About Leanne Juliette

So what's my story?!

We all have one!

I originally set up my website as a way to uplift and inspire other women through blogging. 

I had….and still have!....a burning passion and desire within me to empower other women to see how much you can achieve….if you just get out of your own way!

I experienced a rather rapid spiritual awakening in 2017….namely…my soul started remembering who I actually am….unearthing so many dormant abilities and wisdom from many, many lifetimes! I'm a very ancient soul!

It wasn’t until June 2018 that I really had a huge leap within my life as quite literally….everything crumbled around me….but it was to be the biggest catalyst for me!

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time...
...my temporary part-time job ended… so I launched a business I'd been planning...
...and less than 4 weeks later…I left my husband and became a single parent!
Yep….I don’t do things lightly!

In 4 weeks my life literally changed in front of my eyes as I became a single parent to my 3 year old daughter Maya…with no job…but a burning passion within me to make my new online business a success.

I became FIERCE as FUCK! Because I HAD to be!

I knew that I could do it...I knew that I could turn my life around….I knew that all this was happening for me and not to me….to be the biggest catalyst for my growth!

And the Universe didn’t disappoint!

Through the combination of my spiritual awakening and choosing to leave a relationship that wasn't working….I found me.

I discovered my soul….and she wants to shine!

That is why I am soooooo passionate about helping to empower other women to get out of your own way!!! Because life truly does begin when you remove the resistance to your soul's path…the resistance to understanding who you are at a deeper level….and reconnecting with your Authentic Self so you can shine!​

I could have chosen to stay in an unhappy marriage...I could have chosen to ignore my soul calling out to me….literally pleading with me to just trust….but I took that leap of faith anyway…I listened to my soul….I listened to Spirit….knowing deep down that Spirit and the Universe would catch me. And they did!

June 2018 was the making of me.

That’s how my business...and myself...really came about….because I had a deep calling within me to show other spiritual women how to follow your soul….trusting it’s guidance….to embrace your soul purpose with passion…to tune into our calling, our spiritual gifts, our intuition and to follow our soul's path with confidence, conviction and have fun!

I help you to see YOU….as a mirror to your soul….I show you your shadows, I disrupt your norm, I reconnect you to your truth....I help you to see what you cannot see...yet!

….but I do all this with a loving compassion and spiritual guidance so that you can truly understand who you are….and stop hiding.

I’m now living my truth daily…speaking my truth….as someone who empowers other women through coaching, creating courses, blogging and vlogging to connect with your voice and your truth…and through embracing my soul’s abilities as a Soul Catalyst, Intuitive Empath and Visionary.  

I now have an online international business...something I've always wanted...which I'm growing with passion and soul! Because....why not?! That's the beauty of being a Visionary...I see my path before me and what my soul chose for this life! And that's what I help my clients with...because I see what my client's can't see for themselves! 

Experiences don’t break us….they create the fire beneath us to set our soul free and be our most Authentic Self!

So what’s stopping you from

taking that leap of faith?