Authenticity Is IN. Fake Is OUT.
January 01, 2024

Authenticity is THE thing everyone wants right now.

Authenticity meaning TRUTH.

People are BORED of fake shit.

Fake people. Fake food. Fake promises. Fake realities. Fake relationships. Fake everything.

As a Seer I will tell you this – something I’ve been seeing for at least 3 years now as I’ve secretly watched things shift in the direction of Authenticity & Truth:

Those who base their identity, their career, their relationships, their words, their connection to God and their very existence on the False Self – the Ego Self, the Shadow Self – those who do so, will see things crumble around them over the next few years.

I see it.

I have SEEN it.

And continue to see it.

We are living in an Age of Truth.

Meaning – illusion is being shattered minute by minute, day by day.

Illusion cannot withstand Truth anymore.

Those who have built an identity from their Wounded Ego – the False Self, the Shadow Self, the MATERIAL Self rather than the SPIRITUAL Self – will witness their world crumble around them.

As a Seer, my insights always come true. Just call me Nostradamus 🤷‍♀️.

The Age of the Vacuous Influencer is over.

The Age of Celebrity Worship as some kind of cult-like behaviour is diminishing.

The Age of pretending to be someone you’re not is being flattened.



Because Truth is pure.

Truth is divine.

Truth is authenticity.

Truth simply – is.

The most disruptive thing right now is to BE yourself.

Your Authentic Self. Your Divine Self.

To live life and create life from your Divine Blueprint.

To no longer be a slave to the False Matrix and the carrots it dangles to keep us in energetic enslavement.

Authenticity is in.

Fake is out.

If you wish to explore this further for yourself, to build your IDENTITY on Truth & Authenticity beyond the Shadow Self – the False Self – by healing what is not Truth across Multidimensional timelines and streaming Divine Consciousness into every area of your life, explore my 1:1 Exclusive & Bespoke Divine Realm or visit The Power Portal.

Identity is very much in right now.

Heal the Self-Identity and watch magic flow ✨