I Refuse To Settle For Mediocre & Neither Should You
January 02, 2024

I do not settle for mediocre.

I carry a powerful, powerful vision within me for a better way to be.

I see the true potential in others. Beyond anything you can see for yourself.

I see what’s truly possible.

In the Realm of the Beyond.

That exists beyond Human Consciousness.

In the etheric Realm.

True Divinity.

I do not settle for mediocre people.

I do not settle for mediocre situations.

I do not settle for mediocre mindset.

I do not settle for mediocre dreams.

Even when I’ve had my back against the wall and hit rock bottom many a time – I never settled.

Even when it took me weeks, months or – ugh – years to shift out of a particular mindset and state of being – I REFUSED to settle.


Because mediocre isn’t in my DNA.

When I’m infused with Cosmic Stardust, Visions, Dreams and the ability to turn Vision into Matter.

To create Heaven on Earth.

To be the Catalyst & Confidante for my fellow Powerhouses, Pioneers, Revolutionaries, Visionaries & Disruptors.

I used to settle in my business.

Settled for mediocre clients who couldn’t handle powerful fire that rages within me to be a Catalyst for powerful transformation.

So I toned it down. Poured water on my fire so as not to burn others to smithereens.

Settled for mediocre money because of a shitty Spiritual Martyr complex made worse by New Age bullshit and shadow that kept me in survival mode.

When I know that more money equals more resources to give to and support others in the way I truly wish.

Settled for mediocre friendships and connections that were toxic and only took from me.

Because I had shitty energetic boundaries.

Settled for a shitty relationship with food and an eating disorder because I carried such a lack of self-worth so I resorted to self-destructive behaviours.

Settled for seeing the world turn to shit through corrupt leaders – when I fucking KNOW & SEE that there IS a better way.

I refuse to settle for mediocre.


Because when we settle for mediocre – settling for a way of being that isn’t in alignment with our true Divinity to experience peace within ourselves – we deny the true power within us to BE the Divine.

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