Are You Honouring Your Soul And Bringing Your Potent Magic To All You Do?!
April 21, 2019


I’ve felt this for a long time when it comes to owning and running a spiritual. soul-aligned business  – it’s not about the money.

It’s about who you are and you become in the process of growing your business.

Showing up fully.

Raw and authentic.

But hitting 6 figures allows you to break through that glass ceiling and show others what’s possible.


So What’s Going On For Me Right Now?


I did my own Tarot card reading in the morning before heading out – it was focussed on business and how I’m growing my business. I also asked about growing my finances exponentially through my business, kind of like taking a quantum leap, and simply heard, “It’s happening sooner rather than later”.


Because I’m in for the long haul with my business and just scratching the surface!

Whilst pulling cards out with my reading, lo and behold, the Hierophant (my favourite stalker! LOL!) fell out.


Like he did with my last business reading on 1st April.

A reminder (more like a huge slap in the face from Spirit and the Universe again!) to follow my calling as a leader, a spiritual teacher and spiritual leader.

Yes, I put myself out there but I’m literally feeling  the frustration from my soul and Higher Self at times like, “Tick tock motherfucker!” (a reference to Samuel L Jackson – there’s a great GIF on Facebook of this!) as I continue to dip my toe into who I am and what my soul’s work is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving my soul’s journey so far and know exactly who I am and what my work is – but I know I’m playing small.


Holding back.

Like I said to my friend Faye at the weekend, it’s not a fear of success or a fear of failure – it’s like a fear to fully embody who I truly am.

Because I’ve been silenced in the past. Afraid to be seen or heard in many lifetimes.

Persecuted in other lives for the wisdom I carry and the knowledge I sought to impart on others for their growth and healing.

Unable to be my soul self – literally like a case of life or death, survive or don’t.

Like a lot of women such as myself who have been powerful healers, intuitives, energy workers etc in other lives – there’s that fear to truly be all in with who we are and speak our truth wholeheartedly.

And yet.

This is who I am and she deserves to be fully embodied.

To smash through those limiting beliefs of not being worthy.

Not being good enough.

Afraid to fully be seen or heard.

Yes I’ve had huge growth in the last 10 months or so (I hardly recognize myself!!).

More growth that I ever could have imagined!

And with each new level of myself, it commands a deeper soulful respect.

And a huge kick up the arse from Spirit to just “fucking do it”. LOL!

I know you know what I mean – those reading this who are experiencing growth and shedding those layers – that’s why I’m sharing my story for you to see you aren’t alone on your soul’s journey as you continue to shed who you once were.

This isn’t just for me right now.

My journey.

My path.

It isn’t just about me growing a business from scratch.

It’s so much more than that!

And fuck me are Spirit on my arse right now!

Pushing, pushing, pushing!

Like my Higher Self is stood tapping her watch and pursing her lips saying, “Come on bitch we’ve got work to do! Tick tock!”.

This journey, me, my busines, and the beautiful amazing women the world over I get to work with – this is about releasing the energy of the past and connecting to soul.

Freeing myself and my past incarnations and my ancestors from the karma of the past.

Setting my ancestors free.

Setting my past incarnations free.

Setting myself free.

Setting free the women I’m so grateful to connect with daily.

It’s about breaking through those beliefs.

The experiences.

The thoughts.

The hows and whys of who we had to be (or feel we have to be currently) in order to survice.

It’s honouring those who came before me – and breaking the chains for those who come after me.

My daughter.

My future lives.

My future grand-children and great grand-children etc.

I owe it to all of us to honour my calling.

To step fully into who I am.

And so do you.


And Who Am I?


I’m Leanne Juliette.

I’m a mother.

A daughter.

A sister.

A friend.

A Soul Catalyst.

An energy worker.

A visionary.

An intuitive Empath.

A psychic.

A healer.

A witch.

A mystic.

A goddess.

A High Priestess.

A Shadow Worker.

A Quantum Healer.

A Tarot Reader.

A blogger.

A YouTuber.

A leader.

A teacher.

A spiritual leader.

A Channel.

I am all of these – and yet not just one at any one time.

I am all of them together.

Bringing a powerful potent energy of resilience, of leadership, of magic, of powerful creations and energy work, of healing and manifestation.

Combined – I bring the whole fucking fire and I spread my wings into who I truly am.

And you?


Are you honouring your soul?

Are you bringing your potent magic and inner genius to all that you do?

Or are you scared to be fully all in with who you are? Held back by lifetimes of being unable to be fully you?