How To Become Bulletproof With Your Self-Belief
August 14, 2021

Self-belief is something I used to hear others talking about over and over again but…and no pun intended…I never fully believed in it. I wondered how it was possible for people to believe in themselves so much. And actually thought it was a sign of arrogance…how wrong was I!!!

Growing up, I’d always been an introvert. Known as “Little Miss Shy Shy” on holiday, never one to speak up or stand out, I stuck with my group of friends and stayed comfortable with those I knew. Rather than pushing the boundaries and making a stand for what I wanted and what I believed in, I let others call the shots and would put up with people being less than favourable towards me because deep down I didn’t have that rock solid belief in myself.

When I think back on things, there’s not one thing that I’ve done to develop what I now refer to as being bulletproof with my self-belief. It’s been a culmination of personal development, mindset work and leaning into myself and my spirituality to really truly find myself and discover who I am. To embrace my Authentic Self and to let go of trying to be someone I’m not to please others and to put up with p

We are all unique. We are all different souls and all have something unique to bring to the world.

Often times people just get caught up in what is suggested of us by society, family and our peers. Like it’s not ok to be yourself and speak your truth in case someone judges you or dislikes you or calls time on your relationship/friendship.

Which, quite frankly, is a load of bullshit.

Self-belief comes about when we let go of needing to please others, be liked and be seen as perfect. Those are all just an illusion. Self-belief comes from when you strip back all the walls around yourself and fully see who you are. I’m not talking about bravado here…like the cocky people you may know who seem to be super confident because actually cockiness just masks a deeper insecurity. Like a false-self mask.

Self-belief is about knowing who you are and being ok with that! That you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone else…because you are happy in your own skin and in your own mind. You don’t need to pretend to be anyone else to fit in. You don’t need to dress a certain way or act a certain way. Self-belief is about falling in love with yourself and loving all of you.