Are You Coming From Your Heart or Your Ego?

Jun 1, 2018

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As someone who is very open with her spirituality and who likes to show her vulnerable side, something has really come to light with me this week about those who aren’t completely honest and who swear they are spiritually centred and yet instead they are guided by their Ego and almost blindsided by it.

I’m all for people putting themselves out there, showing their authenticity, being vulnerable and showing up as who they truly are.  But what really gets to me is those who almost prey on those of us who are kind natured, who are of the light and who are very trusting of others despite still following our intuition and trusting that intuition.

I’m all for people making an income as…hey…we all have bills to pay and want to live our lives as fully as we can!  But people shouldn’t be made to feel shit about where they are at right now, what their circumstances are, how much money they have in the bank etc.  That, to me, is fucking wrong!  To make someone feel bad about not being able to afford something is wrong in my honest opinion.  We all have our various reasons for doing certain things or paying for certain things but not everyone has access to savings or to a credit card or to people who can lend them the money and we should never assume that someone has those means to pay for something.

When working with people we have to come from our heart.  Come from a place of giving.  The more we give to people the more we receive.  That’s how the Universe works and how abundance can and will flow to you.  When you use your heart then you are seen as someone who is good and kind and generous and so the Universe will always reward you with more opportunities to be good and kind and generous.

We should never put someone down to line our own pockets and make them feel bad because they can’t afford our services OR simply don’t want to work with us because our energies don’t vibe together.

This message is so true of so many and it’s one that I feel will become more apparent as more and more people step into their true calling and step into the light.  When we work with the light we work with the goodness of our heart and the goodness of the Spirit team who support us.  When we work with the light we are supported by Source/the Universe/God (whatever you choose to believe in) and by working with the light this will shine through in all of the work that you do and the encounters that you have.

We are not here to make people feel bad about themselves.  There’s enough of that in the world already!!! When we work with our Authentic Self we truly connect to who we are at a core level and at a soul level.  And at that level there is only light…because it is guided by our Higher Self and isn’t influenced by Ego.

Ego has a lot to answer for in my opinion! Yes we need Ego in our lives as it can help us with our judgement and can help to protect us.  But with most people the Ego has become the all knowing part of themselves that they trust beyond anything else and yet do not tap into their intuition or their Higher Self – the part of us that is our true inner guidance of the soul and isn’t from the human centred Ego.  People have forgotten what it is like to truly trust in their own inner judgement beyond anything else and so can become very selfish in their approach and very Ego driven.

So I ask you…..if you are in the service industry, are you coming from your heart and your soul when working with clients where you truly want to help them and will accept no for an answer and move on? Or are you (if you dig that little bit deeper?) coming from a place of lack and from the Ego which worries that we won’t have enough and so seeks to use scarcity tactics and fear based tactics to trap someone into an energy exchange that isn’t productive to either party?!

Interesting concept and I’d love to know your opinions!