Fear Is An Illusion
September 01, 2019
Our deepest fears hold us back from our truth.
From our greatest potential.
They PARALYSE our destiny.
Holding us captive in the self-made prison of the mind.
Fear is an illusion.
Fear DOES NOT exist.
Fear is something your mind, your human, has constructed to hold you back from your truth.
From your own Divinity.
We are all Divine beings.
All here with a purpose.
With a reason.
And yet fear is something we create ourselves.
Like instead of being bound by chains, we are in fact only bound by illusion.
Like paper.
Which we can RIP APART at any time.
And yet we do not.
We stay stuck.
Analysis paralysis.
Stuck in the self-made prison of our mind believing that it’s real (and thus calling into existence within the very cells of our body and DNA, because to exist it “must” be true).
Fear is an illusion my friends.
And it’s what is holding you fuly captive from everythng you desire – and deserve.
The relationship / money / job / business / health / body / growth of your dreams.
Your greatest potential is BORN out of fear.
By smashing through those self-made chains (aka the paper you’ve wrapped around yourself that is so EASY to break through).
But you don’t.
Because you tell yourself you have to struggle.
That you aren’t worthy of love / money / clients / abundance / health – or whatever else you believe (and thus FEEL) you must struggle with.
Struggle is just a human concept. Not a Divine concept.
True Divinity knows only epic fucking growth and transversing through time and space.
Not wading through fucking mud when really we could just walk on the path instead.
Fear holds you captive from your destiny, your purpose and your greatness.
And I see it more and more in the spiritual community, bullshit like (which I also bought into for a while even though it repelled me energetically!):
“You need to struggle through this”
“You have to keep on healing”
“Be grateful for your suffering” (fuck me, really?!?!)
“Just meditate on it”
“You’re blocked” (and I can help you with this to remove those blocks) – yeah…sure you can bitch!
And I bought into that fucking bullshit myself despite my soul, my very essence, screaming “fuck no!”
I’m here to tell you that you DON’T need to struggle.
Struggle isn’t virtuous.
Struggling and living in fear isn’t being godly or holy or spiritual or whatever else.
Struggle is a human concept developed by the patriarchal society to keep the masses from their true Divinity.
Pretty fucking good marketing, eh?! Kept people trapped for centuries!!!
Fear is an illusion.
And you can break through that illusion any fucking time YOU decide.