Dragon Heart Activation
May 30, 2023
Dragon Heart Activation – Experience My Current White Hot & Potent Frequency To Activate A Power Within You That You Didn’t Know Existed 🐉
There is a fire raging deep within my Dragon Heart right now.
It burns and smoulders.
A powerful furnace and vortex of pure, potent and highly activating energy.
Pure fire.
Which is exactly why I’m called to offer Dragon Heart Activations – for those desiring a potent, fast and instant Energetic Activation and Expansion into a Higher Frequency.
30 minutes. You, me and my powerful as fuck frequency.
(Oh and some Dragon Guides too – this is Dragon Medicine after all!)
Why this particular activation?
Well, for a start I’m only offering a limited number of these until I shift my frequency again.
This particular activation is to burn through whatever is within your current energy that does not serve your Higher Power.
To ignite the fire within you.
To activate you into reclaiming your power.
Whatever that may be.
To activate the Warrior within. And the Dragon’s Heart.
To experience my powerful energy and frequency through my uniquely curated activations is to receive the Divine itself through you.
You yield to nobody.
You are a Warrior.
I see who you are.
I see the Dragon’s Heart smoldering deeply within you – awaiting the opportunity to ignite.
I see your power. Your Truth. Your Divine Light.
I see you in a way you’ve never been seen before. By others – OR yourself.
If only you could see yourself the way I see you through the eyes of the Divine.
There is a power within you, Divine Being, that is waiting to be unleashed.
Allow me to activate you beyond what you’ve experienced before. Opening portals into newer, more expansive Realms for you to explore your Divinity.
A powerful transformation calls to you so clearly – that you simply have to acknowledge the call and allow the activation to wash over you and through you.
What awaits you through a Dragon Heart Activation?
Each of my clients are different and receive my energy in a way that is unique to them. But the basis of this activation is a powerful shift in your own energetic field, clearing out frequencies that do not serve you, healing ailments within you, shifting consciousness, clearing up any 3D residue and distortion that is within your energetic field, a greater sense of confidence as you feel the Dragon Heart awaken within you and immense power that ignites within you.
Feeling the pulsating beats of the Dragon Heart and the fire that begins to flow through you.
Watching things fall away from your life that aren’t in alignment with YOUR Divine Blueprint.
Calling into your energy opportunities and experiences that are in full alignment with your Divine Power & Truth.
With these Dragon Heart Activations, I am inviting you to come on an adventure with me. To awaken your Inner Adventurer and to explore the expansion available to you.
To explore the Beyond with me – where anything is possible – and to explore new Realms.
Where dreams become real.
Where illusion becomes truth.
Where we turn pain into power.
This is a powerful alchemical activation uniquely curated to YOUR frequency and your Divine Blueprint as my energy finds what needs to shift within you, be cleared out and – to be activated.
I am offering you MY white hot current frequency in it’s most potent form right now.
My own Dragon Heart is awakened, it is ignited and it is burning in a powerful fire of Divinity.
A depth of power within me that calls to be shared with others.
This is a 30 minute activation with me – live over Zoom Video.
My work is fluid – meaning – I offer out into the world what feels powerful, exciting and expansive for me in the moment and will move onto something else or create something else when I desire and when I shift my frequency.
Right now, I want to activate the Dragon Heart in others whilst this white hot frequency is burning within me.
These Activations are limited based on my current energy and how quickly I shape-shift into another frequency.
There are a few frequencies rippling through me right now.
You will receive my most potent magic in its purest form right now – and it will change your life, expanding you beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before and activating a power within you that you didn’t know existed.
A Dragon Heart Activation is 30 minutes – currently priced at £555 GBP for a limited time.
Booking link is here.
In the meantime, enjoy these powerfully activating words from me and the Frequency that flows through me.