| 18 | Why Are Women Afraid To Own Their Power?

Aug 3, 2020

Welcome to another episode of The Evolved Consciousness Podcast! In today’s episode, I’m talking about why women are afraid to own their power. Especially spiritual women and female Spiritual Entrepreneurs.Women can be consumed with shadow energy. Too afraid to step up, speak up and show up. Worried about showcasing their gifts and abilities.Fear around charging their worth for their spiritual gifts. Or….*gasp*…offering their gifts for free…from the goodness of their heart…and then wondering why they are broke as fuck.Being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to be broke.Your power is who you are – and it’s waiting for you to stop fucking around with who you are and just decide…then own that frequency.To connect with me further, click on one of the links below:VISIT MY WEBSITE |READ MY BLOG |SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL |FACEBOOK BIZ PAGE |FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK |CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM |FOLLOW ON PINTEREST |Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/leannejuliette)