- ignite -

work with me 1:1

Experience my potent energy!

Transform your soul!

Unite your Soul Consciousness with your Entrepreneurial Spirit!

I see through illusions. I reach through to your soul and cut through the fear, the ego and the bullshit you've been hiding behind. 

I empower you to step into the person you came here to be.

To go create an impact with your unique soul medicine!

renewal and rebirth.
those are powerful words!

I will stand in the fire with you as we burn through what no longer serves you. Standing in the fire with you to show you your truth, who you are, your genius and what your soul is here to do.

I see through illusions.

I see through ego.

I see through shadows.

I see what's underneath the mask you've been hiding behind.

I see it all, I feel it all and I connect with your soul to empower you to step into your truth.


My work is not for the faint-hearted. 
It's for those who are ready to rise.
Ready to follow their calling.
ready to unmask their truth and soul.

So you're ready to feel the fire as you unleash your soul's genius and powerful as fuck message?

Ready for rebirth, renewal and regeneration?

Perhaps you're an Entrepreneurial Spirit just dying to let your soul out to play and create a life on your terms?!

Letting your genius out!

Ready to allow your soul to sing as you do the work of your soul...the work you came here to do...but the work that, let's face it, you've not been doing because you've been hiding away from your truly epic genius!

Quite frankly, you're probably frustated as fuck that you feel this calling...but it feels so big and so out of reach. Kind of like "why me?!". So you hold back. Playing small...not fulfulling your potential.

I get it.

This was me.

And I had no idea how much I had been denying my soul's truth.

My genius.

The work that I actually came here to do.

No doubt you realise you are playing too fucking small in your life and/or business.

Maybe you're not charging your worth...because deep down you don't feel worthy of calling in whatever the fuck you want to earn.

Or perhaps you're attracting the wrong type of clients who leave you feeling frustrated and/or drained.

Or maybe your relationships just feel "blah" because you're not showing up in all areas of your life??

Or maybe you're sticking with what feels comfortable, maybe it's paying the bills (or maybe not!) and you just think "oh well I should be grateful" when inside your soul is screaming "Fuck NO!!!! We're here to thrive not survive!!!!"

Or maybe you feel the callings of a business within you...but it feels scary to acknowlege and step into that level of power and genius...so you do overcomplicated shit or work with a Business Coach who doesn't understand your soul's message or you just hide from your truth.

Step into your calling with fire in your soul! Why play small?!

Own who the fuck you really are! You're a limitless abundant soul!

Bring your Genius and Entrepreneurial Spirit to life! Unity through truth!


Because, beautiful soul, you came here with a big fucking purpose!

Sit with that a minute.


You came here with a big fucking purpose.

To create an impact in the world.

To create that ripple effect with your work.

To release your own potent medicine into the world - your genius and your truth.

To touch the lives of thousands or millions (or even bilions!) just by doing your soul's work and allowing your soul to guide you.

And that's where I come in!

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    I'm a Spiritual Leader and Soul Catalyst. And what you'll notice about me is my energy - it's fiery and potent!
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    I speak to soul's...like a Soul Whisperer! But I'm a Catalyst for growth...I like to burn down what isn't serving you!
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    I hear, see, feel and know the message your soul is trying to convey with you.
  • And I see through all the illusions, masks and bullshit you're hiding behind...whether consciously or subconsciously. And I call you out on that shit ;-)
  • I trigger your growth by triggering your shadows and ego.
  • I help you to alchemize the energy of fear and turn it into your power - shadow alchemy!
  • I leave your ego and shadows screaming for fucking mercy...whilst your soul is shouting "Fuck yeah, let's do this!!!".I'm intense, my genius is powerful, my energy is potent as fuck....and this is what gets you to shatter those paradigms you've been living behind.
  • I'm a Soul Catalyst, an Intuitive Heyoka Empath, Psychic, a Visionary, a Channel, a Medium, an Alchemist, a High Priestess, a Shaman, a Witch and a Wise One - pretty big list of soul tools mastered over lifetimes!
  • As a Psychic and Intuitive Empath, I hear / feel / see / know / sense everything about you that you're avoiding - and the very things that will set you free and empower you on your own journey.
  • I'm a bridge between the 2 worlds of the human and the spiritual worlds - I connect you with your soul's truth by transcending both worlds

I've had to burn in the fire myself. Burn through who I was not. experience loss.
and that is why I'm equipped to now walk with you through your own fire. I'm here to empower you in your own soul's journey.

You're here to feel empowered.

To wake up your soul.

To follow your calling and stop doubting who you are.

To shine bright as you work your magic in the world! Your medicine. Your genius!

You're here to shatter paradigms and create that shift in the Collective Consciousness.

But you've been scared.

Scared of how powerful you really are.

Scared of how potent your truth is.

Scared to show up in case of judgement or fear of failure or fear of being seen as "too much".

Scared to be all in with who you are.

I'm the fire for your soul's epic growth!

My work is not for those who are looking for someone to hold their hands.

I don't sugar-coat and certainly won't be your cheerleader when you're avoiding your truth and your calling.

My work is not for those looking for someone to gloss over the actual truth.

I'm certainly not for those who are afraid of being triggered (how else do you think you grow?!)

And I'm not for those who are too afraid to be all in with themselves.

I'm intense, my genius is powerful, my energy is potent as fuck....and this is what gets you to shatter those fears and shadows you've been living behind.

I call your soul through. Allowing your Entrepreneurial Spirit to merge with your Soul Consciousness. 

I'm the fire for your soul's epic growth.

I empower you to transmute the energy of your fears, illusions and shadows into the powerful as fuck energy of your truth, your genius and your soul's message.

I guide you to open a door to allow your soul's truth and your Business Consciousnes to walk through together hand-in-hand as an empowered energetic unity. 

To create your own magical playground built on your terms!

It's called alchemy, baby!

welcome to my playground 
- ignite -


a powerful 4 month container of energetic alchemy, potency and soul growth!

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    4 months together - you and I - standing in the fire together to empower you to FINALLY stepping into your FULL soul's calling!
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    3 x 45 minute recorded video calls per month - short, sweet and potent!
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    Powerful energetic shifts and quantum leaps!
  • Channelled intuitive guidance
  • Ripping off the bandaid!
  • Empowering you to merge your Soul Consciousness and Entrepreneurial Spirit, alchemizing your shadows and allowing you to connect with your genius and truth! 
  • Ignite is my soul's playground - where I get to step into my own genius to call through yours!

The world is waiting for you to show up with your soul's medicine! Your truth! Your genius! The impact you are here to make!

Does this sound like where you are being called to go?!

Well here's some cold-hard facts.

I'm very particular about who I work with.

Even if you complete the application below, there's no guarantee we'll get on a call together.

I tune into your energy through your application and decide whether we could be a good fit together.

Oh and my 4 month intensive, powerful as fuck 1:1 work is $25K (4 month payment plan available).

This is soul transformation at the highest level - and you know you're done with playing small and messing around with everything that hasn't worked for you so far!

If you are completing an application form to work with me (and to book a 30 minute interview with me - yes, I interview all applicants!), then you do so because you are in a position to pay for this 1:1 work on our call. 

I respect your time and energy as much as my own and don't book out calls to those who aren't ready to work together.

So, if I haven't scared you away yet, then there's a pretty good reason we're supposed to work together!


The next step is to complete the Application Form below.

Depending on your answers, it'll determine whether we'll have a follow-up interview or not.

If yes, I'll send you a link to my calender to book a call.

If not, I'll send you other ways you can work with me or signpost you to someone I know who is perhaps a better fit.


Are you ready to step into my world and unleash your genius as an epic as fuck empowered Soul Consciousness and Entrepreneurial Spirit?!

See you on the other side!

"Leanne is powerful and amazing to work with! Her mission to empower others comes through in all that she does and shares with others"



Soulful Life Empowerment Coach

"Just need to let you know...you are a fucking legend! So grateful I decided to work with you!"



apply to work with me here!
ignite is waiting for you...are you ready?!

Complete the Application Form below to work with me - be honest in your answers! And I'll be in touch!

trust me...the longer you wait to follow your soul's calling...the higher the cost becomes (i know this lesson all too well!).

stop denying who you are.

Hiding from your truth.

you deserve to live the life you came here to live and create your mark in the world.

I know what it feels like to feel lost.

To feel like you're being called to something far greater than you can imagine.

To doubt yourself.

To doubt your soul's magic and medicine.

To wander further and further away from who you are, constantly searching, investing more and more in the wrong people or wrong programmes.

All the while denying who you truly are.

Believe me...the longer you wait to finally step into your soul's calling....all in...not some half-arsed attempt....the higher the cost.

Emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

Spirit don't hang about when your soul has asked to be awoken to it's truth and calling.

And you'll keep getting those nudges (subtle at first....louder the longer you resist!) until you finally say yes to your soul.

All in. 110%. No ifs or buts...all in with saying yes to your soul.


Yes it's intensive.

It's called Ignite for a reason ;-)

But your soul knows....and your soul is calling for epic as fuck transformation.

2019 - Leanne Juliette