How My Life Flipped Upside Down with My Spiritual Awakening
July 25, 2018

Spiritual awakening…you may or may not have heard of this term recently.  You may know exactly what I’m referring to….or you may just be thinking “WTAF?!”

I want to write a bit about my own spiritual awakening, how it came about, what went on for me and the impact its had on my life.  I’ll also give you tips on how to deal with your own spiritual awakening and how to recognise when you are going through one.

September 2017 – when my life took a different turn

My own spiritual awakening really got a boost in September 2017.  I was on holiday in Majorca (Spain) with my family and although I still had my 2 year old daughter to look after, I also had time to just switch off and think when she was napping.  Prior to going on holiday, I’d left a permanent 3 day per week job at the local college which I’d found very monotonous and borning to go back to my old job on a temporary basis in July 2017.  This was the job I’d left after my maternity because I was very unhappy there with the manager and the general set-up which had caused me a lot of stress even during my final pregancy trimester.  But I’d had a chance meeting with my friend Hayley (there really are no coincidences!) who had also gone back and who told me things had changed….and the old manager had gone.  Hooray!

So I packed in my permanent job….and took a chance with a temporary job with an ongoing contract that could be terminated at anytime.  I was apprenhensive but also excited to go back as it had always provided a lot of variety.  Plus I had a friend still there and I knew we’d have fun working together again!

And I had fun going back!! I had more flexibility, more challenges and it felt right.

However, I still had a lot of worries in the back of my mind that the job could end at any time and as I had bills to pay I started to feel anxious about possibly having zero income.  Especially given that the company I was now working for were bidding for new government contracts in the local area and everything was up in the air and not as it had seemed when I’d first gone back.

So back to my holiday.  This time was so crucial for me being able to evaluate where I was at in my life.  I was tired of living pay cheque to pay cheque.  I was involved with a network marketing company…my 5th one…but just wasn’t feeling the desire to be part of this industry…even though I think it’s a great industry.  It just didn’t feel like my path.  I had debt to pay.  We were renting a house and I was tired of not being able to buy our own house.  I was 37 years old and was pissed off at how I still didn’t feel like I had anything to show for my life since graduating from University and going travelling 13 years previously…except for my daughter.

That holiday was really the catalyst for my spiritual growth, my personal development and my awakening.  It gave me time to reflect on my life up until that point.  It gave me time to consider my options and to start taking responsibility for my choices rather than just allowing life to happen to me.  Because I was pissed off at never seeming to get anywhere with anything and just going round in circles…always trying to make something for myself but never really being able to connect with my true purpose.

October 2017

It was when I was back from my holiday and back at work that things really started to shift for me.  The company I worked for hadn’t won any new work bids in my location…which meant that the company would be closing the doors in that location at the end of the contract which was June 2018.  I remember thinking “oh FFS here we go again!!!” because it would mean having to get another job and quite frankly I dreaded the thought of another job because for years I’d been trying to align myself as an online entrepreneur and really wanted to make this work for myself.

I text one of my good friends Lana to have a moan about what was going on and telling her that I was really confused with everything at that moment and that I just wished I had a crystal ball so that I knew I had something lined up in case the job just ended.  Her response was the catalyst I needed:

“Can you make money blogging?”

I’d set up a website the previous year…well set up is a bit of an overstatement!! I’d bought a domain name but couldn’t figure out how to build a WordPress site (I’m a pro now!) so had just left it to gather dust.  But I knew that this was my opportunity to take a stand for myself and start taking control of my life again.

It was the kick that I needed!

From that moment on, once I started aligning with what truly lit me up….writing, helping people and connecting with others…it was like the Universe just aligned with me and my spiritual awakening really caught momentum!

I’ve always been spiritual….but….

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been very spiritual and intuitive.  My earliest memory of my claircognizance (my primary clair…clear knowing) was when I was 10 and I instinctively knew that my Granddad had died before anyone told me.  I’ve always been intuitive and had a knowing about things before they happened…but thought everyone was the same as me.  I’d always had feelings about people or situations that I couldn’t pinpoint….but again thought everyone was the same.  I’d always had super vivid dreams….again, believing that everyone else had too.

It wasn’t until October 2017 that I started to really notice that huge shift for me.  A couple of months prior I’d started noticing Angel Numbers for the first time and I enjoyed seeing them and learning about their meaning.  I’d started using my Tarot cards again (which I’d had for around 12 years) and started building my crystal collection again.  I started to become very in tune with who I was but I wasn’t fully owning it because I didn’t want to be referred to as “weird” by those around me.  Even though I’d always had this interest throughout my life, I wasn’t actively shouting it from the rooftops and just enjoyed my private Tarot readings with friends.  I was too worried about the judgement I’d receive.

When people don’t understand someone they can be very harsh.  But this says more about their own insecurities than who you are.

And yet through all of this I started to connect with more and more like-minded people.  Facebook Groups would suddenly appear to me in my suggestions and I’d discover even more like-minded people in these groups.  I started to feel more comfortable in my skin, asking questions about spirituality in these groups and learning more about what was going on for me.  I started listening more and more to my intuition….learning that I had to stop doubting myself because I really was (and still am!) highly intuitive.

I started noticing that my clairsentience (clear feeling) really started opening up more for me.  I’d get those goosebump shivers if I asked a question out loud and wanted confirmation and I would also intuitively feel what someone was about and know how to relate to them.

I started to trust myself more with an inner knowing that I’d never experienced before.

When you go against the norm, (some) people will judge you

When I started out on my spiritual awakening I had no idea that my spiritual beliefs and choices would cause so much controversy.  But they did!  It’s not like I woke up one day and thought “you know what, today I’m going to have a spiritual awakening!”.  Not at all!!! Not when you realise all the shit that you go through with your awakening and all the releasing of stuck energy, ascension and shedding what no longer serves you. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted! Although now my deeper understanding of Spirit, our soul’s choices and the Universe in general helps me to understand it all, back then when my awakening first started I had no idea that this was the path that my soul had chosen before I incarnated in this life.

What to expect during a Spiritual Awakening – My Experiences

As I’ve already mentioned, spiritual awakenings aren’t for the faint-hearted!  That’s not to say that those who don’t go through one aren’t strong people! Like I’ve said, you don’t consciously “choose” to go through this.  Your soul has already pre-programmed this into your DNA before you incarnated….so you don’t really have a choice!! Because your soul chose this path to experience greater enlightenment and growth.  And as those of us in the spiritual community know, if you try to resist it, you’ll only prolong the inevitable so you may as well take a seat, grab some popcorn…and watch the rest of your life unfold before your eyes…knowing that this is what your soul desires and that it can only be a good thing for you! My first experiences during my own spiritual awakening were that I seemed to suddenly gain clarity on what I wanted from my life.  I knew that I no longer wanted to just “exist” for the sake of existing.  I wanted to LIVE!  I wanted to live my life with freedom, with abundance, with a desire to help others and to succeed no matter what.  I wanted to have a clear purpose for my life and to live each day knowing that I was living my purpose and helping others to live theirs too.  Pretty deep I know….but hey, that’s what an awakening does for you when you are open to it.  Remember…don’t resist it!! It’s more painful if you do!

1. The other experiences I started to have were that my intuition and my clair abilities became even more fine tuned.  As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve always had those abilities but didn’t do much with them and yet as my awakening started I really noticed an increase in my clair abilities, especially my clairsentience and claircognizance, and I started to develop my clairvoyance and clairaudience more.  My intuition became super sharp to the point where I would stop doubting myself and just go with the flow of things and what was coming to me. I started to develop my mediumship (which I never knew was a part of me!) and connecting more with my Spirit Guides and Angels.

2. I really started to notice Angel numbers and other synchronicities….like….EVERYWHERE!  They’d appear all over and I started to really connect with the messages that my Angels were sharing with me.

3. I learnt that I’m actually able to channel Spirit through my writing.  I’d always loved writing and as a child I used to love the idea of becoming a journalist some day or writing my own book.  I know that I’ll be a published author soon….I just feel it!  I just became more in tune with my writing with my blog and started offering channelled writing (aka automatic writing) to friends as a way of doing a reading for them….with spot on info that I couldn’t possibly have know!

4. My chakras started opening up more and I began to really FEEL energy. I started picking up more on when someone was sad or happy…because I’d feel it in my heart chakra.  If they weren’t being true to themselves and communicating freely (or had a sore throat!)…I’d feel it in my throat chakra.  If they weren’t honouring their self-worth, or had a poorly tummy, I’d feel it in my solar plexus.  I became super connected to the energy around me and had to learn how to ground myself more and protect myself from others energies…because I became like a sponge!

5. I now know that I’m an Empath…but a different type of Empath to my friends who can really feel at a deeper level.  Not only do I feel others energy but I am also a Mirror Empath – so I reflect people’s true self back at them, their shadows, their light-side and I am able to cause triggers in people which brings up what they need to be working on right now.  Pretty powerful!  And I don’t even know that I do it!  But as I’ve stepped into my Authentic Self and really embraced my awakening, I’ve really taken on board the persona of an Activator and Catalyst….activating changes within people, being a catalyst for their own growth, even if it’s scary as fuck for them and they can’t understand what’s going on!

6. I became more in tune with the moon and the changing energies of the moon.  I really noticed this in January 2018 when there was a New Moon in my moon sign of Capricorn.  It’s like everything that I was holding back and hadn’t released yet was bubbling to the surface for me to acknowledge and release.  This was so true with the eating disorder I’d had in my early 20s when I was bulimic.  Even though I’ve moved on from that now, in actual fact, I’d never truly embraced that shadow aspect of myself and learnt to love the person I was then.  So the old feelings and actions started to come back into my life.  Even though I didn’t go down the purging road again, the binging and overeating started up again and I had to find ways to release those feelings of low self-worth and love myself unconditionally so that I could release those stuck emotions.

7. When going through an ascension shift and uplevelling so to speak I’d notice that I’d either be super sleepy….or super hungry.  Usually one or the other.  And I’m not talking about general hunger. I’m talking about the kind where no matter what you eat, it just doesn’t fill that bottomless pit of aching hunger in your stomach. Ouch!  And the sleep?! It’s like you are completely drained and wiped out but for no reason at all.  Your body is asking for you to rest and recharge as it takes a lot of energy to uplevel!

8. I began attracting people into my life who were destined to help me on my soul’s path of growth and enlightenment.  People who I became super close to…like kindred spirits…who were there to help me and for me to help them.  I started attracting more and more spiritual and high vibe Lightworkers to me like a magnet.  Because together we help to raise the vibration of the planet as it shifts into this new consciousness and out of the 3D into the 5D.  Deep…I know…but that’s for another blog post!

9. I started shedding my skin like a snake.  Not literally, thankfully! But metaphorically.  Situations, people, beliefs that no longer served me or my greater good….would (and still are) leave me.  And THAT is the hardest part of a spiritual awakening.  Everything you’ve known to be solid in your life….if it’s not there for your greater good…WILL leave you.  Relationships break down.  Friends move on.  Old beliefs and thought patterns disappear and you welcome in new ones that are more in line with your greater purpose.  Jobs that don’t serve you….gone.  Struggles that you are stuck in….gone.  Worries that bother you….gone.  People whose job it was to get you to where you are now and teach you lessons….gone.  And that, dear readers, is FUCKING HARD!!!! Because you KNOW in the depths of your soul that this is how things are meant to be.  You can see the lessons that you were supposed to learn and have learnt.  You understand the karma that you were meant to clear.  But it doesn’t make it any easier when your life literally gets flipped upside down.  And my awakening happened VERY fast!!! For some people it may take much longer.  And others it may be even faster than mine.  But what I do know is that you have to meet your awakening head on.  Stop resisting it.  Stop resisting when people/situations/beliefs move on from your life.  Stop resisting the changes.  Because you’ll only prolong the inevitable!

10. I realised that I’m stronger than I gave myself credit for! I knew that Divine Intervention was occuring with my job and that it was coming to an end in June 2018 because the contract was ending.  I was prepared for that and knew that I wanted to set up my own business, to be self-sufficient for myself, to really embrace my soul’s work of helping others to find their own purpose and help with the conscious shift and awakening of the planet.  What I couldn’t have possibly prepared myself for was EVERYTHING that happened in such a short space of time.  Like…literally within a month of each other!! My job was ending on 1st June 2018.  The day before…my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer for a 2nd time (she’d had it 18 years ago). And within a month….I’d made the decision to separate from my husband. BOOM! Everything shifted for me in one month! I know full well that this is because I NEEDED to embark on an even bigger journey than I could ever have thought possible but I really had no idea that ALL OF THAT would happen within a month of each other! And yet I felt calm about it.  Weirdly enough! Because I am a VERY different person to who I was 12 months ago and that person 12 months ago would have crumbled at the weight and magnitude of all those HUGE experiences which would have sent me back into the depression I was in a few years back.  But I didn’t crumble.  I felt calm.  I embraced those changes in my life and took on the challenge of stepping more and more into my calling. And that is thanks to my spiritual awakening which really started to help me reconnect with my soul, to shed the ego (yes it still crops up but I see it clearly now when it’s there!) and to see my life from a 5D and spiritual persective through the eyes of my Higher Self.

A final note

Those of us whose souls have chosen to go through a spiritual awakening right now have a huge mission in front of us to raise the conscious awareness of the earth.  More and more Lightworkers are stepping up into their calling and helping with the ascension process of the planet.  More and more of us are shedding what no longer serves us and embracing our soul’s purpose.  More and more of us are changing our careers to be more connected to healing and energy work.  So much is happening right now and if you are currently going through a spiritual awakening know that you are not alone!