Disruptive Consciousness: The Powerful Consciousness Revolution
April 08, 2023

Disruptive Consciousness is my own unique and pioneering philosophy and is the essence of my unique Frequency and Energy.

Disruptive Consciousness was born from a need to bring powerful Disruption and Sacred Destruction to the planet and to Humanity as a way to create powerful and rapid transformation in the current level of Consciousness on the planet.

Disruptive Consciousness is Humanity’s Medicine.

You see, Humanity has become lost.

Disconnected from our Higher Frequency Consciousness.

Trapped in dogma and – for want of a better phrase – slaves to the Mind and False Illusions.

We are the Fallen Ones.

Who fell from the once great Golden Ages of Lemur, Atlantis and other powerful and highly conscious civilisations such as Ancient Egypt.

We fell – when we lost our connection to Source and the God Consciousness within us all.

That we are all Consciousness.

When we became too addicted to the material. Too addicted to the 5 senses. Too concerned with the demands of the Ego.

Instead of the musings of the Soul.

Even after the ancient civilisations fell and the level of Consciousness on the planet descended to a 3D state of being – we became trapped in cycle upon cycle of Illusion, Karma & giving our power away to others who had positioned themselves as far superior to others.

Political Leaders. Governments. Religious Leaders. Monarchy.

We became rooted in this 3D Realm in which we have been conditioned to believe that we have no power.

That God resides outside of us as some Holy Dude with a beard in the sky.


That Jesus was not human – only Divine – and that we must worship him as though our power is outside of us.

Bullshit. He was/is a powerful advanced Ascended Master living in Human form who taught us to look within ourselves for the answers – not outside of ourselves as the Christian religion would have people believe.

Again, giving our power away to an outside force.

(I actually love the irony that I’m writing this over Easter LOL!)

We are God.

We are the Universe.

We are powerful fucking Creators.

We are Energy.

We are Frequency.

We are Consciousness itself.

So what does all this mean and why should you take any notice of what I’m writing? And how does this tie into Disruptive Consciousness?

Well, I’m glad you asked 😉

In order to evolve, to expand, to ascend – we must release ourselves from a heavier, denser energy.

To look within ourselves rather than outside of ourselves.

To reclaim our Sovereignty as powerful Creators instead of giving our power away.

To reclaim Authority over ourselves, our decisions, our actions and ensure that we are coming from a place of service to the greater good of all – rather than service-t0-self and a “what’s in it for me” mentality.

Which we’ve been conditioned with for many thousand of years through what you could call satanic methods (no, I’m not calling you a Devil Worshipper) – which is – a means of service to Ego, service to the Lower Self, service to a Lower State of Consciousness which keeps people in this perpetual cycle of the 3D Realm.

Satanism is a devotion to the material. A devotion to the Ego.

The whole concept of “If I want it, I’ll have it, no matter how I get it and I’ll worship the material”.

You only have to look around at society to see how far we have fallen into a Lower State of Consciousness and worship of the Lower Self as we have become disconnected from our true Spiritual Self and true essence as Infinite Beings of Source Consciousness.

Things like:

  • Seeking instant gratification through porn, quick sexual flings, drugs, alcohol, sugar, “FrankenFoods” aka anything processed, getting likes on social media to get that quick dopamine hit
  • Giving our power away to governments who are legalised criminals with their “Wolf in Sheeps clothing” mentality of pretending to be about the people but using fear, scarcity and gaslighting to keep the populace dumbed down and easy to control
  • The rise in prescriptions of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication as people have become so disconnected from their Soul – their Higher Consciousness – that they feel lost, uncertain in who they are and numb to their True Identity
  • The rise in suicides – especially amongst men – as people seek to find a way out of this world because there has become an imbalance within them between the Spiritual Vessel of the Soul and the Human Vessel of the Mind & Body
  • The absurd worship of Celebrities & Influencers – including the Rise of the Influencer – as we put others on a pedestal above us that they are somehow better, more evolved and more worthy than everyone else
  • The corruption amongst the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Education, Energy, Political, Banking Industries (and many, many more) that are focused on service-to-self, material worship (profits over purpose) and creating obedient citizens who do not hold autonomy.

I could go on.

This is why we are going through such a huge and massive Consciousness shake up on the planet right now.

This is why I am so focussed on my unique philosophy of Disruptive Consciousness and bringing this form of Consciousness to the planet.

Because we are ascending as We (the Collective We) are seeking more balance, more harmony between the Spiritual and the Material.

To reclaim our Sovereignty.

To reclaim our Power.

To reclaim our Truth.

To reclaim our connection to God, Source, the Universe.

This is why my philosophy of Disruptive Consciousness is here.

Because I believe that in order to create something new – we must disrupt the old.

Disrupt the out-dated.

Disrupt what does not serve our Highest Frequency Consciousness.

That means – disrupting you out of the slumber of Illusion.

Whereby we have become too attached to what we believe to be True, where we have become so used to how things are, where we have become so used to the systems in place and the programming of society – that we don’t realise it’s all an Illusion.

It is False.

It is not the Truth.

And to use a favourite example of mine from the classic 1980’s film, “Labyrinth” – one of my all-time favourite films ever – when Sarah realises her power.

After searching for her little brother in the endless Labyrinth after the Goblin King stole him and created this “game” for his own self-gratification and entertainment as Sarah sought desperately within the Labyrinth for her brother, she suddenly turns to the Goblin King and says, “You have no power over me”.

And in that instant – the whole Illusion came crashing down.

She had realised that he wasn’t a powerful force outside of her. That she couldn’t be controlled for the whims of others.

That she had the power within her all along.

And when the Truth appeared, the Illusion came crashing down.

Disruptive Consciousness is just that.

Disrupting every single belief, way of being, conditioning, programming and the Identity we hold about ourselves – disrupting Consciousness itself – to disrupt the Illusion and create space for the Truth.

When we Fell in other civilisations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece etc – it was because we lost sight of who we are.

We became too attached to power outside of us. Too attached to the Ego. Too attached to seeking more and more at the expense of others. Too attached to the material.

We lost ourselves.

We lost our connection to God, to Source, to the Infinite God Consciousness within us.

Religious institutions rose up to tell us that if you sinned, you went to Hell. That we must worship a God outside of us. That He would be watching.

They created a society ruled by fear.

Political institutions rose up. Emperors seeking rulership over others. Enslaving anyone who was different or who went against the rulership. Who dared to oppose a self-appointed Ruler.

Monarchies were created. People fighting over land. Fighting for rulership. Claiming they were ordained by God to be King. Fighting with other countries in order to take, take, take.

To take land, to take wealth, to take slaves.

To rule through malicious power and fear.

Today, we have the same things going on.

Governments – legalised criminals for want of a better phrase – ruling through power, through fear and through coercion.

We only have to look at the last 3 years since Covid came on the scene in 2020 (a massive catalyst for Spiritual Awakening & a rise in Consciousness, mind you) and how much governments have used fear, manipulation, gaslighting and ridiculing those who spoke out to see how much We as a Collective have become so disconnected from our own Power and Truth.

Pharmaceutical companies who are not interested in the wellness of all. They are interested in keeping people sick.

You become a customer for life – more medications, more ailments, more treatments.

More money for them.

Why the fuck would they want you to be well, to be healthy, when this affects their profits.

The Medical Industry who are effectively drug pushers.

“There’s a pill for that”, they tell you, as they prescribe more and more and more pharmaceuticals.

My question is always, “why don’t you treat the root instead of the symptoms?”.

Constant band-aid solutions.

This is why I’m so passionate about my ability to heal energetically and multidimensionally because I don’t believe in surface level solutions and band-aids, I believe in going to the actual root of something – energetically – to heal at the root.

The Food industry that has gaslit the fuck out of society to believe that things like red meat, butter and eggs are “cancer causing, cholesterol raising, fat-creating” whilst pushing “FrankenFoods” aka processed goods, sugar and high carbohydrate diets which are the root of illness, cancer, obesity etc.

There are many, many more examples of how we have become lost, fallen and disconnected from our Divine Power and Truth that I will continue to write and speak on.

To disrupt your Consciousness. To open portals for you to see that there is another way to be. To exist.

Everything around us right now is designed to keep us dumbed down, sick, powerless, obedient.

Which is why disruption must occur.

Which is why we are seeing such an utter shitshow in the world right now as systems, beliefs, people, industries and institutions etc are crumbling.

To raise our Consciousness, disruption must occur.

To no longer see God, Source, the Universe, outside of us.

But that we are God, Source, the Universe ourselves.

That we are powerful beyond measure.

That we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

That we cannot become too attached to the material – to the Ego – without having balance with the Spiritual too.

That in order to bring a Higher Frequency Consciousness to the planet and to ourselves, we must become balanced within ourselves.

To see ourselves in a way we’ve never been seen before.

To heal ourselves at the Energetic Root.

To see the Power within us.

To see the False Illusions around us as just that – Illusions.

To recognise Truth.

To realise that we are not who we’ve been conditioned to believe we are. Pawns in a Cosmic game of Chess. Pawns at the behest of others.

To disrupt Consciousness itself.

Cracking ourselves open to find the Truth within.

And to honour that Truth.

This is why there is a Revolution of Consciousness occurring on the planet right now.

A Revolution as people wake up from their illusionary slumber to reclaim our Truth, our Power and our Sovereignty.

A Revolution of Freedom.

Of Expansion.

Of Liberation itself.

From everything that has come before us that has not been in alignment with our Highest Frequency Consciousness and the Highest Potential of our Human Self.

Disruption is the Medicine the planet and Humanity has been craving.


Disruption from the inside out.

Disruption of Illusion.

The Disruption of Consciousness itself so that we can rise and ascend to a place of Wholeness within ourselves and pave the way for the next Golden Age where we are fully rooted in our Spiritual Essence and live in a State of Balance and Harmony between the Spiritual and the Material.

Where we are Sovereign.

Where Disruptive Consciousness is our Medicine.