| 26 | Act In The Now & Seize Opportunities In The Now

May 20, 2021

Welcome to a new episode of The Evolved Consciousness Podcast! I know I’ve been MIA for the last month – I’ve actually been going through another very deep and transformational awakening.Which has been very liberating for me! I’ll record an episode on it soon!In this episode, I’m discussing the importance of taking action in the now and seizing opportunities in the now.This podcast was brought about from some recent interactions with people enquiring about working with me but who decided to “wait” until the timing was better.But you see, when we delay taking action, we actually postpone our own growth.How many times have you said to yourself “oh I’ll just wait on this” and then wonder why nothing has shifted for you?I recently took on a new 1:1 client for my highly shamanic and transformational ongoing 1:1 work.Were her circumstances ideal when she decided to work with me? Nope.  Did she have all her “ducks in a row” before saying yes to this transformational opportunity? Nope.She acted in the now. Because she knew that to hold off on what I was offering her was to delay her own growth and to stay in her own pain longer.She acted in the now and is already reaping massive growth in just a week.You can change your life in an instant when you take action in the now and be present in the now.Overthinking things and delaying taking action are all a lack of trust in your Higher Self and the guidance that is continually available to you.Enjoyed the episode? You can now follow The Evolved Consciousness Podcast on Instagram – take a screenshot of the episode and tag me or the show in your stories!*******To connect with me further, click on one of the links below:WEBSITE |BLOG |YOUTUBE CHANNEL |FACEBOOK BIZ PAGE |FACEBOOK |INSTAGRAM |PINTEREST |Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/leannejuliette)