Standing In The Truth Of Your Genius…And Owning Who The Fuck You Are
June 16, 2019

Let’s talk about your genius.

What is this you may ask? And how do I know what mine is?

Well, my friends, let me explain!

Your genius is what makes youunique!

It’s the soul gifts you have that set you apart from everyone else. It’s the things you do that you take for granted and presume that everyone can do this or that everyone thinks like this.

It’s your entire uniqueness.

It’s also the thing that, without realising, you may tone down in order to be accepted by others.

Uncovering your genius is a huge step towards uncovering and being in the energy of your soul purpose.

Your genius is what makes you.

It’s what sets you apart from everyone else in business.

It’s what gives you an edge.

It’s the reason why you don’t need to fret about competition in business…like most people do. Fretting someone will “steal” their clients or do the work better.

When you are fully embodying your genius, allowing that beautiful magnetic energy to flow…believe me, there’s no fucking competition!

I used to wonder why I’d inadvertently trigger people.

Why people at school would be complete bitches towards me for no reason.

Why someone could go from being my friend…to suddenly ghosting me.

Over the last year or so, the more I’ve stepped onto my spiritual path and into my purpose as a Spiritual Leader and Soul Catalyst, the more I’ve understood my genius.

And I’m in awe of it!

I realised last year that I’m a Catalyst for growth. It’s part of being a Heyoka Empath. I trigger people. Not intentionally…it’s my energy. It’s my truth. It’s sometimes what’s not said that triggers people. Or the very act of me speaking my potent fucking truth gets peoples knickers in a twist and triggers their ego and shadows.

It’s all part of my purpose.

Because as a Healer, I’m here to help people heal from the wounds they carry. And I don’t do this in some airy fairy manner…nope! I literally reach in and drag your soul out!

I see through illusions…always have done.

I see through bullshit.

I see through masks.

I see your shadows.

I see your fears.

I see where and how you are holding yourself back.

And I reach in…and drag your soul out so you can get out of your own fucking way, heal, grow…and move forwards with your own soul purpose.

I trigger you into evolving as a soulful being!

Alas though, not everyone is ready for this level of soul growth. They get triggered by me…and they run and hide.

Either ghosting me or blocking me or bad mouthing me or just being a fucking bitch.

I used to get upset by this. Used to wonder what I’d done when there was nothing I could think of that had been said or done directly to someone. Sometimes, it’s just the power of my energy that triggers peoples shadows to bubble up to the surface.

I’m the fucking Catalyst…you can drag a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

I connect with those whose souls are calling for growth and to evolve. That’s why you connect with me. But it’s up to you whether you choose to work through what is being triggered within you. Or continue to stick your head in the sand and moan about life and moan about people…all the while allowing your ego to run the show of your life.

Not my issue…I’m the fucking Catalyst. I can’t make you alchemize your shadows and transform that powerful “fear” energy into your genius. I can be your Guide….but I can’t make you do anything.

Your soul knows though.

Your soul knows you’ve been jumping around, trying this, trying that…all the while avoiding the very thing that will accelerate your soul’s growth and allow you to call in that next level version.

Your soul knows this.

But by refusing to acknowledge what is triggering you, you’re basically sticking your head in the fucking sand and won’t evolve.

And will keep getting triggered by the same shadows over and over again…until you finally decide to pull your head out of your arse and do the fucking work!

Yep….doing the fucking work means pushing through your fears and understanding who the fuck you are and not playing victim to your ego.


Last year I started following a Business Coach who’d been recommended to me. I followed her work, her profile and joined her Facebook group. But I was triggered. And I bloody knew I was being triggered.

There was something about her energy that brought up my own shadows. Thankfully, because of the line of work I’m in, I could recognise that my ego was getting triggered (because, we are all mirrors aren’t we!) and I realised I felt jealous!

Seriously!?!?! Fucking jealousy?!?!?! I’ve never seen myself as someone being jealous of others and will always celebrate a fellow female entrepreneur…because the world certainly needs more female entrepreneurs and more female changemakers in the world!

But yes…I was jealous.

Jealous that she was doing really well in her business and I didn’t seem to stay afloat in mine.

Jealous that she just seemed to have a business that flowed and seemed fucking easy.

And…I hate to admit it…but this is how we grow…jealous that with all my spiritual gifts and past lives where I’ve got a complete magical as fuck toolkit…that she was doing better than me.

And this isn’t taking away from the work she does…because she actually fucking owns her own genius and that’s why she’s crushing it in her business!

I was triggered. And I grew from it. Because I realised that I’d not been owning my own genius and fully standing in my power with what my soul came here to achieve.

Because I was triggered…and because I accepted that challenge and allowed my shadows to come to the surface…I could see where I was holding myself back.

But not everyone does this. And not everyone is willing to allow their soul to grow. Too stuck in human ego. Still hiding behind fears.

I used to feel like I had to apologise for triggering people.

“Oh sorry, I hope I don’t trigger you…sorry about that!”

Then I realised a few months ago that I was apologizing for my fucking genius!!!!


Honestly, I couldn’t give a flying fuck now if I trigger people.

If my energy alone triggers someone.

Or my potent truth serum triggers someone.

Or my work triggers someone.

I really couldn’t give a fuck.

Why not?!?! Because I welcome you getting triggered by me. I invite you to be triggered by me. I call your energy in to be triggered by me.

Because I want you to stand in your power…and trasmute the energy of your shadows into your powerful genius.

I want to see you grow.

I want to see you crushing it in your business…because you’re standing in your power instead of sticking your head up your arse and being too fucking scared to get triggered.

I want to hear you say I’ve triggered you.

I want you to own the fact that you have been triggered…because this shows soul maturity to honour and respect your soul by getting out of your (human) way and letting your soul come through.

When people unfriend me on Facebook, I couldn’t give a shit anymore.

Or if they block me LOL.

I used to care last year.

I used to worry about what I’d said or done.

I used to wonder what it was that tipped someone over the edge to the extent where they couldn’t even speak to me and had to unfriend or block me.

Or just be a bitch to me.

I used to worry and fret about being seen as a bitch.

And yet…I realised that my gift to the world…my awesome as fuck genius…is to trigger people’s growth and see through the illusions and call you out on the bullshit you keep telling yourself and living by.

I used to worry that I was too much.

A “too much” woman.

That I needed to tone down my message.

Tone down my truth.

Not even share my truth in case I upset someone.

Can you imagine?! Not actually doing what your soul came here to do?! Practically denying your entire existence?! How fucking boring is that?!?!

The deeper into my soul’s journey I go…the firmer I stand in my truth. In my genius.

I bow down to nobody.

I don’t hold back from speaking my potent truth.

Sharing my unique truth serum.

Owning my genius.

Letting my genius out to play.

I stand firm like a fucking cactus…prickly on the outside, soft on the inside LOL.

If I trigger you…good.

It shows that I’ve allowed my soul to show up…so that your soul can show up too.

Why the fuck are you still hiding behind your ego? Letting ego call the shots in your life? Being ruled by your shadows?!

Because your shadows are the parts of you that you deny or don’t like to share to the world.

Jealousy is one of mine. Which I never saw in myself…but it ultimately came back to a lack of self-worth at the time…not feeling worthy of having a successful and easy business that makes multiple 6 figures a year like the Business Coach who triggered me.

I had to get over myself.

Lean into that shadow and understand where it came from.

This is how you grow!!!

Not sticking your fucking head up your arse to avoid those who trigger you!

Because let me tell you this…the more you avoid those people and situations which trigger you, the more Spirit will bring similar people and situations into your life until you get over yourself and grow.

Trust me…the longer you stick your head up your arse to avoid being triggered, the more Spirit/the Universe will show up with the exact things to force you to grow.

That’s why I come into your life. To show you who you are. To kick your ego to the side, to reach in and grab your soul!

To show you who the fuck you are underneath the masks you hide behind.

I’m a Catalyst….my genius is unique to me…and I own my genius instead of apologizing for it.

I’m the Messenger from Spirit/the Universe/Source/God….it’s up to you what you do with the lessons I show you. You can either accept the challenge…or continue to hide from yourself.

It’s no biggie to me…I just wish you’d get out of your way and stop hiding. And invite the growth that being triggered brings you.

Because I welcome being triggered myself…it shows me where I still have work to do. And every next level version of you requires you to step up more and become energetically aligned with that version of yourself.

But continuing to stick your head up your arse and avoid growth…you’re doing yourself…and the world…a disservice. Because the world needs your unique medicine…aka your genius.

So why deny the world of your medicine by avoiding your growth because you hate getting triggered?!

Honestly, it baffles me! Those of us who are Healers…in whichever capacity…came here to heal the world. And you can’t do that by denying your soul the growth it craves.

Because you’d rather stick your head up your arse than accept that someone or something triggered you…and grow from it.

The choice is yours.

As I said…I’m the Messenger and the Catalyst 😉