Just Do The Damn Soul Work, Why Don’t You?!
May 22, 2019

I see you.

I know exactly where you’re at in your life.

And in your soul’s journey.

Too fucking scared to show up.

Too afraid to speak your most potent magical as fuck truth.

Too afraid to drop those truth bombs….”what will people THINK?!” (you ask yourself all aghast!).

Too afraid to just…do the damn soul work.

Yep….so many people hide behind these illusions and fears.

Literally talking themselves into believing their own bullshit.

Because there’s a lot of bullshit in the online space.

Too many people perpetuating the “fake it til you make it” bullshit.

Or making out that you have to sit in front of a mirror whilst chanting 10878 fucking affirmations and stare at your vision board that makes you feel miserable as fucking sin because deep down you wonder how you can EVER achieve everything you desire.

Ring a bell?!

Ding ding ding!

Let me ask you WHY are you STILL holding back from doing your soul’s work?!


Your soul is calling you.

Your purpose is calling you.

But you’re still too afraid to actually listen…because you believe it feels scary to do something that is actually INGRAINED within you to do so naturally.

Because, it’s what your soul is here to do and it’s everything that you’ve mastered lifetime after lifetime.

But instead you buy into the mumbo jumbo bullshit that’s put out into the world (online, in print, in the media etc) that in order to MANIFEST what you desire, you “just have to believe it enough, chant enough affirmations to make you lose your voice and above all…STAY HIGH VIBE”.

Excuse me whilst I go vomit.

Seriously, there’s a major issue I have with the spiritual community.

And it’s everything I’ve mentioned above!

Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love my woo!

I love crystals and tarot and journalling and candle magic!

But, there seems to be some kind of weird manifestation rituals out there (sadly, I’ve bought into a few LOL!) that only strive to do one thing….and one thing only.

They take you out of your own soul’s power.

Giving your power away to unseen forces such as the act of drinking water to manifest more money.

Or writing affirmations 55 times a day for 5 days (the 55 x 5 method that gave me hand cramps).

Or putting a vision board together then feeling shit because deep down I didn’t understand how I could possibly manifest all of that…but on a deeper level…I didn’t feel worthy of having any of it.

What all these manifestation techniques teach you is to give your power away.

And yet, the magic is much simpler than that.

You hold the fucking magic within you.


I said it.

It’s all within you.

All of it.

Because your soul knows.

And your soul has the fucking power to do whatever it fucking well likes, when it likes and have what it likes.

Because it knows.

It’s your human that is scared shitless.

It’s your human that rises up with this ugly as fuck ego to say “hell no we can’t achieve that?! Who do you think you are?! Why the fuck do you think you can have that?!”

And it’s your human that buys into all the bullshit that’s out there.

Sorry to break any hearts here.

Well, I’m not really, but you get my message.

I’m sorry that you’ve bought into all this BS for so long because someone, somewhere, discovered that drinking a glass of water whilst thinking of their desires helped them to manifest said desires.


It’s not the act of doing the manifesting techniques that works.

It’s energetics.

And it’s all within you.

But your human, your ego, tells you that it’s not possible.

It’s your shadows that hide under it all, lurking in the dark ready to jump out at you, that prevent you from manifesting what you desire.

Because when you’re running shadow programming that tells you that you’re not worthy, that you’ve got guilt around having what you desire or being who you desire or you carry some deep shame about being who you are supposed to be…no amount of chanting or writing affirmations or visualising or drinking water (LOL!) will work.


You may get fleeting glances of what you desire.

But those shadows are fucking strong. And that programming is like a nasty little glitch in your subconscious running rampant and being a little bitch basically.

And that’s my issue with the spiritual community.

Too much fake fuckery.

Because what they don’t tell you is that you have everything within you to get exactly what you want.

To flick a switch within you and call on your own soul’s power to manifest.

But you don’t.

Because you look outside of you instead of inside.

All these methods do is teach you that you aren’t in control of what you manifest and that you have to use these techniques.

But, they don’t tell you that you have everything within you now to get what you want.


…you start understanding your own energetics.

Because if you’ve grown up with a lifetime of feeling unworthy (yep that was me!) and undeserving and not good enough or whatever other illusions you’ve grown up with, then they are rooted deep within your subconscious as your shadows.

The parts of yourself you are fearful of.

The parts of yourself you hide from and hide from others.

You’ve built a wall up around you that is guarded strongly by your human, your ego, so that you don’t see what’s really behind that wall.

Because ego gets scared.

It’s scared of the truth.

Scared to be fully seen.

And yet, there’s really nothing to be scared of.

Fear is just an illusion!

Really, it is.

Fear is what holds you back.

And your ego fucking loves all that mumbo jumbo shit.

Because it takes the onus off of you from actually doing anything about it!

“Oh I’ll just say affirmations until I’m blue in the face and that’ll work!”

No, my friend, it won’t.

It’ll just leave your soul frustrated as fuck.

What works?!

Doing the damn work.

Doing the damn work.

Doing the damn work.

There, I said it.

Shoot me!

Because there’s a lot of people in the spiritual community who don’t like to say those words.

They don’t like to tell you to do the damn work, the work that is going to get results…because either they don’t understand the energetics around manifestation or are too stuck in their own human ego to believe that it’s really just as simple as that and they want you to believe all these silly manifesting techniques.

A funny one I saw recently was copying the same paragraph as everyone else and changing the desired amount you want…saying that you will receive it within 3 hours and no more than 3 days.

That’s it.

So you basically write a paragraph, declare with conviction what you desire…and hey presto!…it’s yours within 3 days.

I’m sorry, I just can’t…!

Where in that whole scenario are you told to do the damn fucking work that is going to scare the shit out of you to do (because it’s going to fire full cylinders on your human, your ego and your shadows) but will actually result in you getting what you desire?!


Your soul knows the way.


But it also knows that you’ve got your human to contend with too…the human that believes in struggle and illusion…and your soul is always talking to you and guiding you.

But you dismiss that whisper.

Or that intuitive hit.

Because you’re being taught to buy into bullshit manifestation techniques.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work like that.

And the stuff you’ve read about in The Secret fails to tell you about doing the damn work.

Because…people run a mile when they think they have to do the work. Talking themselves out of it because to do the work, you’ve gotta face those fears head on and break through those illusions.

Or, you can just sit and write some affirmations or visualise or chant or whatever….because it’s easier to do!

And it takes the onus off of you to actually do anything about it.

Because let me tell you….it’s fucking hard to push through those fears.

These are your deepest fears, hidden within your shadows and out of sight brushed under the carpet or whatever, that have crippled you from actually moving forwards in your life.

Everytime you want to step up into that next level version of yourself or call in more money or attract the love of your life…those fears and shadows creep up and keep you stuck.

Stagnating in your own shadows.

Leaving you feeling stuck and immobile.

Scared shitless.

So you buy into the bullshit.

That you can just write your desires 55 times for 5 days and they miraculoulsy appear!

Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, it’s not as easy as that!

Magic is easy though!

But the magic comes from your soul and listening to what you are being guided to do…even if it scares the absolute shit out of you.

Because that’s how you get the best results….doing the things that scare you the most…the things that hold the most energy and therefore the most potent as fuck power.

But most of you won’t.

You’ll stick with the bullshit techniques that are being taught.

That actually result in you expending more energy as you try more and more things, getting ever more frustrated that nothing is actually working.

All the while, ignoring the one thing that can and will help you…your soul.

Because your soul knows.

It knows you’re listening too much to your human.

Buying into the fears of the ego.

And it’s been guiding you all this time, whispering (or shouting at times) to you to just….do the damn fucking work.

Doing what scares you so much.

Because that’s how you move forwards and how you can manifest what you desire…when you face your fears head on and do the damn work that is gonna result in you actually moving forwards.

And that’s where I come in!

Because I speak the language of shadows.

I see the illusions you’re hiding behind.

I see your fears.

I feel your energy.

And I know exactly what you are hiding from and holding back from doing.

That one thing that could set you free.

Flicking a switch within you that triggers the fuck out of your human. And leaves your soul saying yes!

But my work isn’t for everyone. Because most people are too afraid to go to the darkness, to face their fears head on…and will stay with just playing small and continuing to try random as fuck manifestation techniques whilst all the while your soul is guiding you to just do the damn work and get over yourself.