Be Bold and Fearless In The Pursuit Of Your Own Happiness
July 18, 2019


How do you be bold and fearless in the pursuit of your own happiness?

So many people get caught up in the trappings of life. Caught up in The Matrix. Caught up with pursuing someone else’s dreams. Caught up with putting their life and happiness on hold in order to be part of the rat race that society presents to us.

People are conditioned to grow up to go to school. Go get a job. Go work 40 hours a week for 40 years. Retire…and then have fun and live life.

Fuck that! Why are we conditioned to believe that we have to put our life’s dreams on hold until we retire?!?!?

Society, in my opinion, is very fucked up anyway. It’s a very patriarchal society that suppresses the needs of women, has power-hungry men calling the shots and controlling countries, and we are almost forced to become rats in a scientific experiment to see how far we can be pushed.

Mental health issues are on the rise such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Suicide rates (especially amongst men) are much higher.

Women feel frustrated with having to choose between a career and having a family…hearing that “tick tock” of their body clock that tells them that time is of the essence.

The education system is designed to appeal only to those of an academic nature who enjoy structure and lessons and those with more creative streaks who need freedom and flow to really excel…well, tough. You’ve got to fit in with the structure.

Doesn’t that seem fucked up to you?!

And then there’s those of us with bigger dreams. We have visions that we can feel into. We desire to have more, do more and most importantly…be more. We want to experience the freedom of living where we call the shots as to how we want to live….without being controlled.

Yes, we’re called rebels. Yes, we’re known as disruptive. Yes, you’ve probably been called a dreamer before. Most likely you’ve been told to put your ideas back into a box and just be happy you have a job.

Most people…sadly will put their dreams on hold. Children are conditioned to follow a certain system of school then job. And those adults with dreams…are told to just stop being silly and stop being unrealistic.

And why?!

Because those of us with a bigger purpose, a bigger soul mission and a calling to just show the fuck up and create an impact in the world…

…those of us?!

We frighten the others.

The non-dreamers. Those who’ve boxed off their dreams. Those who’ve sold their soul to The Matrix. To the rat race.

We frighten them because they see and feel our power.

That powerful energy that just oozes out of us as we step up and show up more than ever.

We get told we’re just being silly. We get told we’re mentally unstable. We are told to stop being unrealistic. We’re laughed at and ridiculed. And those we frighten the most…seek to control us. To put our fire out.

Why do you think that is?

It’s because we intimidate those who aren’t listening to soul. We frighten them when we show them what’s truly possible when you just lean into soul and do what you came here to do.

And yes, it’s frightening to break free from the controlling patriarchy that seeks to suppress our soul’s calling. We end up presenting with various limiting beliefs that we’ve adopted throughout the course of our life because of others failure to follow their dreams.

It’s scary…but it’s also super fucking exhilarating when you realise that you are the one who is in control of your own destiny. Not society. Not your parents. Not your partner or spouse. Not your friends.

You create your destiny. You are a powerful Co-Creator with the Universe!

When we lean into the callings of our soul, the murmurings, the nudges we have to go deeper within our selves to uncover our hidden magic and our purpose…we realise that the more we continue to ignore our purpose, the more frustrated with life we’ll feel.

When you “wake up” aka through a spiritual awakening and you realise you are a Conscious Being of Light with a Divine force guiding you…you realise you can no longer stay within the confines of the patriarchal controls.

It feels alien to do so.

It feels constricted.

You literally feel the sickness within you every time you say no to your soul. Like a bile that rises within you as you push down your dreams and the desires you have…the ones that you know are your soul calling you but you just aren’t listening.

When you “wake up” to your own Divinity, that we really are all just One and we all carry God Source energy within us…you feel the fire within you, burning so brightly that you cannot ignore it.

The more you ignore, the more you water down your dreams, the more you seek to fit in with a society that you weren’t made to fit in with…the more frustrated you’ll feel.

And on the flip side, the more you lean into your Divinity, the more you allow your soul to guide you, the more you embrace what Spirit has to say to you….the more you’ll piss people off. Mainly, those who “don’t get you” or those who sold out on their own dreams a long time ago.

This is where being fearless comes in.

Being fearless to surrender to what is happening around you in the 3D world…and surrender to the 5D and where you are being guided to go.

It may not make sense.

And it’s highly likely it won’t have structure.

But you just “know”. You know deep within your very core that this is what you are supposed to do with your life. You connect with your soul’s mission on a deeper level. You realise that you cannot….you simply cannot…give up on bringing your vision to life.

You’re a Co-Creator with the Universe after all and the Universe chose you to bring your vision to life. To birth your dreams into the physical. To impact. To inspire. To empower. To encourage. To heal others.

You have to become so grounded into your vision and into your purpose…truly understanding how fucking magical and amazing you really are…and allow yourself to be guided.

A bit like being sat blindfolded in the back of a driverless car! You know its driving you somewhere…and you just have to trust.

This is what surrender looks like. And it’s also why the Universe will throw disruptive experiences into our life to really challenge us.

Not because the Universe is being a dick. Lol!

But because in order to follow through with your soul’s mission, you’ve got to be resilient as fuck! To be able to withstand the curve balls that people will try to throw at you to get you off your path.

Resilience is being able to stand in your power and bat away the negative experiences, the negative people and situations…those who seek to undermine you and bring you back down to earth so to speak…when you prefer to live in the stars!

When you’re fearless in the pursuit of your own happiness, you have to let go of the desire to please others. To put their needs above your own. To give up on things because it doesn’t suit someone else.

Yes, your soul’s calling probably won’t make sense to those who’ve known you the longest. And most likely, it’ll be those who test your resilience the most!

But you’re not here to fit in with the masses. You’re here to birth through your vision that you co-created with the Universe before you incarnated.

The more you rise up into who you came here to be…and you shed those layers of bullshit that have kept you trapped in your ego…the more you’ll stand out.

Like a big bright bloody beacon!

Because people can feel your energy! They can see it! They sense your power!

And those who get triggered the fuck out of you being fearless…are those who you have to just turn a blind eye to and continue on your pursuit of happiness.

Happiness comes from listening to your soul. To following your calling. To surrendering to where you are being guided to go.

It’s about remembering who the fuck you are…and then becoming that person. And being available for nothing less than your own happiness and your soul’s pursuits.