How To Use Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards Combined in Readings – By Francesca LoGiudice

How To Use Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards Combined in Readings - By Francesca LoGiudice - Guest Blog

I want to thank my friend, Leanne, for inviting me to be a guest blogger this week on the topic of how I use angel oracle cards in combination with traditional tarot cards in my readings. Leanne’s blog posts, web sites, and Facebook posts have been life changing for me, so I’m honored to return a little bit of that grace back to her.

How I Got Started

So, I started using my intuition and tarot cards close to 20 years ago. A mother of a friend of mine wanted to go to a class at our local New Age shop but was afraid to go on her own. I have always loved learning, so I jumped at the chance to explore the mysteries surrounding the tarot. Being a teacher and a perpetual learner made me ready to spend hours learning all the “meanings” of the cards. What I discovered that night is that the hours of study would come, but I already had the messages inside of me.

Here’s a little secret: anyone can read tarot. The important ability is being able to listen to your intuition after looking at the cards and TRUST. The cards are merely tools that help you interpret what that voice is telling you. But that’s a post for another day. I learned to read tarot with the traditional Rider-Waite deck which is definitely what I would suggest to anyone who wanted to practice with these tools. But I have since broken away to use different decks as varied from an Alice in Wonderland themed deck to a Game of Thrones deck (6 weeks until the U.S. premiere!). There is a tarot deck for almost any interest group. I have come across a few that didn’t really resonate with me although I admired the creativity of the deck designers.

I would say the cards that have intrigued and taught me the most were the Angel and Archangel Tarot decks designed by Radleigh Valentine (Unfortunately, his co-creator, Doreen Virtue, has condemned these beautiful cards along with many other intuitive tools and decks due to her born again status). Being raised and educated through college as a Roman Catholic, I was immediately attracted to the idea that the angels that I was so familiar with could be combined with the mysticism of tarot. I had the backwards notion that by using tarot, I was performing some kind of act against God and his angels. The God that I knew was what I call a more New than Old Testament God, one who knows that there is more than one path to honor him. Thus, these angel cards were a way for me now to talk directly to what others call the Divine or Spirit. Tomato, tomat-ah as far as I’m concerned. God is love is Divine is Spirit is the Universe. Choose whichever label works for you.

Valentine’s Archangel Deck focuses on the big 4 archangels: Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Ariel. He lined up these archangels with the 4 suits of tarot. Below you will find a graph that shows how the angel cards correspond and add meaning to the traditional tarot symbols.


ArchAngels and Their Tarot Counterpart – Angel Cards

Archangel Known for Traditional Tarot Suit Suit Traditional Meanings
Michael strength, courage, mercy, justice, righteous Swords messages, problems, obstacles, clarity, fear
Ariel protector of earth, animals; environmental angel Pentacles money, earth, material goods, career, financial matters
Raphael physical and emotional healing, help with addictions, restores harmony and peace Cups love, emotions, feelings, relationships, connections
Gabriel delivering messages, inspiring teachers, writers, creative artists, female angel. overcoming procrastination Wands creativity, energy (positive and negative), spirituality,


I am always amazed when I think about how much creativity and divine inspiration it had to take for Rad to line up all the qualities so well. As you can see there are some contradictions like Gabriel being known as the messenger angel, yet she is not lined up with swords which are often associated with receiving or giving messages. However, it is so funny that as a teacher I have always had an affinity for Gabriel (who I always thought was male). If a client comes to me with financial questions, I not only look closely at any pentacles that show up in a reading, but I also call on Ariel to help me give good advice pertaining to the situation. I know this is not advice from my Ego because often the things that come out of my mouth surprise me as much as the client. If I see a lot of Michael cards coming up in any kind of reading, then that gives me a heads up that this person has a lot of fear around the question. Michael is the great protector so I’m sure to remind the client that he/she is not alone but protected by him but by the Universe. As Leanne has taught me, things don’t happen TO you but FOR you. The archangel cards help me communicate not only what is happening in his/her life but also how to grow from the experience. (I should also mention that much of what I have learned about the angels comes directly from Radleigh Valentine’s teachings. If you EVER get the chance to see him in person or take an online class from him, DO IT. You will be charmed by his giggles and will learn so much about how to listen to the Divine).

This chart shows how I use angel and tarot cards to either confirm a first message or give an alternate perspective on the issue. For a while I used Angel and Archangel cards (along with Rad’s Fairy Tarot Cards which are great for manifestation advice) as the basis for my readings. But now it purely depends on the question being asked, the preference of my client, and quite frankly how well I’m hearing Spirit on a given day.

As I have worked with Leanne and learned more about my connection with Spirit, my interest in finding new combinations of cards has grown. I still don’t have it all figured out, but I am loving exploring how to use spiritual tools along with my intuition to help my clients and myself with issues. If you are at all interested in any of these spiritual tools, take the plunge and try one deck out. Please don’t let the mystique around tarot or unfounded fears about divination tools stop you from using something that could help you hear what your Higher Self is telling you. Many blessings to you all.


About The Author

This blog post has been written by Francesca LoGiudice is a passionate Tarot and Angel Card Reader…and a badass Second Grade Teacher! You can connect with her via her YouTube channel – Crystal Clear Tarot Card Reading with Francesca


Photo Credit: Photo by David Beatz on Unsplash


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