The Connection Between Eating Disorders, Trauma & the Multidimensional Shadow

Apr 11, 2021
The Connection Between Eating Disorders, Trauma & The Multidimensional Shadow - Leanne Juliette - Rebirth - Authentic Self - Authenticity - Trauma - Shadow

With the news breaking in the UK about reality TV star, Nikki Grahame, dying from anorexia aged 38 - I want to address what is really going on behind the eating disorder.

Nikki had publicly spoken of the anorexia that consumed her life.

Literally. It consumed her.

For 30 years.

This in itself is a tragic state of existence - to literally have most of your life consumed by a mental health disorder as it devours your state of being.

I speak from experience about eating disorders. I too developed an eating disorder in my teens whereby I would attach guilt to food (namely, chocolate and other sweet foods) and restrict them.

I used to tell myself I could “only have” 3 chocolate bars a week. Then have all 3 of my self-imposed chocolate allocation in one day. 

Then the guilt came. So the cycle began again.

At the age of 20/21 - I became bulimic.

I attached so much guilt to food - again, to highly calorific foods like chocolate and cake - which I would binge and purge on daily.

That was on top of overexercising too for sheer fear of gaining weight with whatever I was eating. 

Binge and purge.

Feel guilty.


Rinse and repeat.

I once got so angry with my then boyfriend whilst on holiday because he’d bought me an ice cream cake bar.

How dare he present me with such a thing?!

Binge and purge.

When I eventually stopped the binging and purging, I transitioned back to just feeling guilt around food and trying to control what I ate.

Different diets.

Different exercises.

Controlling it all. Then having a blow out as I would binge on high calorific “banned” foods telling myself, “why should I not eat this? I shouldn’t have to restrict myself.”

Then eat 10 cookies or 4 chocolate bars with 3 ice creams. And a bottle of wine.

Continually hating on myself. Over and over again. Feeling continually guilty about how I was treating my body and just craving freedom from food obsession.

Here’s the thing - eating disorders - whether that’s anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, obsessive compulsive behavior - are a TRAUMA response.

They are a trauma response to a shadow that is taking hold of our energetic and emotional body.

The shadow being an aspect of us that we seek to repress or hide from or live in fear of because it’s too painful to acknowledge.

The trauma is triggered by an event or circumstance in this lifetime. Such as an emotionally abusive childhood, a traumatic childhood, extreme bullying, parental abandonment, an abusive relationship etc.

There are many reasons for the trauma.

The eating disorder is fuelled by an obsession to maintain control in one’s life. When you have a trauma response to something in your life that left you feeling anxious, out of control, insecure and unstable - then the mind seeks to create some form of control elsewhere.

And so begins the eating disorder which is rooted in trauma and anxiety.

But - here’s the biggest takeaway - although the trauma response is triggered by the event or circumstances in this lifetime - it’s root does not lie in this lifetime.

We repeat patterns and behaviours from our other lifetimes and bring them into this life with us as our “energetic baggage” (or karma) in order to heal and free ourselves from this destructive pattern.

That is why traditional methods of dealing with trauma - such as eating disorders - don’t always work.

Leaving people in an endless cycle of therapy. Continually seeking freedom from this never-ending self-destructive behaviour.

That is because these methods don’t work with the ACTUAL root of the trauma. Which is found within another lifetime or lifetimes as a soul behavioural pattern.

Thus creating “energetic residue” when we incarnate again.

The trauma response - obsession, compulsion, self-hatred - is the shadow energy that is asking to be transformed and released in order for the soul to free itself from destructive behaviour and to evolve.

This is where my work differs to other methods out there.

I know trauma, shadow, energetics and multidimensionality.

My work goes to the ROOT of who someone is. Bypassing Time & Space to access the specific dimension in which the trauma was first created.

You do not have to live with trauma. Nor spending a lifetime healing it.

It can be alchemized into Truth, Freedom & Power in just 1 session with me using my unique Revolutionary Astrological Modality to access your truth and activate your own empowerment and transformation.

Such as with a recent client of mine who had spent years addicted to high opiate pain medication for M.E due to childhood trauma.

We activated her own healing and empowerment - which took away the addiction.

In 1 session.

This is the power of working at the root of the trauma which is - and always will be - found in another lifetime.

I just happen to be a gifted Time Traveller able to travel into other Dimensions and unlock the shadow.

Eating disorders - and any other trauma response mental health disorder - do not have to consume your life.

You can be free of it without years in therapy.

My work is highly shamanic. Highly transformational. Taking you on a journey into yourself to activate your own healing and empowerment.

Working at the root of the shadow. Always at the root.

If you are interested in working at the root of your trauma by accessing the Multidimensional Shadow - I am offering 20 minute Complimentary Video calls to see how my work can support your growth and transformation to free you from self-destructive behaviour and trauma forever.

To schedule a call - go to .

Please note that my work is highly potent and highly activating. It is not for those looking for band-aid solutions or a "cookie cutter" approach.

I activate you at the root. This requires you to be fully open to all manner of healing that wants to come through you across all areas of your life.




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