Get Out Of Your Own Fucking Way…Stop BEING A Victim
May 08, 2019

I’m not here to tell you how to be.

Or how to show up.

Or how to run your life.

Its your life afterall.

But what I am here to tell you is this.

Get out of your own fucking way.

Stop wallowing in self pity.

Searching for the fucking answers OUTSIDE of you.

YOU are your OWN magic key.

But you’re stuck in the endless drivel that’s been spouted online that you must keep going, it takes time to grow, it takes time to leap, you need to write 1000s of fucking affirmations a day, sacrifice a Unicorn and just sit it silent piety.

And pray.


Stop BEING the victim of the consciousness of others.

Stop BEING bitch slapped by your fears.

Stop BEING a victim to your conditioning.


Fucking LIVE people!!!


Become YOU.

Step into that parallel reality of you ANY TIME you decide.

S/he’s there.

And s/he’s WITHIN you.

Not OUTSIDE of you.

It’s not about endless affirmations or praying or healing the shit out of something that doesn’t NEED healing.

Your greatness…. your genius… your soul consciousness resides WITHIN YOU.

Sometimes… oftentimes….we are CONDITIONED to heal the very thing that is OUR gift to the world.

Which leaves us feeling fucking stuck.

And the more time you spend fretting about shit like if you should write 100 affirmations today… or 146… or if you should write MORE gratitude in your gratitude journal because its not fucking working….or if you should just suck it all up and be grateful for your crappy situation as it exists right now….

COSTS you time…which is non existent anyway because we exist in all dimensions and all realities at any one time and costs you YOUR GIFT to the world.

Just being.

And acting upon being… is what is required.

Acting upon your soul consciousness.

Your gift to the world… your genius.

Energy is energy people!

Being a saboteur to your soul consciousness is costing you the VERY thing you desire.

But it’s not showing up… because you’re stuck… conditioned to STAY STUCK… because the human within us enjoys struggle… thinks it’s necessary TO struggle.

It’s not.

You’re a fucking soul.

And souls are endless beings of divine consciousness.

Everything is within us.

But believing… and choosing… to keep on doing the very things that are holding you back…. is just mind boggling.

Act on your soul.

Allow your soul’s consciousness… your genius… to come through in ALL its glory!

Get out of your own fucking way… and allow your gift to the world to come through… your soul.

S/he already KNOWS the answers and the steps to take… but you’ve been strapping a fucking muzzle over the very truth that YOU… and ONLY YOU… is here to speak.

And remember…get lit up…be the whole damn fire!