You’re Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be Right Now….Or Is That Bullshit Programming?!
November 19, 2019

“You’re Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be Right Now” is a phrase that I’ve often heard within the spiritual community and amongst those deemed to be spiritually woke.

Heck, I’ve used that bloody phrase myself!! *guilty*

believed it.

said it.

offered it as a token of wisdom to friends and clients.

And yet…it recently smacked me like a huge wallop across the head…that this phrase does, in fact, stem from bullshit programming.

From fear.

From illusion.

From shadow.

Yes…my jaw fucking dropped to the floor when I realised that I had, in fact, been buying into that bullshit for so long!

Been sharing it freely with those I know!

Yep…sorry about that!

At first, it seems like such an innocuous term. Harmless. Almost empowering…and yet a wolf cloaked in sheep’s clothing.

The reason that phrases such as “you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now” are actually so damaging and so dangerous…is because it takes the onus of action from you.

You buy into it.

That you’re where you’re supposed to be…and yes…that is a good thing when it comes to transformation and moving forwards…but that’s the thing…how many people don’t take action and move forwards and truly get out of their own fucking way…because they buy into the fear and illusion that are encapsulated within that fairly vanilla phrase.

How many stay stuck…because they believe they are supposed to stay stuck?

How many hold back on taking action…because they believe this is a lesson from the Universe/Spirit/God that they must go through?

How many continue to never truly realise their truest potential…because they fail to grasp the actual meaning of this phrase?!

This was me.

All of me.

Jesus…I lapped that shit up!!! Morning, noon and night! Lapping it all up…because it took the onus away from me actually showing the fuck up and liberating myself from the shackles of fear, illusion and ego.

This phrase…is pure ego.

All of it.

And I lapped that fucker up.

Like so many others I know do.

Why? Because it seems so harmless.

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

Seems straight forward enough. Shows us that its ok to be in the shittiest of times…because it’s where we’re supposed to be…to learn valuable lessons for growth, to appreciate who we are…to take stock of our lives.

Whatever the reason…it keeps people where they are.


Trapped within a self-made prison of the mind.

Caged by illusions.

Buying into bullshit bypassing and paradigms.

And never really taking action…because, well, shit, it’s where you’re supposed to be.

But…is it?!?!?

What if….you’re being shown exactly where you’re supposed to go by actually doing whatever you can to move forwards…away…from where you are right now.

This was me. Buying into it. Accepting the ups and downs of the last year as I progressed through my divorce, managing as a single parent,, dealing with debt and frustrations, letting go of people from my life…and with a massive fucking vision to impact the world in a way that is unique to my soul.

But I bought into it.

Accepting the shitty situations as lessons. Of course they are. But not actually doing anything about it. Getting more and more frustrated with myself. Thinking “well this is where I’m supposed to be”.


We are limitless. Souls are magically limitless. They aren’t constricted by the human way of being.

It’s our human that desires to have the challenges and the struggles. To believe that we have to wade through mud and just struggle along and be grateful for the experiences.

Fuck that shit!

Wake up!!!! Wake up to your potential! You’re greatness! Your purpose of what you are here to achieve when you get the fuck out of your own way!

Yes…we choose the human existence. We choose to incarnate in this lifetime. Because we want to grow. We want to experience it all…and become enlightened through our experiences.

But that’s the thing…you’re not enlightening shit when you decide that this where you’re supposed to be and you’ll stay here until you get a sign or the Hand of God comes down and points the way.

You create your own opportunities. You are the Creatrix of your existence! You create! You are a Divine Conduit. A limitless soul experiencing what it’s like to be human.

But if you’re buying into bullshit programming such as “you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now” then ask yourself this…are you actually growing? Or just staying where you are…until…

Until what?!

Something magically appears in your life like the Knight in Shining Armour to whisk you away to pastures new?!

Of course I believe in magic.

I’m as magical as they come!

But what most people fail to grasp…myself included until this truth just bitch slapped me across the face *ouch*…is that you create your own magic.




You are the Creatrix of your You-niverse.


So when we buy into bullshit programming such as being exactly where we’re supposed to be, it teaches us that its ok not to take action, to stay where we are…to absorb the bullshit and lather it all over us…because we’re supposed to be here.

But it’s a pitstop…not a place to set your fucking home up at.

But most of us do just that…set up home in the bullshit programming that keeps us holding back.

Caged in our minds.

Trapped in self-made prison of fear and illusion.

Dancing with the Devil that is fear disguised as self-acceptance.

Staying there when we’re supposed to move along.

Not realising that the actual power of this phrase is to realise what you don’t want…and move the fuck along!

It’s a pitstop…not a place to set up home.

What do you want??!! Truly…what’s your VISION?!?!

What makes you feel expansive as fuck when you feel into the energies of what you’re here to create in the world?!

What allows you to live a life that is abundant as fuck for you?!

Create it. All of it. On your fucking terms.

Always moving. We are always moving forwards. When we stay…we become stagnant. We start to dim ourselves. We trade our vision for our 9-5. We trade real love for settling with someone who makes us feel worthless. We trade our ability to create money from our magic by being uniquely ourselves…by buying into everything that teaches us about niching down instead of realising that we are the fucking niche. We trade our purpose for pain….the pain of not truly being ourselves.

When we stay…we really do become stagnant. We buy into more and more bullshit.

Saying things like “oh well I’m supposed to be here with debt pouring out of my ears because I’m supposed to be here”.

“I’m supposed to be with this person who doesn’t treat me right because I’m supposed to realise my worth”

“I’m supposed to stay in this 9-5 because I don’t recognise my unique power and my ability to create a business that allows me to feel expansive”.

“I’m supposed to buy into this reality that I see around me because to express my vision would make others feel bad”.

Do you see the bullshit programming in these sentences?!?!?!

Do you?!?!

Wake the fuck up!

Wake up to who you are. Wake up to your purpose. Your passions. Your vision!

Wake the fuck up to it!

You’re not supposed to stay anywhere.

Experience what it’s like to be crippled by debt…then make your own fucking money doing what lights you up from soul. Don’t settle.

Experience what it’s like to be in an abusive or loveless relationship…then get the fuck out of there once you realise that you’re supposed to be treating like a Queen and realise your worth. Don’t settle.

Experience what it’s like to be in 9-5 whilst you also have dreams to run a business that allows you to be you. But don’t settle and make excuses as to why you can’t build your vision alongside your 9-5. Never settle.

Experience what it’s like to make mistakes whilst you learn more about who you are. But stop doubting yourself and making the same mistakes over again. Don’t settle. Learn…and move the fuck along.

Don’t you see?!?!

You’re not supposed to be anywhere that you don’t truly want to be. It’s a pitstop. Not a long-term home with a white picket fence and a mortgage.

Understand your ability to tap into your magic all the fucking time.

To be limitless.

To be the Creatrix of your life.

You go first…the Universe follows. You must show up for yourself first. Be your own leader. Believe in yourself and what you have to offer the world through your uniqueness.

But never settle for bullshit programming that encourages you to stay exactly where you are…trapped by fear, illusion and shadow because you believe you must carry on being in that position whilst waiting for the Knight in Shining Armour.

Until you realise that you are the Knight. You. The one coming to save you from the madness when you wake the fuck up to the fact that you create your life. You.

Don’t like something?! Change it.

It’s not gonna change itself. You have to take the action. You have to have the drive to move forwards…and upwards. Always moving towards your vision.

It’s a pitstop for you to wake the fuck up to everything that is available for you when you rise up and get the fuck out of your own way.

And stop settling.

Never settle.

You have wings to fly with…and you’re supposed to fucking soar with your vision!





I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

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