Guest Blog – How I Healed Anxiety and Panic Through Spiritual Practices – Christina Valenzuela

Guest Blog - How I Healed Anxiety and Panic through Spiritual Practices -Christina Valenzuela

Anxiety is no joke.

There is nothing like experiencing fear at such heights, no one can possibly understand unless they’ve been there. The blood rushes through your veins. Adrenaline hitting you within a blink of an eye. Palms become sweaty. Your mind races with no direction to go. The what if’s dance to the rhythm of your fast beating heart.

Anxiety is no joke.

And, if you have experienced this, you know exactly what I mean. It hits without warning and seems to show up at the worst times. It can stop you in your tracks, force you into changing your plans, or better yet, completely stops you from living life.

You see, I started this long road a little over 10 years ago, and it all started with a panic attack that left me rushing to the hospital expecting the doctor to tell me that I was dying of a heart attack. I know what you’re thinking… well, isn’t that a bit dramatic? YES! That’s the whole point. Anxiety is dramatic, and it can show in so many ways.

Needless to say, after years of not really paying attention to it, relying and giving my power away to medication and anything that would numb it… it smacked me so hard that it spun my world upside down. I was left jobless, carless, and rushing back to live with my Mom. The worse part was that it left me so paralyzed in fear that I became homebound. Afraid to be alone, afraid to blink, and afraid at the thought of the chaos in the world outside.

Everything that I had ever known disappeared, as I watched my life, some friends, and even my independence fly out of the window.

But this isn’t a sob story, or to stir up the role of being a victim because in all of this mess, I STILL HAD A CHOICE.

A choice to heal myself.

A choice to ask for help.

A choice to fight the good fight.

It was an everyday battle of checking my emotions, checking my anxiety, and putting them back in their place. I dealt with raw emotions resurfacing after years of being suppressed. Triggers that would occur at random times, leaving me with tear flooded eyes, lost, and confused.

There were moments that I wanted to give up. There were moments that I thought things wouldn’t change. But it was in those dark moments, I found the most light. It was in those moments that I found my strength.

Just like seasons, I had moments of fiery energy that I leaped at risks and took chances. Other times I would need to rest, rejuvenate and reflect to find out more of myself. This went on and I continued to progress. It became addicting to see the change and to see the growth.

I found myself being lead to holistic doctors that healed my energies, to coaches that helped my confidence and to some that helped me reframe my mindset. It was as if the Universe stepped in and rewarded me every step along the way.

I found myself starting college to further my education. I created a jewelry business. Then suddenly one day I decided to come out of hiding and express to the world that I was spiritual. I started my own business and since then have been building my empire.

It all started with one decision to heal my life… to change my reality. And, no matter what, you can do the same. Whether it is anxiety, just like me, or boosting your confidence to understand that you are worthy of living the life you want, it only takes that one decision.

Now hang on tight, we’re about to go down the fast-paced domino effect of tapping into your spiritual awakening because the minute I made the decision to heal myself was the minute my life changed!

Here’s how I did it:


You see, somewhere down the line, I learned that becoming an observer to the thoughts in your mind, in my case, anxiety, gave you more power to understand the bigger picture.

I woke up day after day, spending 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night in pure silence, in meditation. So many people think that meditation is to silence your brain, and let’s be real… that doesn’t happen overnight and before you know it, most people give up. But if you learn to become the observer of your thoughts, you will see that it transfers into your reality; hence, giving you the ability to observe your thoughts… aka, putting those fears, anxieties, and panic into its rightful place. Or, aka, helping you shift your mindset at a much faster rate!



First rule of thumb, don’t ever force anything. Let go of the control and surrender.

The more you try and control every aspect of your journey, the longer you will push back your abundance. Learn to go with the flow and trust that you are being provided for every step of the way, because… well, you are!

Wait, did I mention that I am an Angel Medium? Another perk of stepping into my spiritual awakening and making the decision to heal myself!

I built such a profound relationship with my angels, that it led to epic transformations that took place on so many levels. I began to communicate with them on a regular basis; through angel numbers, feathers, and they gave me messages of hope whenever I felt like I couldn’t go on. The foundation of my spiritual understanding began to form, and I noticed the more I leaned into that trust, the more my anxiety simmered down. But, even better, I learned to trust the connection I had with myself, and that has been the greatest gift of all.

And, guess what? You can have this too!



Spirituality goes so much deeper than wearing certain clothes, becoming a crystal addict, and drinking fancy drinks. There is a beautiful connection from reality to the inner workings of your soul that lead you back to who you were meant to be all along, which is full of strength and perseverance.

This comes with accepting two things:

1) That you are amazing at whatever part of the journey you are on. Acceptance holds so much strength in saying, “I am perfect the way I am now”, which says to your soul, “I love you right here, right now”.

2) Accept that this road is yours to take, and that it takes time. Do not compare your journey to others. This is yours, and that makes it that much more special!

Acceptance is love. So, accept where you are here, and your soul will lead you to where you want to be!



Here I am, five years later, stronger than ever, still learning and growing, except now I help improve the lives of others, showing them that their strength is only a decision away. All of these wonderful things have brought me to this incredible understanding that each of us matter and we are so important. Don’t lose yourself in your struggle, it is only a season. Soon enough, you’ll be on your way when you make that decision to heal and move forward.

No matter what circumstance you face, remember that you are never alone. The strength resides within you because you are a being of magical wonders and light. Don’t be afraid to decide, today, that you are no longer willing to hold back your dreams. It’s time to free yourself and let your light shine.


Love and Light to you,



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Anxiety Healing through Spirituality - Christina Valenzuela


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