Shamanic High Priestess | Astrologer | Business Alchemist | Channel | Visionary

Leanne Juliette is known as a powerhouse for Energetics.

To be in her presence & her energy is to experience coming home to yourself & your Truth.

Her wisdom & knowledge of Energetics, Shadow (including her discovery of The Multidimensional Shadow), Consciousness & Astrology are a powerful combination to bring change to the world.

She is revolutionary in her approach with clients to go directly to the energetic root of Shadow – which creates her tsunami effect of transformation within someone’s Life & Business – activating Divine Truth & Sovereignty at the root.

She is loved by her clients for her ability to deliver powerful direct & blunt Truth – delivered with fierce love with a cheeky hint of humour – which destroys illusion and activates the power within the Shadow – which is Truth.

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Destroyer of Illusion

To be in Leanne’s energy – in her life – is to experience a profound calling within you for freedom.

Not one to mince her words, she is known for her ability to pierce straight through your energy – straight to the crux of the Shadow – and pull it out.

Blow by blow, her trademark blunt & direct Truth is what will make you experience the most profound energetic shifts and transform your life.

With a unique ability to deliver the most destruction Truth to someone – whilst also maintaining her cheeky & quirky humour – she delivers Truth that whilst it is so powerful can tear you in two, it’s always delivered through the fierce love she has for those who enter her world seeking transformation.


Working with Leanne has been the most powerful & transformative experience.

Having spent so long with so many questions about myself, going round in circles & endless cycles of ‘healing’, Leanne has helped me get to the root of my blocks & the things holding me back.

Understanding the Multidimensional Shadow and where it comes from has brought so much clarity around the energies at play in my life. So many things now finally make sense!

The most refreshing & liberating aspect of working with Leanne is her ability to slice right through your bullshit to the Truth about yourself and show you what’s really going on. No sugar coating. No ‘love and light’. Just potent, transformative & activating as fuck Truth.

The clarity & awareness this brings is extremely empowering!

She has shown me that I hold the answers inside myself and by using my unique energetic blueprint, she has given me the roadmap and keys to unlock my inner magic.

Whilst it has at times been painful to strip back the layers of illusion & (shadow) programming (there’s no hiding around Leanne!), Leanne’s potent Truth Bombs have always been delivered with love and softened with humour.

Despite my resistance to move forward, she has lovingly held a space for my growth and persisted with showing me the Truth of who I really am and by reconnecting me to my Inner Power.

For anyone who has been searching for clarity and yearning for deep transformation – but who keeps going round in circles and getting stuck – Leanne can reconnect you to your True Power and unlock the answers you are looking for.

Amanda Kaplanski | Private 1:1 Client

Why Work With Me?

Leanne Juliette is a Revolutionary Disruptor & a Guide for Lost Souls who are seeking liberation, transformation & purpose in their Life & Business.

With lifetimes in both Ancient Egypt & Atlantis as a powerful High Priestess & Shaman, she is a bridge between the physical & the spiritual worlds – acting as a Guide for those she takes through a metaphorical death to liberate them from Shadow & create new Life.

She is the creator of The Alien Mind – a powerful energetic blueprint for Entrepreneurs looking to channel the Alien Mind into their Alien Empire Consciousness by defying all logic, sense & paradigms that are rooted in the 3D world.

Known to her clients as The Queen of Shadow, she is able to read, know, see, hear & feel Shadow like nobody else in the world.

Shadow, Energetics & Multidimensionality are her gifts as she’s able to manipulate energy in such a way to transform your life & business in an instant by accessing the Multidimensional Truth of who you are, time-travelling to other dimensions & timeslines and creating powerful transformation by activating portals & stargates within you.

She concerns herself with the Foundations of who we are – the Energetic Foundations – of both yourself & your business and her approach is to create strong, solid energetic foundations within you so as to transform the Multidimensional Shadow at the energetic root.

This allows for you to create your life & business on your terms in which nothing can sway your energetic foundations because the Shadow has been transformed at the energetic root.

Leanne Juliette has been able to rid clients of pain medication addiction, trauma in the body, lifelong anxiety, heal painful periods, create clients for her clients and much more.



Leanne Juliette is a powerhouse when it comes to Energetics. She is able to access the energetic root of the Multidimensional Shadow, thus transforming your life & business instantaneously.