim my truth. To follow the crowds. To be a sheep.

Especially in the online business world.

Fuck me does the noise bore the fuck out of me!

Especially on Facebook. People bleeting away trying to be seen, sharing the same tired old bullshit and hoping that someone will work with them even though they sound like everyone else.


There’s a lot of noise online. Which makes it so easy to morph into someone you’re not and adopt their mannerisms, beliefs, services and voice.

It’s tiresome.

I have found more and more recently that I have to switch off from social media. To share what I want to share…then fuck off again.

Everyone sounds the same.

Especially in the spiritual world who I am mainly connected to online.

All sharing the same kind of posts. With no real originality. Or personality. Or energy. Or magic.

And I ask myself, “where are all the fucking Unicorns?!?!”.

Where are they all?!?!

Why do they all sound the same?

Because people are too scared to go all in on their uniqueness. Even when they think they are. They aren’t. The energy is still the same.




It made me realise how many times I’ve sounded like others.


How often I’ve not said what I truly wanted to say because of a fear of a backlash.

When really, that’s why I’m here.

To rip apart old paradigms. Old ways of thinking.

And to other a different perspective. One which sits outside of duality.

I’m here to polarize others. And I enjoy it. Seeing the shadows come to the surface, the excuses, the triggers, the conditioned beliefs…because in that moment – right there – I get to see directly into the soul of that person.

I get to see their soul…and the freedom it’s asking for which is to let that shadow be seen so that it no longer gets triggered by it.

But people can be blind. Not wanting to admit to the triggers as if its an admission of failure or not being good enough.

By holding back from our uniqueness and following what is deemed safe, we don’t get to experience the freedom our soul craves.

As a Disruptor, I drop bombs into people’s psyche. To create that ripple effect. That tsunami effect. The one that will rip apart everything they thought to be true about themselves in order to create the perfect foundation from which they can grow.

It’s my unique magic. Creating to destroy. Disrupting the psyche. Unearthing shadow.

Being the facilitator for transformation.

Seeing others step into their truth. Seeing them own their authenticity. Hearing them speak their truth. And refusing to dim their light.

Owning their crazy – unleashing their magic – and seeing the world transform before us.

Much love,

Lea xo

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