A paid community for the Entrepreneurial Spirit who is looking to rise up and connect with her truth..to be a bad bitch going against the grains of society. 

To disrupt the norm....and shatter paradigms....removing yourself from the illusion of the fears that keep you and your business playing small instead of calling in exactly what you deserve!

This community brings my potent energy and power to cut through the bullshit you're telling yourself over and over again about why you can't be who you fucking well are.

Channelled truth bombs and epic teachings to set your soul alight...to show you your worth and your unique fire.

This is your invitation to step into your calling and your purpose and be encouraged to step the fuck up! 

To be the whole damn fire in a community of other Entrepreneurial Spirits who are ready to rise!

Because so many women like you want to take action with your purpose but are too fucking scared of WHO you are.

Afraid to just be. 

Afraid of your gifts.

Unsure of what you should be doing.

Scared to take action. 

Unsure of your identity. 

Scared to ask for what you fucking well deserve to make through your business.

Feeling unsupported by those around you or just lost and directionless.

Not always feeling like you fit in.

Afraid of rocking the boat when you unleash your soul's message...which is powerful as fuck!

​And needing someone to give you that spiritual ass kicking once in a while...LOL

And that's why 🔥Bad Bitches Rising🔥 is here!

​It's a pay monthly community held within a Closed Facebook group - no commitment, cancel anytime.

I bring the fire...the energy, the potent magic of my genius and my gifts plus my epic teachings to remove the veil you're hiding behind and basically shove a mirror in your face to show you your soul's truth.

And what she's crying out for in your business.

I have a no bullshit fiery attitude... I tell you what you NEED to hear... not necessarily what you WANT to hear.

I talk to your shadows.

I connect you with your Higher Self. 

I call you out on what you are hiding from.... to allow your soul to shine through.

To give you a platform to show up and shine!

And give you a spiritual ass kicking when you need it....because we all need one of those from time to time and Spirit often give me an ass kicking too!

I WANT you to rise up into your purpose and be whoever the fuck you came here to be.

To let go of the limiting beliefs.

Let go of the fear to be yourself.

To step into your calling and be encouraged to do so!

To call in the money you deserve to make!

I'm a Spritual Leader, Soul Catalyst, Intuitive Psychic Empath and Visionary - and I am here to fire you up to create the impact you came here to create through living your purpose as an Entrepreneurial Spirit! I'm a powerful Dark Worker....and I WILL trigger your shadows and your fears! How do you expect to grow otherwise?!

I'm not for the faint hearted...because my intense energy invites you to rise up and let go of the illusion of who you believe yourself to be.

When you let go of fear, unworthiness, guilt and shame...you become an energetic match for more abundance and a business that makes your soul sing!

With 🔥Bad Bitches Rising🔥 you'll get:

🔥 2-3 powerful as fuck teachings per month plus channelled messages

🔥 Powerful as fuck energy - I bring the fire to the community, to light you up. to trigger your growth and to encourage you to expand as an Entrepreneurial Spirit

🔥 Teachings include: Shadow Archetypes, Soul Alchemy, Manifestation, Quantum Leaps in Business, Speaking Your Truth, Energetics, Soul Growth and much more!

🔥 This is now the only space to get access to my teachings and intuitive channelled messages (outside of group programmes or 1:1 work)

The energetic exchange for this is $111USD per month. No contract. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

​My work and my message are powerful and transformational which is why this community is now THE ONLY way to gain access to my teachings and channelled messages outside of 1:1 or group work.

This is a space for powerful energy and transmuting the energy that no longer serves you - it's for those ready to invest in their soul's growth as an Entrepreneurial Spirit and to stop playing small.

I WANT YOU to rise up in your business.

I WANT YOU to set those energetic boundaries and become a Boundary Ninja.

I WANT YOU to STOP playing small.

I WANT YOU to know your worth...really FEEL that worth. And charge whatever the fuck feels aligned for you!

Why Bad Bitches?

Because we're the women here to break through the energy that's held us back from our purpose before.

To shatter paradigms.

To create an impact.

To have a voice.

To go inspire others to follow their purpose....by you being you.

By not giving a fuck anymore about who you are.

To be the 1% of the 1%.

Whatever your purpose is as an Entrepreneurial Spirit....you deserve to show up and stop holding back... to be the whole damn fire 🔥.

And sometimes we just need someone else to show up for us and to give us permission to show up...with fire!