Step Into The Darkness Of Your Shadows…There You Shall Find Your Greatness
October 13, 2019


The Spiritual Community is full of a lot of bullshit promises. A lot of bypassing. A lot of glossing over the truth. A lot of hiding from the very things we are here to face head on. And hiding from true shadows.

The Love & Light Brigade as I like to call it. LOL!

If I had $1 for every time I hear someone say something around just being high vibe…I’d already be a millionare.

And hear me out…there is nothing wrong with wanting to vibe at a higher energetic level. Of wanting to feel great. Of wanting to ooze abundance and gratitude and success.

But…you cannot possibly remain high vibe if you are scared of your own darkness.

Scared of your shadows.

Running scared of your fears.

Putting a bandaid over the darkness in order to just be more high vibe. And making it sound that unless you’re all happy clappy then you’re doing something wrong.

That’s bullshit.

And it’s spiritual bypassing.

Which comes from ego.

Which comes from shadow.

Which stems from illusion.

It’s all interconnected. People just don’t realise it.

So whilst they toss around silly things like “be more high vibe” or the somewhat passive-aggressive phrase “love & light to you” (usually tossed out when someone’s ego is triggered so they throw this statement out as a means of deflecting from the truth…#justsaying)…it’s also just distracting people from what is really going on.

You see…the key to growth, expansion, enlightenment and ascension is not to hide from your shadows. To hide from the darkness.

The key…is to dive the fuck in. Right in. Take a big leap…and dive right into the unknown. Into the abyss of your shadows. Into the depths of your darkness. Deeper into your psyche.

Because the shadows are where you truly find your power. Your magic. The very things you are here to do. Here to be.

It’s within the murky waters of your deepest darkest subconscious that you find your truth.

Where you find the salvation you seek.

Where you truly connect to who the fuck you actually are and what you’re here to do.

But if you’re running away from the darkness and only interested in the light, then you’re missing the bigger picture and you’ll continue to fall short on who you truly are and what you’re here for.

The darkness is what holds your truth.

The very essence of who you are.

Minus the illusion.

It’s when you peak behind the veil of illusion that you catch a glimpse of your soul. And it takes your breath away!

But why are people scared to go there?

There are many reasons. Usually it’s bullshit put out by the Love & Light Brigade who say to only focus on your light. To only focus on going forwards. To only focus on being a Lightworker or whatever else they say.

But the thing is…in order to have light you must have dark.

Like Yin and Yang.

Light and Dark.

The darkness is denser energy. It’s far more potent. Far more powerful. And when you dive deeper into the darkness, into the shadows…you are able to truly find what makes you whole at a soul level…and transmute that energy into the light.

Bringing it forwards for the world to see.

Your shadow area is a wonderful playground of opportunity!

It’s where you truly get to understand who you are. And why you’re here. By diving deep, you unearth and unlock so much more within you.

As such, you become empowered as fuck!

And isn’t that what this whole game is about?!

To be empowered, to create impact…by empowering others?!

Well how the fuck do you expect to empower others if you can’t empower yourself to peak behind the veil of illusion?!?!

It makes no fucking sense to me!

But…we are human after all. And humans like to fear the darkness.

Because people dismiss the darkness as being bad. As not being of the light. When they are, in fact, actually wrong.

The darkness is far more powerful than the light!

It’s more powerful and potent energy!

The darkness is the realm of shadows, illusions and fears. These are everything that hold you back. Stunt your growth. Cause you to show up in a certain way that isn’t soul-aligned. Let your ego run the show.

(And there’s plenty of people out there running around with ego and shadow calling the shots of the game!).

This shadowy playground holds the keys to your greatness. This is very powerful and potent energy. Especially the energy of your fears. Everything you hold back from…irrelevant of where you are at in your soul’s journey and awakening.

Fears are potent energy. They are a source of massive power.

Imagine your biggest fear right now…what is it? And why is it your biggest fear?

  • Is it a fear of showing up and being seen?
  • A fear of failure? Why is that?
  • A fear of rejection? What are you scared of?
  • A fear of not being worthy enough? What is driving that?

Think of how much these hold you back. In any area of your life: relationships, friendships, business, career, spiritual growth.

Think of how paralyzing these are. How they literally stunt your growth. Holding you back from taking massive scary as fuck action.

Why is that?!

Because they are powerful energy!!!

But…they are just an illusion. It’s just shadow energy. Just ego. Just an illusion.

But think of how powerfully potent that energy is when you flip it around. When you do the very things that scare the absolute fuck out of you. But you do it anyway. Because you know that by doing so you can blast through that illusion and create tremendous power!

For me, my biggest shadow was around being seen as a bitch for speaking up and being all of me. It was a fear of being seen as arrogant and vain. By being confident in who I am, what I’m here for and what my super powers are.

At times, this fear paralyzed me.

Crippled me.

I allowed it to stunt my business growth.

I turned down my voice. Turned down my magic. Turned down my powers. So that I could fit in. When really…it made me feel even more lonely. Because I wasn’t being myself.

I was trying to conform. To fit in with others. To not show up fully in case I upset someone.

But then I realised that by giving space to this fear of being seen as a bitch, that I was actually giving space to ego.

To illusion.

Which didn’t allow me to be expansive. Or to share my soul’s truth. And just be wholly me. Even if people didn’t like that…fuck them.

Because I’m not here to play by some fucking bullshit rules. Or to pander to others ego. Or to play small. Or to turn down my magic.

Fuck that!

My soul is powerful! My magic is potent as fuck!

And I realised that by being worried about how I’m seen…that I was holding back from my own truth.

And that’s not good enough in my eyes!

I didn’t come here to hold back. I came here with a huge soul mission as a powerful trailblazing revolutionary leader!

I speak my truth.

I am a Catalyst for soul expansion.

And I trigger the fuck out of people. I trigger ego. That’s what I’m here to do. I trigger the illusions and the masks.

I call forth your Authentic Self.

And if I trigger you…well…I’ve done what I came here to do! *takes a bow*

That’s how powerful the darkness is!!!! It’s where you find your greatness. It’s where you connect to your soul at the deepest possible level. In the shadows.

And you create space for your unique magic to come through.

But if you tone it down…if you try to conform…if you try to fit in with some bullshit fuckety fuck rules…then you are in fact hiding from your own greatness.

Sorry to break to it you sweetheart…but all that Love & Light stuff is just a mask for illusion.

The darkness is where it’s at.

Your shadows.

Understanding your fears.

Understanding what is truly driving you.

Then alchemizing the fuck out of that energy. Transmuting it into massive fire power!

Igniting that fire within your soul!

Because you didn’t come here to play small. You came here to play full out! To start a movement! To create impact! And get paid for just being you!

But if you are watering down your message, watering down your truth, trying to conform to some fuckety fuck rules, hiding from your shadows…then it’s going to be a pretty long fucking journey!

Long and arduous as you fight against your true self.

Let it all out.

Step into the darkness of your soul…and there you shall find yourself.

And remember to be the whole damn fire!