| 25 | Multidimensional Consciousness & The Shadow

Apr 20, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of The Evolved Consciousness Podcast! In this episode, I’m discussing what Multidimensional Consciousness is and how this relates to The Shadow.Shadow is part and parcel of the work I do in this lifetime.Multidimensionality is also part and parcel of who I am and what I do.In this episode, I want to help you to understand the energetics of The Shadow much better. I go far beyond what New Age Spirituality Teachers will teach you about The Shadow.People talk about “doing” Shadow Work. But it isn’t something you “do”. It’s something you become.It’s about integrating the shadow into your Multidimensional Consciousness across Space & Time.By accessing the root of the Shadow.Which is never from this current lifetime. It’s an energetic residue from other lives, parallel lives, simultaneous lives and ancestral timelines.In this episode, I also mention my new community on Facebook – Disruptive Consciousness. This is a free community for those who desire to swim deeper with Consciousness, Shadow, Astrology and all things that disrupt our psyche.Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/disruptiveconsciousnessEnjoyed the episode? You can now follow The Evolved Consciousness Podcast on Instagram – take a screenshot of the episode and tag me or the show in your stories!*******To connect with me further, click on one of the links below:WEBSITE |BLOG |YOUTUBE CHANNEL |FACEBOOK BIZ PAGE |FACEBOOK |INSTAGRAM |PINTEREST |Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/leannejuliette)