You Create Your Own Reality
May 02, 2019


Sometimes it can feel like the world is conspiring against you.

Or the Universe.

Or both.

Like wondering what the actual fuck is going on sometimes because you thought you had your shit in order…and then you have what I like to call a Tower moment in reference to that delightful Tower card in the Tarot…when shit gets real and things crumble around you and you are left catching your breath thinking:

“What the fuck just happened here?!”

Ever have one of those moments?! Or a few?!

I’ve found that the deeper into my spiritual journey I go the more “Tower moments” I seem to have.

And the more I grow, the faster these moments come.

Like Spirit is just saying:

“Come on we’ve got work to do…lets cut this crap out!”

Leaving me sometimes wondering why things happen like this, sometimes sobbing and sometimes having an anxiety attack.

Anxiety can happen to the best of us!

But for those who know me or work with me, you’ll know that my mantra is:

“It’s happening for you, not to you”

I live by this mantra.

Because every time something shitty happens, I see it as the Universe just clearing space in my life for what does serve me…getting rid of what doesn’t.

That counts for thoughts, beliefs, people, situations, experiences etc.

If it’s not for your highest good and for the greater good of all…then let that shit go.

You’ll thank me later.

But people get caught in this mind trap of feeling like they need to hold onto crap.

Holding on and holding on.

Sometimes even clinging onto the ledge of this treacherous mountain…desperately holding on…refusing to just let go.

Yep…been there before!

Like when you are desperately calling for the crappiness to end and for things to get better in your life.

Asking for help.

Asking Spirit/the Universe/God (whoever you believe in) to help you.

To give you a solution.

To make things easier.

And yet…still you are not fucking listening!

I imagine my Spirit Guides sometimes sat with their heads in their hands, rocking back and forth at my complete inability to see the lessons and the growth they are trying to give me.


They do give you help when you ask.

They do support you.

They do guide you.

And….probably most importantly…they do bring you exactly what you’ve been asking for.


You get exactly what you’ve asked for.

That’s how the law of attraction works.

Ask…and it shall be delivered.

You ask for growth?!

Be sure they’ll deliver it on a silver fucking platter with bells and whistles on!!!

Ask for bigger opportunities in your life or more money or a better relationship or more time to yourself?! (or whatever else you ask for?)

Be sure they’ll deliver it.

Every single time.

Removing exactly what doesn’t serve you so that you can call all that in!

Growth can be scary at times!

Because to get to that next level in your life…you have to become that next level version of yourself.

You must.

You simply must.

It’s a no brainer.

How can you uplevel and grow and call things in at a much deeper soul level…things that are so in line with what your soul desires…if you are holding onto the ways/beliefs/habits/thoughts of what got you to your current level?




You see, I understand all of this.

I understand how the law of attraction works.

I understand quantum healing and quantum leaping.

I understand shadows.

I understand manifestation.

I understand the workings of the soul.

And yet we can still get caught up in this 3D way of doing things.

Instead of embracing the 5D version of ourselves.

The version that already has everything we desire.

That parallel reality.

The you who just oozes abundance and joyous relationships and probably wipes her butt with $100 notes…because…well…she can.

(I’m laughing as I channel this blog…because some of the stuff I write really is just what I see in my mind lol – don’t worry, I have no aspirations to use $100 notes as toilet paper lol).

You get exactly what you ask for.

And sometimes…you’ve just gotta stop holding onto that fucking crap you are holding onto.

Let it go.

Take that leap.

Have faith in yourself and the Universe.

Welcome the growth in with open bloody arms if you have to…even if it means a couple of days rocking in a corner wondering what the fuck has just happened in your life.

Embrace that growth.

Because spiritual growth is not about airy fairy flowery unicorn gumdrops.

As much as some people like to say it is.

It’s not about sitting around your crystals chanting Kum Ba fucking Ya…lol.

Spiritual growth is about stepping into that next level version of yourself.


Being ok with things being a bit shitty…so you can feel into when things are aligned.

That’s how the Universe communicates with us.

Through thoughts and feelings.

If something feels off…it’s because it is.

You don’t have you overanalyse the ins and outs of a fart to know that it’s not right for you.

Let it go (not literally though…seeing as though we are talking about farts here…!)

If something feels good, then go with it, allow it to open up more and more doors of opportunities for you to welcome more into your life.

To call in the good stuff.

To call in the growth.

To call in the abundance.

To call in the people who light you the fuck up.

You create your own reality.

It’s as simple as that.

So sitting there complaining about life not working out for you…

…or that nobody treats you right…

…or that you are fed up of being broke…

…or that you never seem to get any decent opportunity…

…or…whatever else you want to sit and complain about.


You create your own reality.

The Universe just responds:

“Your wish is my command”.

Stop waiting for a fucking miracle.

Because so many people do.

Like buying a lottery ticket instead of just tuning into what their soul wants and desires for them…and allowing their own energy and creative genius (we all have it within us!) to call in more money.

Because ask yourself this…honestly….

Would a big lottery win really change your life?!

Sure…you’d have few million in the bank.

Be able to buy that luxury home.

Be able to pay off the debt.

Be able to travel the world and sip Mai Tais on some exotic beach.

But….if you’ve still got that same crappy mindset, those same limiting beliefs, the same “woe is fucking me” attitude about life…things aren’t really gonna change are they.

What does your soul really want?!

It’s as simple as that.

Your soul knows.

It has the whole map.

An entire atlas of your life to explore.

And when you tune into what your soul wants, you start to realise more and about what your does not want.

To be treated like crap by someone.

To be broke.

To have no significance.

To feel alone.

To be uninspired.

Whatever it is you don’t want, it gives you clarity and scope to tune into what you do want.

Then put the energy behind all of that to really feel into what you desire in your life.

Like attracts like.

We are magnets for everything.

And when you realise what it is that you do want, the Universe will act…fast.

Removing from your life whatever is not serving your greater good.

Your highest purpose.

Those bloody Tower card moments.

Giving you the growth to be in the energy of the person who already has what she desires.

You create your own reality.

So stop the fucking moaning.

I get it.

I still have lessons from Spirit and the Universe…when I’ve asked for growth…then go through an epic shit storm of transformation.

Your wish is my command.

Instead of looking at those situations though and keeping my energy stuck in the moment of that energy…I allow myself that little pity party to get it all out…then put my big girl pants on and learn that lesson.

For the love of all that’s holy….learn those fucking lessons.


Otherwise you’ll just keep getting hit with the same lessons over and over again…but in different disguises.

And usually the Universe starts of with a little nudge, a feeling that you aren’t happy with something or someone.

And if you continue to ignore it…you’ll be sent a 10 tonne bloody truck in the form of “The Tower moment” where things just up and leave your life.

Or crumble around you until all you are left with is the rubble of your former life.

And then…

…and the you rebuild.

Brick by brick.

From the ground up.

Creating your own reality.

Building your life exactly as you want it.

Sometimes we need those Tower moments to really open our eyes to exactly what it is that we want.

Sometimes we need to crumble in order to rebuild.

Sometimes we have to be ok with letting go of people or situations in order to call in the energy of what we do want.

And oftentimes we ignore it initially.

That faint whisper of our soul calling us.

Guiding us.

Calling out to us that there’s something more we should be doing.

Something more we should be desiring.

But we ignore it.

Because we think we need to hear it loud and clear.

Instead of realising that our magic is within us.

The power to change your life lies within you.

And yes…you may need support and guidance from someone to hold space for you and hold you accountable for the actions you’re taking and to call you out on the bullshit excuses your ego is flagging up as you continue to uplevel.

That doesn’t take it away from the fact that you have it all within you already.

But sometimes we need to connect with someone else’s magic and be in the energy of someone else’s zone of genius in order to call on our own magic and recognize how to play in our own zone of genius and just be at one with our soul.





I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

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