Being In The Business of BEING Myself
February 23, 2023

Being in the business of being myself is a subject that is super close to my heart.

And something I have really struggled with over the years since I decided to become an Entrepreneur.

You might wonder why I’ve struggled with being me.

Why anyone would struggle with being themselves.

And yet we do.

It is an art.

Being yourself – is a form of art.

You are your own Muse.

You are your own Work of Art.

Your Masterpiece.

But how does the Artist bring the art to life? From conceptualization to actualization?

By being.

This is the one of hardest things I’ve been working through as part of my spiritual journey and spiritual development.

Being myself.

And building a business around being me.

As an Entrepreneur, I have been through many ups and downs in my business as we all do.

I have hired the mentors who told me to “tone it down”, “not be too much”, “follow this strategy”, “don’t say that”, “don’t swear” or whatever other utter fucking bullshit they were saying that was based in their own limitations and trying to create carbon copies of themselves through their clients.

That shit does not work.

I have followed other Entrepreneurs online, joined groups, listened to their podcasts or read their posts etc who spoke about “finding your niche” and “niching down”.

Which makes me just want to pull my own eyeballs out with a toothpick.

I have created products, content and services that didn’t fully light my soul on fire because I toned my energy down and undervalued myself so as to be more “appetizing” and digestible – even though my true frequency and my natural state is as a powerful Catalyst & Disruptor.

I tear shit down. I drop bombs into your energy. I blow shit up. Ripping through the bullshit, the illusion and anything that isn’t Truth in order to dig into the deepest parts of you and activate the absolute fuck out of you at the roots.

I have shouted at my Spirit Guides and Spirit Team – ranted at them – for me continually going round and round in fucking circles trying to “figure” my business out.


Broken down.

Had my Pity Parties and sat in Victim mode.


Then apologised to Spirit for my Ego having a tantrum and asked them to help me, guide me, show me the way etc.

Which always, always, always came back to – me.

And so I’d go round in circles again.

Asking how the fuck do I bring every-fucking-thing about me into my business, my brand, my Empire.


And then they’d show me myself.


Just me. Being me.

Always coming back to me.

No niche.

No fucking box.

No having one tagline as to “what I do for you” kind of bullshit.

No one size fits all statement.


Just me.

Messy, chaotic, quirky as fuck, visionary, pioneering, powerful, disruptive, random, mad as a box of frogs – me.

You see, when you’ve spent your whole life not being you – you can start to understand why it has been a journey to be fully me, accept myself and just build a business, a brand and an Empire on being myself.

The whole point of this Human Experience is to evolve spiritually.

To be authentic.

To come home to our True Self. Our True Identity. Our Divine Truth.

To unshackle ourselves from the Matrix programming, the beliefs, the limitations, the conditioning, the shadow, the illusions – everything we have accrued in this lifetime and from others.

Finding our authenticity in the sea of mud we are traipsing through as we try to come home to our True Identity and Divine Truth.

And sure, there are certain business systems that work for people. Many who have been successful with working in a niche, using a system, following strategies etc.

But to me – and to those like me – that shit just doesn’t work.

Because it’s so mechanic. So systemised. So – human.

When you’re here on a Spiritual Mission, a Soul Mission, a Divine Mission to be the change the world needs, to be the catalyst, to disrupt from the inside out – when you carry a unique frequency within you that is born from the Cosmos and not from the Earth – when you know you’re an Alien, a Starseed, a Higher Dimensional Being having a human experience – well, you’ve got to come back to you.

To be the brand of you.

To be in the business of being you.

To create beautiful art in the world through your uniqueness and the frequency of you that can – and does – shift Consciousness.

From an astrological perspective, I also have Chiron – an asteroid known as the Wounded Healer – in Sidereal Aries.

Aries relating to the Self. The Self-Identity.

Chiron in Aries relating to healing the Wound of the Self.

Healing the Self-Identity.

Because for so long, I wasn’t comfortable with being myself.

Hiding my truest, most unique self from many around me.

Toning it down.


Filtering who could and couldn’t gain access to my True Self.

I also wasn’t very nice to myself.

Years of self-abuse.

Eating disorders, bulimia, binge eating, controlled eating.



Speaking badly to myself. No self-love.

Drinking too much alcohol.

Emotional eating.

Putting up with shitty people.

No boundaries.

Staying in toxic jobs or toxic friendships.

Accepting subpar behaviour from people.

Overspending money to get into debt as a form of penance to myself.

Only ever allowing myself “enough” to live on like some form of fucking Martyr.

Living in survival mode.

All forms of self-abuse – which I began to recognise and to recognise the theme in my life so that I could heal myself from the inside out.

Healing the Wound of Self-Identity.

How the fuck did I expect to grow a sustainable, wildly profitable and unique business when I couldn’t be myself and was hiding from myself whilst in a shitty toxic and abusive relationship with myself?!

Until I reminded myself that I sure as shit didn’t come into this life to fit in.

To be a carbon copy of others.

To “niche down” in my business.

(Honestly, that word, “niche”, just makes me want to vomit at how truly fucking bland it is).

I carry a frequency within me for an Alien Empire.

I carry the frequency of Disruption.

I am a Disruptor. A powerful Catalyst.

I came here to heal my own shadow around being myself.

Most likely from other lifetimes (some of which I’ve seen in dreams and clairvoyantly) spent being persecuted for being me.

Witch Hunt, anyone?!

I see now how much healing I had to do with myself first.

To shed the layers of shadow and illusion I was holding onto that it wasn’t safe to be myself that was rooted in other lifetimes.

To stop the patterns of self-abuse towards myself.

To see myself through the eyes of God – through the Divine Itself – as Spiritual Being having a human experience.

To see myself as pure fucking Art.

To fall in love with myself.

To honour my uniqueness – because it’s what the world fucking needs.

I wouldn’t be here otherwise with front row seats to the Great Unfolding we are witnessing in the world as the Old Energies crumble so the New Frequency can take form.

And I wouldn’t have a passion to bring all of me into my business if I wasn’t meant to build my entire business on myself.

Being my own Muse, Icon & Brand.

I used to tie myself up in knots so much as to how to get everything to fit together.

Healing Services. Priestessing. High Level 1:1. Groups. Communities. Being a Confidante. Writing. Speaking. Disrupting. Supporting others with their own Alien Empires. Working with animals, with children – something I’m so often guided to.

Until I realised just recently – that I get to do it all, be it all and have it all.

That I literally am in the business of being me.

Because it’s my frequency that is what others desire and what I activate within you.

That I can create whatever I choose to create if it sets my soul alight.

That I can price products, services and offers intuitively based on what feels right in my body.

Using my body – and not my mind – to price everything.

That I get to be selective with who I work with 1:1. Or who I invite into deeply intimate groups with me. Because I know who can hold my frequency – which is an essential component for anything that I offer.

That I can work with people at all levels – across all price points – all healing aspects – because my business is designed to be bespoke.


Custom-curated Medicine.

That it’s me who is the glue that holds everything together.

That’ I’m literally in the business of being me.

Which is soooooo fucking healing to my soul given all the times I’ve hidden from being me, been told “not” to be me, toned it down and filtered myself in order to make others comfortable in my presence.

Fuck that shit.

I carry that Wound of Self-Identity (Chiron in Sidereal Aries) because I was meant to heal it. To become it. And also, help others with that same spiritual wounding too.

I would get myself so caught up in the how’s, the why’s, instead of just being.

Simply – being.

Telling myself that I couldn’t talk on everything that I was offering because it would be too confusing to my audience.

It isn’t.

Telling myself that I had to “teach” something in my videos on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram – instead of realising that it’s my frequency that is magnetic and it’s not about what I’m teaching.

Telling myself that people wouldn’t want what I was offering – based on old limiting beliefs from when I was undervaluing myself, over giving physically, emotionally and energetically.

Instead of realising that my entire business – brand – Alien fucking Empire – is about me being me.

And that is what my clients want from me.

That freedom and expansion from me that radiates through my energy and my frequency when I simply let go of the control over everything – and just – be.

Lea xo