Why It’s Important To Keep On Showing Up As Your Soul Self
April 07, 2019

I wrote this blog post in my journal whilst sat in a bar. It’s all about the soul. Being your soul self.

I’d been at home all day and decided that I wanted to go out and “socialise”…aka…sit in a busy area with noise and people to have some company LOL.

I love my own company…but sometimes I just need to be around noise and energy…odd for an Empath to say that, but I don’t associate with the “typical” Empath label.

Anyway, I was sat in this bar and doing some mind mapping of the deeper 1:1 core work I’ve been planning and also doing some journalling.

I get a message from someone who I’m friends with on Facebook, have never met in person, never spoken on the phone and we’ve never worked together either.

Her message touched my soul:

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me find what was there but lost for a while.

I allowed myself to sit in that energy.

What did I feel?

I felt gratitude. Immense gratitude that by me stepping into myself (even though I do still hold back at times…and get my arse kicked by Spirit all the fucking time!), that by speaking up for what I believe in, by being unapologetically me…that I’ve helped another woman to find what she’d lost.

And we’ve never even worked together either…she’s just connect with the truth I speak from my soul.

I actually felt like crying! And could feel the pride in myself!


Because I too was lost.

I was the girl who was lost.

Afraid to be fully herself.

Afraid of what was calling her.

Unsure of who she truly was.

Are you that girl?

I feel so much gratitude simply because of the impact I’m creating by just being unapologetically me.

I’m creating huge impact in the world!

Showing other women who they are, who they’ve always been. I’m holding space for them to show up and get lit the fuck up by just following their heart and soul and saying fuck it to everything that doesn’t serve their highest purpose.

I’m calling out to them. Calling out to you.

Guiding them and guiding you.

Being the light for you all.

Showing you all the way to your own greatness.

Giving you permission to be unapologetic in who you are.

To speak your truth.

To embody you soul’s desire.

That is why I had to step into me.

That is why I had to let go of the shit I was carrying.

Not feeling worthy enough.

Not feeling good enough.

Worrying about opinions.

Worrying about being judged.

I’ve been working on my own shadows so that I could bring them to the light. To show you who you are underneath all the superficial bullshit.

I show you your truth – and help you to become it.

Do you realise how rewarding it is – to sit back and see the impact you are creating in the world?!

Just because you said yes to your soul.

Because you said yes to being your most Authentic Self?

Because you chose a different path – one different to the one you’d been on before – knowing that by choosing that path you may be called all sorts of names like weird, odd, disillusioned…or my favourites…being called bipolar (I’m not) and having a personality defect (I don’t). LOL!

Do you realise how fucking powerful you actually are?!

The woman you’ve always been. But who you hid away from the world.

It’s time.

Time to step into you.

Time to honour who you’ve always been.

Time to reclaim your identity as a beautiful and empowering woman with a mission and a purpose so much bigger than you realise.

Time to be you, beautiful soul.