When Your Purpose Comes Knocking…Answer The Fucking Door!
November 20, 2019


So many people talk about purpose and soul purpose like it’s something outside of them.

“What’s my purpose?”

“What’s my soul’s purpose?”

“How’d I know if I’m living my purpose?”

“How’d I find my purpose?”

And so on.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

The thing is…your purpose is never outside of you. It’s always been within you. Waiting for you to wake up to your limitless potential. Waiting for you to understand your own highest vision. Waiting for you to grasp that you hold the power of the Universe within you. That you’re a Divine Conduit and an incarnation of God.

And I never use the term “God” in the religious context. And I’m the least religious person I know. But as someone who can easily channel Collective Consciousness, I know that God is within us all and we all carry that God Source energy within our very being.

Your purpose…you soul’s purpose…is never outside of you. To ask such questions is to deny that you are the Creator or Creatrix of your own reality and that you do not recognise that you are a Co-Creator with the Universe…God..Source…whatever you believe in.

Your purpose has always been known to you. Ever since you took your first breath. Ever since you decided to incarnate in this lifetime. It’s always been there. Your soul knew that when you were born you’d forget everything…forget who you have been and who you are…and that is why you set up certain situations/experiences/people in your life that would trigger a chain reaction of a return back to Source and back to Soul Consciousness.

To remember who you always have been and why you are here.

To ask such questions about your purpose is to hand over your power as a limitless divine being….and put it in the hands of something outside of you.

Always looking.


Searching for the answers.

But never finding them…because they have been within you this whole time.

That’s the thing about spiritual awakenings. You can be woken slowly from your slumber. Or jolted awake fast. Whatever is the most necessary thing to get you to wake up to why you are here and what you’re here to achieve.

My awakening was more like a swift jolt. I joke that I chose the fast track option LOL.

Plenty of experiences and situations leading me up to a strong desire to question who I was. Why I was here. What I was doing. And really hone in on my purpose.

When your purpose comes knocking…aka when you wake up to who you are and remember…you cannot keep shutting the door on it. Shutting it out. Closing it down. Turning it away like an uninvited guest with an excuse that you aren’t interested.

Like I did today with the local government people coming round to see if I’ll vote for them.

“Not today thank you!”.

The more you ignore your purpose…the more you deny your existence. The more you deny your existence…the more that your purpose will come knocking.

And each time getting louder and louder.

Until it’s banging down the door.

Which looks a little like the Universe pulling the rug from under your feet to jolt you into action. Such as an unexpected redundancy. A sudden relationship breakdown. A major health scare. A life or death situation.

Something major that screams “wake the fuck up and get off this path!”.

Until you answer the door to your calling…to your purpose…you’ll carry on feeling lost. Feeling apathetic. Feeling like there’s a sense of unease as you go about your day but never truly feeling satisfied.

Your purpose is within you. And everyone’s purpose looks different to the next person’s. But nobody’s is more important than that of another. We are all equals. All here with something to achieve in this lifetime.

Once you wake up to who you are…and why you’re here in this lifetime…why your soul chose to incarnate in this specific time…you really have to get the fuck out of your own way.

Stop doubting.

Stop letting ego and fears hold you back.

Stop giving your power away.

Stop denying the shadows that are within you that are a clue to your very power.

Wake up.

Show up.

Recognise that you are the one who controls your destiny. Not the forces outside of you. Just you. And you can surrender to your purpose…and get the fuck out of your own way…or carry on ignoring it and feeling like a sense of loss within you or a sense of unease or just that “blah” feeling that you should be doing something more.

Again, everyone’s purpose is different. But what matters is that you be true to yourself. That you surrender. That you recognise that there’s something far greater within you…because you are a Co-Creator with the Universe and hold the keys to your destiny within your very being.

When your purpose comes knocking…answer the fucking door!

It’s not about trying to figure shit out and overcomplicating things.

It’s simply embodying who you always have been. Or should I say…who you always were before you adopted some bullshit beliefs or programming from your parents, your peers and the society around you.

Remembering your truth.

And tapping into your highest vision…minus the bullshit you’ve been telling yourself.

Stop making it so fucking hard to be all of you.

And just be.

Really…just be.

Let go of the need to compare yourself to others.

Let go of the need to adopt a certain way of being that doesn’t allow you to feel expansive as fuck.

Let go of the need to listen to others because you put their gospel on a pedestal and deny your own truths.

Let go of the need to shrink down and dim your light because you’re worried about pissing people off when you embody your highest self.

Stop making it so fucking hard for yourself.

And really…stop being so fucking human about it all.

Yes…I really said that. Stop being so human!

Because humans love to overcomplicated shit. Humans love to dance around the very door of opportunity because they’re waiting for a fucking invitation. Humans love to get swallowed up in struggle and the need to understand the ins and outs of a fart.

The soul doesn’t. And your highest self doesn’t. Because deep down…you know who you are. Who you’ve always been. You know that you are a powerful Creator or Creatrix. You know that you have magic coursing through you when you honour your uniqueness and just give yourself permission to be all of you.

You know your purpose. But if you’re turning it away…then you’re denying the abundance that the Universe is trying to bring you (with abundance being all areas of your life…love, wealth, security, happiness etc).

Your highest vision is there. It’s always been there. Your vision is your vision. Not mine. Not the next person’s. Its yours.

And it’s your vision…because you bloody well chose it to be before you incarnated in this life. You chose your vision. You chose the path of your purpose that would enable you to birth your vision and co-create it with the Universe.

So why deny it?!

Or worse…why look outside of yourself…constantly looking for the answers from someone or somewhere else. Giving your power away. Denying your magic. Denying the fact that you are a limitless being who carries the Universe within herself/himself.

When your purpose comes knocking…for the love of God…answer the fucking door!

Answer your calling.

There are people waiting for you to step the fuck up. To step into your truth. To remember who the fuck you are…who you always were…who you always have been. There are people waiting for you to do this. Because when you do…you signal something in them. A wake up within them. An impact within them.

They are waiting for you to stop dancing around the truth of who you are…so you can get on and live your life with purpose, passion and vision.

Because really…that’s why we are all here.

To experience this thing called humanity. To experience what it’s like to be human. To experience the ebbs and flows of a human existence.

And honouring your purpose….stepping into it (whatever it is for you)…allows you to live your life to the fullest.

Answer the door…and just be who you came here to be.