Being A Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Disruptive CEO
September 25, 2022

Ahh the world of Entrepreneurship & Business!

It’s a bit like being a parent – everyone has an opinion on what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what you should be doing more of or less of.


Bore off.

That’s my response!

You see, most Entrepreneurs aren’t those of the Disruptive CEO types.

Most Entrepreneurs are following the same old tried and tested methods that have created success for many – but which don’t work for the Disruptive CEOs and those with an Alien Empire inside of us.

Those of us born to create, lead, innovate & disrupt through FREQUENCY BASED EMPIRES.

Yes – Frequency Based Empires are a real thing!

And I should know, because I run one.

But yet, despite my bravado to say so, I denied myself for so long the very thing I was here to birth into the world.

My Frequency Based Alien Empire.

My Disruptive Empire.

A company built on Disruptive Truth, Frequency, Energetics & Higher Dimensional Consciousness.

I used to listen to all the Mentors, the Coaches, the Business “Gurus”.

I bought the courses.

I hired the Mentors.

I consumed hours upon hours of YouTube Business University aka binge watching anything related to building a successful business online.

I joined the business communities.

And you know what??

They all bored the absolute fuck out of me.


They bored me to fucking tears.

Blah blah blah – the same mindless drivel being peddled which does not work for Alien Empire Entrepreneurs like you and I.

The Disruptors.

How so?!

Because these business models and the “success stories” being churned out like old butter are based in the old world.

The Old Paradigm.

The Old Earth.

Let me put this question to you – how can you create something new, something beyond anything created before, something far more innovative & pioneering than anything else seen on Earth – when you’re creating it through the lens of an old and outdated structure?

The very paradigm you’re here to disrupt and tear the fuck down.

Answers on a postcard please! I’ll wait….LOL.

You see – you can’t.

You’re a Pioneer. A Disruptor. A Rebel. An Innovator.

For want of a better word – you’re an Alien Entrepreneur. A Disruptive CEO.

Just like me.

And Alien Empires cannot be built in the old.

Because we are here to tear down and disrupt those very structures.

To birth the New from within the Void and on the path of the Unknown.

You see, it’s a little bit like the blind leading the blind.

Nobody has a fucking clue – because it’s never been done before.

And that is where the true Magick lies!

Because we are Innovators. Pioneers. Revolutionaries. Mavericks.

We get to call the shots on how we birth and nurture our Alien Empires.

We do.

Not the boring as fuck Business Gurus. Or the Coaches/Mentors rooted in the Old Earth still peddling the same old shit.

We call the shots.

Because our Alien Empires are frequency based.

This isn’t about how many marketing emails you can send out, how many people will subscribe to your YouTube channel or how many likes you get on your Facebook or Instagram posts.

Or dropping your pants for a cheap as fuck sale just because you feel you need a customer.

Fuck that.

This is about frequency.

This is about being who you are at the root.

Your True Divine Identity.


Doesn’t that feel more exciting? More liberating?

None of that boring as fuck, blandy bland shit that’s being peddled in the online space.

*yawns again*.

I’ll let you into a little secret.

I switched off from my Truth. I dampened my fire. I let the Boring Businesses choke the life and fire out of me.

I *gasp* conformed.


I switched off from my true voice. My true fire. My true vision.

I sought to create success in my company by being someone I’m not.

I stopped BEING the Messenger that I am.

I made my content more *proper* aka I tried to teach things through my content that I *thought* people wanted to know.

I cut off my creativity to make things more streamlined.

I cockblocked myself – for want of a better phrase!

I stopped writing. My YouTube videos and podcasts became less frequent as I asked myself. “What do I want to speak on today? What would people like to hear? What can I teach?”


Instead of being the messy, chaotic and all-over-the-fucking-place Multipassionate that I am.

I cockblocked myself.

I switched off from my creativity.

I stopped being the messy, chaotic & passionate Entrepreneur that I am who has multiple projects on the go, juggling multiple balls and being ALL the things!

I toned down my most potent gift of all – my Truth.


I toned it down. I tip-toed around people. Not wanting to be “too” triggering to them even though that is my Medicine – to activate the fuck out of you in the way that my Truth & Energy rip a fucking hole within you and blast through the Illusion & Shadow that are still in your Energetic Field.

I dumbed myself down.

Toned it down.

Put a limit on what I could and couldn’t say.

Kept my fire simmering instead of it being a raging inferno which burns through every ounce of Illusion, Shadow & Bullshit.

I literally became a shell of who I am.

I conformed.

I felt like I had a fucking noose around my neck.

I felt deeply frustrated.



And – sooooo fucking bored.

So bored.

I struggled along. Trying to make my business and company a success.

Whilst cutting the very life force of my Empire off.

My Disruptive Truth.

Dampening it.

Toning it down.

Watering it down so as to be more “palatable” to others.

Telling myself I couldn’t be all the things, believing the bullshit from Mentors I’d hired who couldn’t see what I see and comparing myself to others who weren’t building Alien Empires like myself.

OMG how fucking BORED I was!!!!!!!

That’s the thing – how can you compare yourself to someone who is creating something in a different frequency and paradigm?

You can’t.

You simply can’t.

That’s the thing about Alien Empires and being a Disruptive CEO – we get to call the fucking shots.

We get to be the messy, chaotic, all over the place Creators that we are.

Because that’s our Truth.

That’s our Frequency.

That’s our Divine Birthright.

To be all the things. Everywhere. Anyhow we please. Messy. Chaotic. Disruptive. Revolutionary.

Doesn’t that feel more exciting to tune into that version of you that exists?!

To unleash it all!

To be it all!

To have it all!

To go beyond everything you thought possible and turn the impossible into possible.

To play with and create Magick from being all of you!

That’s the thing about being a Disruptive CEO.

The one tasked with birthing and nurturing an Alien Empire.

This isn’t about you and your Ego.

What your Ego wants.

Fuck that.

This is about a Higher Frequency coming through you.

A Higher Consciousness.

A Galactic Consciousness that requires a Vessel through which to disrupt, to innovate, to pioneer and to lead.

That Vessel – is you.

When it comes to Alien Empires – when it comes to being a Disruptive CEO – you really do have to get the fuck out of your own way.

Because the Vision is far greater than you.

It goes far beyond anything you could imagine.

This isn’t about simply making a good income or even creating an impact.

This is about being a Messenger for powerful fucking change in the world.

This is about being the Vessel through which powerful fucking change is birthed.

Being the Vessel for a Higher Consciousness to come through you and to activate the New Earth.

To be a powerful Vessel for the New Golden Age as – together – we tear down the old, the systems, the structures, the paradigms, the beliefs and every ounce of bullshit and illusion that the world has been built on.

This goes far beyond who we think we are.

Yes, we’re here to impact. To lead. To innovate. To heal.

But above that, we are Pioneers of Consciousness and Disruptors.

Tearing down the old. Birthing the new.

Birthing The Alien.

A Higher Dimensional way of being that is alien to the human mind. It is illogical. Non-sensical.

But this is the Magick of Alien Empires and Disruptive CEOs.

We get to play in the Quantum. Playing in the Void. Playing in the Frequency of Beyond.

Beyond everything.

Being beyond.

Creating results, innovations & systems that defy all fucking logic.

Because they are just that – illogical.

I have experienced this in my own company with clients who I’ve activated deeply in a way that made no sense to either of us. Healing addictions overnight. Activating powerful awakenings and transformations. Healing illnesses & ailments that the client has had for a long time.

Disrupting the concept of time.

That things should take time.

Fuck that.

I can flick a switch within you – being the Glitch in your Energetic System – and unleashing powerful Healing, Truth & Transformation within you.

I am birthing many, many new projects right now.

Going back to my roots.

Disruptive Truth.

The kind of Truth & Energy that rips right through you and creates a powerful Vortex for you to step into your Truth & true Divine Identity.

Activating you at a cellular level within your DNA.

Activating your soul!

If being a Disruptive CEO speaks to you deeply, you can check out my brand new podcast – The Disruptive CEO – here.

This is a sister podcast to my original podcast – Leanne Juliette – which is dedicated to Truth, Transformation & Disruptive Consciousness.

I will shortly be sharing details of a powerful & activating course for Disruptive CEOS & Alien Empire Entrepreneurs because I want to activate the fuck out of you!

Activating you at the root of who you are!

Stripping you bare – to all that you are – and unleashing an even greater truth and impact from within you.

I’ll be sharing more details soon on this – but in a nutshell – it will be for those who are ready and willing to go deeper within. To unlock a greater depth within you across your Multidimensional Selves. To access a Higher Truth from within you. To vibrate at the frequency required for Alien Empires. Shedding the layers. Turning illusion & Shadow into powerful Truth. Creating powerful fucking impact in the world through your Frequency Based Empire.

Your Alien Empire.

Sending you much love,

Lea xo