| 27 | The Tale of Two Earths

Jun 26, 2021

In this episode of the Disruptive Consciousness podcast, I’m discussing my experiences with dimensions shifting and what I like to call the tale of 2 Earths.

This started 6 months ago in January 2021 in which I started to experience the energies of 2 different Earths. Like there was a mirror – or more accurately, one of those two-way mirrors used in interrogation rooms – where I could see others around me going about their day but in which I felt – and knew – that we were in different dimensions on different Earths.

The Earth definitely is separating in an effort to evolve consciousness and it definitely feels like there are 2 different Earths – even though I know that in terms of multidimensionality there are many upon many Earths – but there are definitely 2 very distinct ones now.