Why Releasing Fear Brings You Into Alignment And Abundance
February 25, 2019


Recently I’ve been thinking about how fear has been such a huge part of my life and how it’s kept me playing small over and over again. Making me feel stuck and out of alignment with who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

Writing this made me realise that when we are out of alignment with any area of our lives, then we will feel that sense of disconnect and have fear. I realised that I had so many areas of my life where I’d been holding onto fear and hadn’t released that energy from my life. Such as worrying about having money to pay bills, fearful of being judged and criticized by putting myself out there, fearful of starting an online business because my previous attempts of running a business were unsuccessful (I was in Network Marketing and it wasn’t my path and I wasn’t successful with it) and fears around not being worthy enough to have a business or make money or show up as myself.



And more bloody fear.

No wonder I felt so out of alignment with my soul!!

Over the last year Spirit have been showing up for me again and again and again with 1 simple message: trust and surrender. And I would argue with them (as I do!), “well it’s ok for you guys in Spirit, you don’t have bloody bills to pay for or have a pull to do something completely different” etc.

I understand a lot about my past lives and it’s why I find my soul’s mission in this life so beautiful: to merge the secular material world with the spiritual world. Because a lot of my lives have been 1 or the other…when in 1 I would miss the other, so I’d opt for that other 1 the next time and miss the previous etc. And so on and so on. My mission in this life has been to merge the 2 together…to be at ease as much in 1 as I am in the other. I find that so beautiful! No surprise then that I was guided to create a spiritual based business…as such…merging the 2 worlds together (before I even knew what my purpose and mission were). Clever eh?!?!

So the message from Spirit (when getting too caught up in the worries of the material world) was to just trust and surrender. Something I was finding increasingly difficult the more I felt out of alignment with myself. And then it hit me…hard…like messages from Spirit usually do LOL! Although I was in alignment with where I was being guided to go…aka…following my soul’s calling to create an online business focussing on spirituality, I wasn’t always connecting with what was in my heart so was making decisions based out of fear:

  • “Quick I need to sell something fast to make money!”
  • Or “I’ll just put this out there and see what happens”
  • Or “I’ll just follow what others do because it seems to work for them”

Do any of those sound familiar to you?!

I was focussing on a lack (lack of money, lack of creativity with my own things, lack of leadership and owning what I’m capable of doing) and lack is connected to fear. It’s that scarcity mindset from the ego that tells us we aren’t getting what we want so then our entire energy changes up and we put this icky/desperate/fearful/needy energy out there.

I know…I’m super guilty of those…but I know I’m not the only one LOL.

The reason why Spirit were showing up with the constant messages of trust and surrender were to get me to realise that I’m a powerful as fuck manifestor and I can manifest whatever the hell I want to manifest! Divine Creation is one of my unique energy centres…I create all the time! I manifest all the time…without realising! They were asking me (more like begging and pleading with me I imagine!) to just trust myself, be in alignment with my heart (and soul) and to surrender to what is coming from the Universe.

When we come from fear or lack (basically from ego and from limiting beliefs) we are in actual effect blocking the abundance from the Universe that we keep asking for!

I know….that’s a hard pill to swallow, right?!?!?

When you are in that fearful energy or that lack mentality you’ll be saying or thinking things like:

  • “I never have enough”
  • “How am I supposed to afford that?!”
  • “Why me?!? Why do shitty things always happen to me?! Why can’t I ever catch a break?”
  • “I’m scared of what people will think of me if I share what I do”
  • “I’ve just gotta put so much stuff out there and just hope that one thing works”
  • “I’ll put this out there because it’ll bring me more money and I need money”

Do any of these sound familiar?! They do to me…because I used to say them.

When you say or believe things like those statements above, you are coming from fear. You are coming from lack. You are putting the energy out there that you aren’t worthy enough, good enough or deserving of the abundance you seek (abundance being many things like a satisfying and loving relationship, more money, a better work/life balance etc). And you block the very things that you desire.

Remember: the Universe wants to give you the very things you desire. You are a magical soul who is a powerful creator and you deserve to have everything that aligns with your highest good.

But how can it deliver to you…when you are putting that icky/needy/lack/fearful energy out there?! Because you aren’t in alignment with what you truly desire. Even if you think you are…you’re not. Because if you were…you’d already have everything you desired and more! If…you were in alignment.

Again, another hard pill to swallow.

So, you may be in the right job or have the right business ideas but if you are constantly worrying and fretting about where your next pay cheque is coming from or when you’ll be promoted or how your business is going to make money this month…you, my friend, are out of alignment with what’s in your heart. You may feel you are in alignment for a loving and satisfying relationship, but if all you can focus on is not having someone in your life right now and that you are too fat/thin/old/not intelligent enough/not rich enough (or whatever other BS you tell yourself when you aren’t in alignment with self-love) then either you won’t attract anyone or (and far worse) you’ll attract the wrong types of people to you who reinforce the lack of self-love.

Tune into your heart…it’s how you connect with your soul. Tune into what your heart is guiding you to do. Come from a place of love and gratitude always. These help you be in alignment…they help you to lean into, trust and surrender everything to the Universe…knowing that your needs will always be met when you just trust and surrender. Knowing that to believe in a force that you can’t see takes you further into your heart…trusting that what you desire is there and it will find you when you are in alignment. When you aren’t blocking the energy by coming from a fearful mindset.

Your earthly and spiritual needs will always be met…when you are in full alignment with what you desire and you are an open vessel to receiving the abundance and benevolence of the Universe.