Be Wholly, Fully and Uniquely You In Your Most Divine Energy
May 30, 2023
There is a power within me that is hard to put into words using Human language.
A power within me that is an alien frequency to the Human Collective.
A power so strong, so electrifying, so potent – so rooted at the cellular level of who I am and who my Soul is – that for a long time I turned it down because I knew that humanity wasn’t ready for me.
For a long time I always had a feeling that there were darker forces outside of me that tried to keep me quiet, tried to put obstacles in my path to distract me from my powerful Soul Mission and forces that did not want me to know how powerful I truly am.
Forces that made me doubt myself, turn away from myself, give my power to others and deny the Truth of who I am.
I have spent years healing this aspect of myself. Going deeper and deeper into myself – peeling back layer upon layer of Illusion to find the Truth – my Truth, my Power – and to acknowledge that power for what it truly is.
I am a force to be reckoned with. A powerful healing force here on Earth right now to shake shit up.
To advance Humanity into a Higher Frequency Consciousness.
To awaken, activate and facilitate powerful Transformation at a Soul level with my unique Frequency.
A Frequency that cannot be handled by most – nor is it meant to be.
A Frequency so potent that I will burn through anything not in full alignment with my client’s most Divine, Pure & Highest Self.
Anything out of alignment – multidimensionally – will be burnt away.
This is why there have always been forces outside of me – darker forces within the Universe – that did not want me to know who I am.
That kept me in a state of confusion about myself and denial of what I truly am capable of and the most pioneering Healing, Transformation & Activations I bring to those who choose to step into my Realm with me.
Because there are some in the Universe who do not want Humanity awakening and ascending into a Higher Frequency Consciousness – yet that process is already underway.
And I will not be stopped.
My power is a Gift from the Divine. From God. A Gift to Humanity itself as I awaken you from your earthly slumber and show you who the fuck you actually are.
I show you who you are – your most Divine Essence.
The Rare Diamond that is you.
And activate THAT frequency within you. To be wholly, fully and uniquely you in your most Divine Energy.
This is my Medicine.
This is my Truth.
This is the power that surges through me – the power I activate within you when you come into my presence, into my Realm.
A power that most cannot handle without blowing up – except for other Frequency Holders such as myself.
There is powerful Dragon Medicine within me that seeks to be shared with the world.
If this speaks to you, I invite you to reach out to me to see how I can facilitate your own powerful Transformation through the Activations I offer.
I invite you to step into the Realm of the Dragon with me – into this powerful Frequency I hold within me – as I open portals within you to experience powerful expansion, transformation & healing that take you beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.
I am currently offering 30 minute Dragon Heart Activations – to experience my current White Hot & Potent Frequency as I activate a power within you that you didn’t know existed which will burn through anything in your life that is NOT in full alignment with your most Divine Self.
Currently priced at £555 GBP for a limited period. Book here.
I am also offering other more intense opportunities to come play within your power with me through the Realm of the Dragon – including more intensive activation sessions and longer term ways to play in my Realm which I’ll be sharing over the coming days.
Until then, I leave you with the powerful Activation codes contained within these words.